Deception, dissary, damage, destruction, death.

Reader comment on: Merkel's Migrant Deception

Submitted by Eric Littman, Mar 15, 2017 09:46

There is a process in place. This is a plan to unleash what I've described above. There is no concrete reason why Europe should be responsible for millions of people arriving illegally and uninvited. Masses of Muslims who arrive and demand that we adapt to their culture. I would not travel to another country without being willing to adapt and show respect. There is never any deep and meaningful discussion allowed and the pressure cooker is going to blow. Of course this is exactly how the process and the plan is meant to unfold. Human rights, human life, and human beings do not matter to those shaping current events. Everything is so outrageously ridiculous that to assume this isn't planned would be a mistake. Yes of course the political leaders are stupid but not that stupid. There are no consequences for those doing the killing. When ever a major city in the world faces a terror attack, some go completely unreported or the main stream media ram it down our throats with repeated footage, supposed claims, eye witness reports, expert opinions, lighting of candles, solidarity walks, prayers, vigils, cries for respect, peace and love. Muslims will blame anything and everyone but themselves. The moment you dare question anything about their beliefs you are immediately a racist islamophobic human without feelings.

No Muslim country bows to a westerner yet we are meant to bow to them. How can we have allowed this to happen and be facing yet another summer of uncontrolled arrivals. Look at the photo above and at Erdogan's face, his eyes. He demands that internal Turkish politics be promoted in European cities and when Europe says NO, he as all Muslims do spits and curses and threatens. It's too late to do anything about it. Brace yourselves because 2017 is going to be a very explosive year.

One last point to make. Everyone believes that it's the Jews who have financial control, here in London it is the Muslims, the hugely wealthy ones who control, politicians, the media, our universities, our high end retail and hotel market and the property market. Don't you find it chilling that the wealthy gulf states are left out of main stream and alternate news.

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