Mudar Zahran

Mudar Zahran is a Palestinian writer and academic from Jordan, who now resides in the UK as a political refugee.

Writings by Mudar Zahran  (View Biography)

Title Date
Gazans Speak Out: Hamas War Crimes2014/09/19
Kidnapped Israeli Teenagers - A Palestinian View2014/06/25
In Sweden and the West, What Message Are We Muslims Sending?2014/06/10
Trouble with the Law? Just Plead "Islam"2014/03/27
Who Is to Blame for "Islamophobia" in the UK?2014/02/24
Who Is Destroying Al-Aqsa Mosque?2013/12/09
Al-Hiwar TV: Islamists' Loudspeaker in Europe2013/10/14
Is the British Establishment Legitimizing Apartheid?2013/10/04
Egypt's Islamists Sexually Assaulting Women2012/12/18
More Trouble in Jordan2012/11/23
Who Is Really Besieging Gaza?2012/11/15
Jordan's Next Leader?2012/10/26
Muslim Brotherhood Targeting United Arab Emirates?2012/10/04
A Textbook Islamist: The Man Who Ignited the Muhammad Movie Rage2012/09/19
The Muslim Brotherhood's Egypt2012/08/28
Just Whack the Jewish Piñata2012/07/31
Does Freezing Settlements Help Peace?2012/07/13
Egypt under Islamists2012/07/03
The Silent Terrorists: Muslim Brotherhood's Political Terrorism Strategy2012/04/09
The Toulouse Massacre, Why Did It Happen?2012/03/29
UNRWA: The Palestinians' Worst Enemy2012/03/21
"Islam is Democracy!"2012/02/27
Antisemitism in the Media2012/02/14
Islam's OIC: The World's Thought Police2012/01/19
If You Care for the Palestinians, Boycott the Palestinian Authority2011/12/29
Abbas's UN Bid2011/10/17
The Real Reasons Abbas Went to the U.N.2011/09/26
A Plan B for Jordan?2011/09/16
Egypt's Military Council Toying with Israel2011/09/09
Will Iran Give Up On Assad?2011/08/26
Syria: Expect the Worst?2011/08/22
Is It Time Israel Ends Oslo?2011/07/29
Pollard Guilty, U.S. "Allies" Innocent?2011/07/11
Is Jordan's King Losing Control over the Bedouin?2011/06/20
A Union of Arab Kingdoms2011/06/06
Obama's Peace Vision: Israel's Suicide2011/05/25
U.N. Vote on Palestinian Statehood Hazardous to Palestinians2011/04/18
Jordan Facing Civil War?2011/04/04
Anti-Semitism 2.02011/03/21
America: Arab Dictators' Willing Hostage2011/03/14
Jordan: King's Bodyguards Shoot Protesters2011/02/14
Regime Change in Egypt2011/02/09
Jordan: In Bed With Islamists2011/01/31
Anti-Semitism: The New Necessity for Arab Regimes2011/01/24