Writings by Judith Bergman  (View Biography)

Title Date
Sweden's Holy War on Children's Books2016/05/21
The EU's Kiss of Death2016/05/10
Europe's Migration Crisis: No End in Sight2016/05/02
Europe Courting Godfather Erdogan2016/03/31
Jihad in Brussels2016/03/24
Sharia in Denmark2016/03/22
Moderate "European" Islam: Stemming Terror with Band Aids2016/03/01
Denmark Criminalizes Free Speech - Selectively2016/02/19
European Governments Ignoring Security Warnings?2016/01/30
Is Europe Choosing to Self-Destruct?2016/01/14
Is Europe Giving Up?2016/01/08
US Criminalizing Free Speech?2016/01/05
Iran Executes Three Iranians Every Day; The West Rewards It.2015/12/30
Why Has the Church Abandoned the Christians of the Middle East?2015/12/10
How Can Anyone Be Shocked?2015/11/14