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Sex crimes by migrants in Germany have doubled to over 3,000 in a single year, official figures show

June 15, 2017  •  The Daily Mail

Sex offences committed by migrants in Germany have doubled to more than 3,000 in a single year, official figures have shown.

A new report issued by the German Government states that there were 3,404 sex crimes involving migrants last year compared with 1,683 in 2015.

The crimes range from less serious crimes up to rape.

According to HeatStreet, data analysis by the Gatestone Institute think tank, the most frequently recorded nationalities were Syrian, Afghan, Iraqi, Pakistani, Iranian, Algerian and Moroccan.

This comes after the number of migrant criminal suspects in Germany soared by more than 50 per cent in 2016, according to data from the Interior Ministry.

Police were hunting 174,000 suspects classed as immigrants in 2016, the data showed, 52.7 per cent more than in the previous year.

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Sweden torn over how to handle incoming terrorists

by Brooke Singman  •  April 7, 2017 at 5:03 pm  •  Fox News

As investigators piece together a possible motive in Friday's apparent terror attack in Stockholm, government officials have disagreed on the right way to handle terrorists entering the country — with one lawmaker suggesting they should be "integrated" back into society.

Swedish Minister of Culture and Democracy Alice Bah Kuhnke, reportedly made the remarks in early March.

"First of all there are suspicions of crimes, they need to be investigated — and any such crimes should be punished," Kuhnke said. "But after that we need structures locally, such as social services, around our country to integrate them back into our democratic society."

Liberal Party leader Jan Björklund called the comments "ignorant". Prime Minister Stefan Löfven said Kuhnke's words were misinterpreted, and that security for Sweden's citizens was paramount.

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'We haven't seen nothing yet': Geert Wilders warns 2017 will have even worse terror attacks

by Siobhan McFadyen  •  December 24, 2016  •  Express

OUTSPOKEN Dutch politician Geert Wilders has warned that Europe is unprepared for the scale of terror attacks it is facing and that 2017 will bring more bloodshed.

And he's calling for German leader Angela Merkel to be driven out of power in a shocking speech where he slams the political establishment.

In an essay for US think tank the Gatestone Institute Mr Wilders says that politicians are failing to prosecute criminals falsely seeking asylum.

And he says politicians across the bloc are refusing to accept the scale of the "self-inflicted problem" insisting a political revolution is brewing in Europe.

He said: "There is little doubt that 2017 will bring Germany and the entire West more violence, more attacks on our women and daughters, more bloodshed, more tears, more sorrow.

"The terrible truth is that, in all likelihood, we ain't seen nothing yet.

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German Lesson: Islamist Enclaves Breed Jihadism

by Andrew C. McCarthy  •  December 22, 2016  •  National Review Online

German investigators have named a Tunisian refugee, Anis Amri, as the jihadist whom they suspect carried out Tuesday's mass-murder attack. Amri is believed to be the man who drove a truck through a Christmas festival in Berlin, killing twelve and wounding four dozen others in an atrocity reminiscent of the attack in July, when 86 people were killed at a Bastille Day celebration in Nice.

Notwithstanding that they arrested and held the wrong man for several hours, it turns out that German authorities have been well aware that Amri posed a danger. He is yet another of what my friend the terrorism analyst Patrick Poole has dubbed "known wolves" — Islamic terrorists who were already spotlighted by counterterrorism investigators as likely to strike.

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Time to scrutinise foreign aid

November 29, 2016  •  The Australian

If the Israelis are right, the Australian taxpayer has been one of the biggest (unwitting) funders of the terror group Hamas in Gaza. The claim is that money given to World Vision for farms and other economic projects has been diverted to build a military base, tunnels and weapons for Hamas. The head of World Vision Gaza, Mohammad El Halabi, stands accused of funnelling $US43 million ($57.4m) to Hamas since infiltrating the charity in 2010. These are serious allegations. Australia gives aid money to the Palestinian Authority to encourage the economic development without which a two-state solution cannot be viable. It is a destructive fraud if those funds are used to bankroll terror.

There is much at stake. Through AusAID and the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, the Australian government has been the world's single biggest donor to World Vision in Jerusalem, the West Bank and Gaza, as we reported yesterday.

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President-elect Trump and the refugee crisis

November 21, 2016  •  Fox News

Defcon3: KT McFarland talks to the Gatestone Institute's Soeren Kern on the refugee crisis and US national security.

Conservative take: Europe's New Blasphemy Courts

by Post Editorial Board  •  November 4, 2016  •  New York Post

European nations are "seeing the reintroduction of blasphemy laws through both the front and back doors," writes London-based commentator Douglas Murray for The Gatestone Institute. British Olympic gymnast Louis Smith's career "has been put on hold and potentially ruined" because of a drunken video in which he and friends imitated Islamic prayer rituals. Murray questions the outrage over Smith's mockery of religion "in a country in which Monty Python's 'Life of Brian' is regularly voted the nation's favorite comic movie." Meanwhile, Dutch politician Geert Wilders is on trial for asking a crowd whether they wanted "fewer Moroccans" in their country. Agree with him or not, says Murray, "by prosecuting someone for saying what he said, the courts in Holland are effectively ruling that there is only one correct answer to the question."

Angela Merkel under more pressure over refugee policy as it is revealed migrants committed 142,500 crimes in Germany during the first six months of 2016

by Julian Robinson  •  November 1, 2016  •  Daily Mail

Migrants in Germany have committed 142,500 crimes in just six months, police figures have revealed

This was the equivalent of 780 crimes a day - an increase of nearly 40 percent over 2015, according to data from Germany's Federal Criminal Police Office

It comes as German chancellor Angela Merkel remains under pressure over her open-door policy on immigration amid concerns over how to integrate 900,000 newcomers who arrived last year.

A separate report from late last year by the Federal Criminal Office found that migrants registered as living in Germany committed more than 200,000 crimes over the whole of 2015 with two-thirds involving theft counterfeiting and financial crimes.

According to the Gatestone Institute, an international policy council, police in some parts of the country fear they are being stretched to the limit amid climbing crime figures.

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'We are losing control of the streets' Merkel's Germany descends into lawlessness

by Siobhan McFadyen  •  November 1, 2016  •  Express

During the first six months of 2016, migrants committed 142,500 crimes, according to the Federal Criminal Police Office.

And the country has been hit by a spate of horrendous violent crime including rapes, sexual and physical assaults, stabbings, home invasions, robberies, burglaries and drug trafficking.

Adding to the country's woes is the fact that thousands of people have gone missing after travelling to the country on invitation from the country's leader.

Germany took in more than 1.1million migrants in the past year and parts of the country are crippled with a lack of infrastructure.

Now the true reality is hitting home ahead of next year's elections as the far right surges in the polls threatening to topple the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) leader Mrs Merkel.

According to a report by the international policy council the Gatestone Institute, local police in many parts of the country admit that they are stretched to the limit.

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Open borders inevitably stoke xenophobia

by Jennifer Oriel  •  October 31, 2016  •  The Australian

The Western world is edging towards a precipice. The postwar consensus that cast internationalism as a global ideal is unravelling. The Muslim migrant crisis has revealed that the political ideals of the West's ruling elite and the people they govern are not simply different but apparently opposed.

Historically, such a clash of ideals between the governing and the governed tends to produce the mass suppression of dissidents by the elite, or a grassroots revolution from below. Each tendency has become amplified in the battle ­between sovereign citizens and supranational elites over border policy.

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Mideast desk: No Outcry Over Palestinian Child Abuse

by Post Editorial Board  •  October 27, 2016  •  New York Post

Palestinian children in the West Bank and Gaza "do not dream about becoming doctors, pilots or engineers," writes Khaled Abu Toameh for the Gatestone Institute. "Rather, they dream of destroying Israel and 'liberating Palestine.' " Indeed, "an entire generation . . . has been raised on the glorification of suicide bombers and anyone who kills a Jew." Children, he notes, have long been "an integral part of 'military' parades held in the Gaza Strip." Yet none of this draws even a hint of criticism from human-rights groups or children's advocates like UNICEF, "whose declared goal is to 'work for a world in which every child has a fair chance in life and a right to survive, thrive and fulfill their potential.'"

How our tax dollars fund Mideast terror

by Nathan Diament  •  September 15, 2016  •  New York Daily News

American and Israeli government officials signed an agreement Wednesday that locks in the largest-ever package of U.S. military aid — $38 billion over the next decade — to Israel. This includes funds for missile defense systems, including the noted Iron Dome, that will protect against rockets fired by Hamas and Hezbollah and other terrorist groups.

While this long-term aid agreement is worthy of applause, American taxpayers should be alarmed that the very same terrorist attacks on Israel are also being financed with American taxpayer dollars. According to a 2015 Congressional Research Service report, the Palestinians are among the largest recipients of international aid, with the U.S. contributing more than $5 billion in security assistance and bilateral economic aid since the mid-1990s.

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Christians Besieged: We Must Stand With the Suffering

September 14, 2016  •  National Catholic Register

On March 25, 2016, Pope Francis marked Good Friday in Rome at the Colosseum. In his meditation on the Via Crucis, Francis prayed:

"O cross of Christ, today, too, we see you raised up in our sisters and brothers killed, burned alive, throats slit and decapitated by barbarous blades amid cowardly silence.

"O cross of Christ, today, too, we see you in the faces of children, of women and people, worn out and fearful, who flee from war and violence and who often only find death and many Pilates who wash their hands."

The Pope's comments are a helpful reminder to all of us of the immense suffering of our Christian sisters and brothers across the globe. From North Korea and China to Nigeria and Sudan, from Iraq and Syria to Venezuela and Mexico, Christians are facing unprecedented levels of persecution.

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A feminist pans Bill's speech, ISIS' shocking church attack, and other notable commentary

by Post Editorial Board  •  July 27, 2016  •  New York Post

Terrorist Watch: For ISIS, Everyone is a Target

The murder of 84-year-old Fr. Jacques Hamel — his throat slit as he was forced to kneel at the altar — was shocking, even after all France has endured at the hands of Islamist terrorists over the past 18 months, writes Douglas Murray for The Gatestone Institute. But unlike the Charlie Hebdo massacre, there was no "provocation" to serve as a possible excuse. "An enemy willing to slaughter the most rollicking secularists and the most devout priest, both in their places of work," he writes, "is an enemy — extremist Islam — clearly intent not on some kind of tributary offering or suit for peace, but rather an enemy which seeks its opponents' total and utter destruction," no matter who they are.

Are We at the Start of a Tech World War?

by Nick Bilton  •  July 6, 2016  •  Vanity Fair

During this past year, various theories have been posited to suggest that our current political mood might foretell a reckoning so dark that it could eventually spiral into a veritable international crisis—some terrifying World War III doomsday scenario. Some of these hypotheses have been undeniably hysterical, for sure. But others have been remarkably, even eerily, sober. And now, with a world on edge, they have gone mainstream.

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