Title Author Date
Sleeping Secret ServiceLawrence Kadish2024/07/23
Hamas and Genocide in IsraelDawid Bunikowski2024/07/23
No, Ed Husain, the Jihad Conquest of Palestine Was Not a 'Liberation'Andrew Bostom2024/07/22
A Big Win for IsraelHarold Rhode2024/07/22
The Secret Service Must Be RevampedAlan M. Dershowitz2024/07/21
Trump and the Return of the RepublicansAmir Taheri2024/07/21
European Union Is Funding Iranian AggressionMajid Rafizadeh2024/07/20
Palestinian Leaders Prefer Murderers and Rapists Over ReformsBassam Tawil2024/07/19
Israel's Response to TerrorNils A. Haug2024/07/18
International 'Hostage Diplomacy': Kidnapping for Fun and ProfitNima Gholam Ali Pour2024/07/17
Xi Jinping and China: Running Out of Time, Ready to StrikeGordon G. Chang2024/07/16
American History Altered by a Fraction of an InchLawrence Kadish2024/07/15
Hamas's 'Popularity': Attempt To Deceive The American Public?Bassam Tawil2024/07/15
Iran's "Moderate" President Is a Just Another Hardliner-in-Disguise to Glide in Its Nuclear Weapons ProgrammeCon Coughlin2024/07/14
Britain and France: A Tale of Two ElectionsAmir Taheri2024/07/14
Iran's Mirage: The 'Reformist' TrapMajid Rafizadeh2024/07/13
'Palestine': Just The Latest Pretext for Bringing Down Western CivilizationRobert Williams2024/07/12
Why Palestinian Leaders Cannot Make Peace With IsraelBassam Tawil2024/07/11
The Normalization of Terrorism and Jew-HateRobert Williams2024/07/10
The Government Spent 5 Years Trying to Shut Down the Freedom CenterDaniel Greenfield2024/07/10
Today's Beltway 'Pilot Fish': 'Those Who Pursue Self-Interest Through Politics'Lawrence Kadish2024/07/09
Adopt Deterrence: US Waning Support for Ukraine, Israel and the Philippines Is a Threat to the Free WorldCon Coughlin2024/07/09
Why Are Arabs Whitewashing Iran-Backed Terrorist Organizations?Bassam Tawil2024/07/08
Who's Running the Country?Daniel Greenfield2024/07/08
Where Are the Weapons? Israel is Defending Freedom against Tyranny for All of Us; It Needs the Weapons Promised ItNils A. Haug2024/07/07
France: The Perils of an ElectionAmir Taheri2024/07/07
Imagine Hitler with Nuclear Bombs; Now Imagine Iran's Mullahs with Nuclear BombsMajid Rafizadeh2024/07/06
ISIS Moves on Uganda: Islamic Militants Threaten Christian Majority CountriesUzay Bulut2024/07/05
This Is Democracy and This is What It Looks LikeLawrence Kadish2024/07/04
Fourth of July Message2024/07/04
Big Lies About IsraelRobert Williams2024/07/03
Why Are Hamas's Crimes Ignored by Western Media?Bassam Tawil2024/07/02
The Great China Shell Game: The U.S. Must Stop Playing Sanctions Whack-A-Mole with the CCPGordon G. Chang2024/07/01
Every Leftist Cause Begins as Humanitarianism and Ends as TerrorismDaniel Greenfield2024/07/01
'We Don't Want Churches, We Want Mosques': The Persecution of Christians, May 2024Raymond Ibrahim2024/06/30
Wall-Building Reaches IranAmir Taheri2024/06/30
The Obama and Biden Administrations: Paving the Way for a Nuclear-Armed IranMajid Rafizadeh2024/06/29
What I Saw at a Terrorist Rally Outside a SynagogueDaniel Greenfield2024/06/28
Iran Moves Into SomaliaDaniel Greenfield2024/06/27
The World's Most Dangerous Delusion: Biden Thinks China Wants StabilityGordon G. Chang2024/06/26
The War on The Jews: Victims No MoreLawrence Kadish2024/06/26
West Wing Worry About Netanyahu's Upcoming SpeechRuthie Blum2024/06/25
Can Israel 'Win by Winning'?Daniel Greenfield2024/06/25
Netanyahu Is Right to Reject Vassal-State EtiquetteJonathan S. Tobin2024/06/24
Hezbollah Storing Iranian Weapons at Beirut AirportJNS2024/06/24
The Palestinian Plan For 'The Day After' In Gaza: To Kill More Jews And Destroy IsraelBassam Tawil2024/06/23
Biden Outraged Netanyahu Mentioned His Blocking Aid to IsraelDaniel Greenfield2024/06/23
France: Towards a Year of Uncertainty?Amir Taheri2024/06/23
Iran Mullahs Drastically Speed Up Their Nuclear Program, US Administration Sits Idly ByMajid Rafizadeh2024/06/22
California Legalized Drugs. Cartels Took It Over.Daniel Greenfield2024/06/21
Europe: Nazis' 'Do Not Buy from Jews' 2.0Robert Williams2024/06/20
Biden Administration Seeks to Silence Consensus Civil Society Organizations in IsraelNaomi Linder Kahn2024/06/20
Jihadists Brutalize Non-Muslim Women, Feminists in West Remain SilentUzay Bulut2024/06/19
The Russians Are ComingLawrence Kadish2024/06/18
Israel Gave Work Permits, While Palestinians Planned Oct. 7 MassacreBassam Tawil2024/06/18
China's 170 Million Spy Balloons and other Venus Fly TrapsUzay Bulut2024/06/17
Responding to Hezbollah's Strategic OffensiveCaroline Glick2024/06/17
Israel, Free World, in Increasing Danger Thanks to U.S. 'Help'Guy Millière2024/06/16
Europe Between Hope and FearAmir Taheri2024/06/16
As US Is Being Encircled by Enemies, the US Administration Wants Israel to Surrender to TerroristsMajid Rafizadeh2024/06/15
Palestinians' Heroes: Murderers, Rapists and Kidnappers of BabiesBassam Tawil2024/06/14
Iran's Attempts to Attack Israel Must Be ConfrontedCon Coughlin2024/06/13
America's Enemies at Home and AbroadLawrence Kadish2024/06/13
Belgium's Extremely Alarming AntisemitismAlain Destexhe2024/06/12
World Plays 'Pretend' as Iran Burns Down Middle EastRobert Williams2024/06/11
What America Can Learn From Israel on the BattlefieldDaniel Greenfield2024/06/11
Palestinian 'Civilians': Complicit in Hamas CrimesBassam Tawil2024/06/10
Talisman of Great ExpurgationAmir Taheri2024/06/10
Palestinianism Began with Nazism And Today Is Based on Antisemitism, Sexism, Homophobia and Denial of Human Rights. So Why Is the Left So in Love with It?Alan M. Dershowitz2024/06/09
The West Keeps Rewarding the Terrorist Group HamasMajid Rafizadeh2024/06/08
Bringing Iran 'To Its Senses'Lawrence Kadish2024/06/06
Palestinian Libels Against Jews: No Difference Between Mahmoud Abbas and HamasBassam Tawil2024/06/06
Israel Is Helping Palestinians More Than Those Who Condemn IsraelAlan M. Dershowitz and Andrew Stein2024/06/05
Biden's Deal for Israel "Nearly Identical to Hamas's Own Proposals"Daniel Greenfield2024/06/05
McLaughlin Poll: Foreign National Security Threats Americans Care About MostLawrence Kadish2024/06/04
Who Is Funding the Pro-Hamas Protests; Are They Aiming to Take Down America?Robert Williams2024/06/04
'Queers for Palestine,' Like 'Minks for Fur Coats,' Support Those Who Want to Slaughter ThemBassam Tawil2024/06/03
Biden's Deal Gives Hamas Everything It WantedDaniel Greenfield2024/06/03
Israelis: The Heroes of Our TimeNils A. Haug2024/06/02
Release the HostagesJohn Richardson2024/06/02
Iran: The Turban and the Military CapAmir Taheri2024/06/02
US and UN's Dangerous Flirtation: Cuddling with IranMajid Rafizadeh2024/06/01
China Weaponizing 90%-Fatal EbolaGordon G. Chang2024/05/31
Turkish Textbooks: Turning History on Its HeadUzay Bulut2024/05/30
Hamas Must Be Destroyed Before Any Peace Talks Take PlaceCon Coughlin2024/05/29
International Criminal Court Prosecutor Threatens United States SenatorsElliott Abrams2024/05/29
Guess Which 'Moderate' Palestinian Terrorist Group Participated In the October 7 MassacreBassam Tawil2024/05/28
The ICC's War CrimesCaroline Glick2024/05/28
Polling Reveals What Americans Regard as the Greatest Foreign Security Threats2024/05/27
Turkey's Government Enables TerroristsUzay Bulut2024/05/27
Memorial Day Message2024/05/27
'Groom These Women': The Persecution of Christians, April 2024Raymond Ibrahim2024/05/26
The Free World: An Alarming Status ReportMajid Rafizadeh2024/05/25
The Secret Reason Hamas's Friends - Ireland, Norway, Spain (and Germany) - Are Helping the PalestiniansBassam Tawil2024/05/24
South Africa, Putin's Marxist Cadres, and the International Court of JusticeNils A. Haug2024/05/23
Nearly 70% of Gaza Aid from US-Built Pier StolenJoshua Marks2024/05/22
Palestinians Threaten to Attack US TroopsBassam Tawil2024/05/20
Iran's New Proxy: American UniversitiesRobert Williams2024/05/19
Western Universities: A Double InvasionAmir Taheri2024/05/19
US Administration Abandons Israel, Empowers EnemiesMajid Rafizadeh2024/05/18
Why the Palestinian Authority Should Not Return to GazaBassam Tawil2024/05/17
Russia, China and Iran Must Not Seize Control of SudanCon Coughlin2024/05/16
Why Trials Like Trump's Must Be TelevisedAlan M. Dershowitz2024/05/15
Egypt's Duplicity, the World's SilenceBassam Tawil2024/05/14
SOS: Stop the World Health Organization's Tyrannical May 27 Power GrabRobert Williams2024/05/13
The Betrayal of Israel by the US Administration Is Almost CompleteGuy Millière2024/05/12
Condorcet Gets a KeffiyehAmir Taheri2024/05/12
Iran's Mullahs Desperate for Nuclear Weapons, Do Not Believe Anything ElseMajid Rafizadeh2024/05/11
Defending Freedom: A Tribute to the Warriors of IsraelNils A. Haug2024/05/10
The Real Reason Hamas and Egypt Oppose Israel's Control of Rafah, the Only Border Out of GazaBassam Tawil2024/05/09
Israel's Newest Security Threat – Is the US Next?Robert Williams2024/05/08
A Palestinian State Will Lead To More Massacres, Final Nail in Coffin Torpedoing Biden LegacyBassam Tawil2024/05/07
Will China Soon Control Both Elon Musk and SpaceX?Gordon G. Chang2024/05/06
Iran's Dangerous New Terror Proxy: SudanPete Hoekstra2024/05/05
Trials and Tribulations of a Foreign CorrespondentAmir Taheri2024/05/05
Iran and the US Administration: Mocking US SanctionsMajid Rafizadeh2024/05/04
Hamas and Hezbollah: How Iran Is Secretly Infiltrating EuropeRobert Williams2024/05/03
The 'Palestinian State': Hamas Plays Westerners for Fools - AgainBassam Tawil2024/05/02
The Ottoman Infection: How Great Nations DieLawrence Kadish2024/05/01
Will the West Get Ever Serious about Sanctions on Iran?Con Coughlin2024/05/01
China Humiliated Blinken But Blinken Kept BeggingGordon G. Chang2024/04/30
Universities Were Always ExtremeDaniel Greenfield2024/04/30
U.S. Campuses: Grooming TerroristsBassam Tawil2024/04/29
'You Have a Beautiful Daughter...': The Persecution of Christians, March 2024Raymond Ibrahim2024/04/28
Rx for AmericaLawrence Kadish2024/04/28
Iran: Making a Future Out of the PastAmir Taheri2024/04/28
Iran Mullahs Speeding Up Nuclear Weapons Program: Anyone Interested?Majid Rafizadeh2024/04/27
US Campuses: Incubating TerrorismAlan M. Dershowitz2024/04/26
US, Qatar and Iran: Release the Hostages!Michel Calvo2024/04/25
Qatar, 'Leading Sponsor of Terrorism in the World, More than Iran,' Is Not an Impartial MediatorBassam Tawil2024/04/24
'The House That I Live In'*Lawrence Kadish2024/04/24
Many Culprits Behind Rise of Antisemitism, Including the MediaHoward Levitt2024/04/23
Thanks to Biden, China Could Start World War III HereGordon G. Chang2024/04/22
'The Most Secure Election in American History'John Eastman2024/04/21
Iran-Israel: The Real WinnerAmir Taheri2024/04/21
Israel Under Attack – U.S. Administration Abandoning Its Ally?Majid Rafizadeh2024/04/20
Confidence in Ruler: Words of Wisdom from ConfuciusLawrence Kadish2024/04/19
The 'Better' Civilians of GazaAlan M. Dershowitz2024/04/18
Open Letter to US Adversaries, the White House, Congress, Donald Trump, and the PentagonLawrence Kadish2024/04/17
Toward a Jihadist CaliphateNils A. Haug2024/04/17
The Social Compact with Canadian Jews Is Broken and Needs to be RestoredHoward Levitt2024/04/17
Christians Prefer Living in Israel, Not the Palestinian AuthorityBassam Tawil2024/04/16
This Was Not the Actual Iranian AttackDaniel Greenfield2024/04/16
Hamas Destroys Gaza, Now Trying to Claim That a 'Victory'Bassam Tawil2024/04/15
The Destruction of Iran's Terrorist Hub in Damascus Was Entirely JustifiedCon Coughlin2024/04/14
European Union: Testing Election AheadAmir Taheri2024/04/14
Israel: Standing Alone Against Multifaceted Threats, Thanks to the Biden AdministrationMajid Rafizadeh2024/04/13
'Democracy' Has a Peculiar AftertasteJ.B. Shurk2024/04/12
Defining JihadismAymenn Jawad Al-Tamimi2024/04/11
Who Will Help the New 'Forgotten Man'?Lawrence Kadish2024/04/10
How Biden is Sabotaging His Peace Deal Between Israel and Saudi ArabiaBassam Tawil2024/04/10
Tehran Flooding Judea and Samaria with Weapons, Iranian Officials Tell NYTJNS2024/04/10
The Dangerous US Rush to Save the Terrorist Group HamasAlan M. Dershowitz2024/04/09
The Biden Administration's War against the Government of IsraelCaroline Glick2024/04/09
The Silky Hand of Qatar Targets JordanBassam Tawil2024/04/08
Rwanda – Thirty Years after the Genocide, April 7, 1994Alain Destexhe2024/04/07
Iran and Israel: Is the Denial Game Over?Amir Taheri2024/04/07
The Obama and Biden Administrations' Betrayal of America's Closest Ally in the Middle East: IsraelMajid Rafizadeh2024/04/06
New 'Revitalized' Palestinian Authority, Same as the Old Palestinian AuthorityBassam Tawil2024/04/05
The Israeli-Palestinian 'Two State Solution'Michel Calvo2024/04/04
The Murder of a NYC Cop Reflects a National Tragedy of LawlessnessLawrence Kadish2024/04/03
Biden Must End Qatar's Malign Role in Gaza Ceasefire Talks and PierCon Coughlin2024/04/03
South Africa: Safe-haven for Hamas, Islamic State and al-Qaeda TerroristsLawrence A. Franklin2024/04/02
Turkish Television Discusses Hitting GreeceUzay Bulut2024/04/01
Words of Light In Dark TimesLawrence Kadish2024/04/01
'You Are an Infidel': The Persecution of Christians, February 2024Raymond Ibrahim2024/03/31
State Department Complains That Israel is 'Writing Off Their Reputation Damage'Daniel Greenfield2024/03/31
Moscow Terror Attack: Is Ukraine Responsible?Amir Taheri2024/03/31
Under Biden Administration, Iran's Mullahs Enjoying Green Light to Go NuclearMajid Rafizadeh2024/03/30
Qatar and Its Al-Jazeera Network: 'Voice for Terrorists'Bassam Tawil2024/03/29
Feminist Silence: Hamas's Sexual ViolenceNils A. Haug2024/03/28
Biden Lies To America, Tells the Truth To ChinaDaniel Greenfield2024/03/28
Senator Joe Lieberman2024/03/28
Biden Administration's Terrorist Pier in Gaza: The Trojan Horse For Terrorists to Take Over the RegionBassam Tawil2024/03/27
China's 'Unrestricted Warfare': Is It Here Already?Pete Hoekstra2024/03/26
Violations of the Eighth Amendment of the U.S. ConstitutionLawrence Kadish2024/03/26
A Springtime Prayer to 'Preserve, Protect and Defend' Our ConstitutionLawrence Kadish2024/03/25
UN Called to Respond to Sharia Violence against WomenRaymond Ibrahim2024/03/25
Biden's Pier Is a Gift to Hamas TerroristsCon Coughlin2024/03/24
Gaza: Razzia as Political WarfareAmir Taheri2024/03/24
Biden Administration's Jitterbug with Iran's RegimeMajid Rafizadeh2024/03/23
Jew-Hate and 'Inquisitions' in CanadaRobert Williams2024/03/22
Germany's Murder of EuropeDrieu Godefridi2024/03/21
Schumer Warns Israel to Spare Hamas or Face SanctionsDaniel Greenfield2024/03/21
Israel Betrayed?Guy Millière2024/03/20
Israel's Strategic Game of SurvivalCaroline Glick2024/03/20
Hamas's Industrial Murder: Why Is Senator Chuck Schumer Not Demanding a Change of Leadership in Hamas and Iran?Lawrence Kadish2024/03/19
Fani Willis Must Still Be DisqualifiedAlan M. Dershowitz2024/03/19
The Gaza War: The Real ProblemBassam Tawil2024/03/19
Biden Administration Seeking to Overthrow Israeli Government to Save HamasDaniel Greenfield2024/03/19
The Strategy of Atrocity in the Gaza WarMichael Hochberg and Leonard Hochberg2024/03/18
Biden's 'Trojan Pier' For GazaDaniel Greenfield2024/03/18
Ukraine: Unintended ConsequencesAmir Taheri2024/03/17
Making Lawyers Toxic in Their CommunitiesElizabeth Eastman2024/03/17
There Goes Latin America: Iran's Regime in America's BackyardMajid Rafizadeh2024/03/16
Biden Should be Threatening Qatar and the Terrorists, Not IsraelBassam Tawil2024/03/15
TikTok: China's Instrument of WarGordon G. Chang2024/03/14
NATO's 'Welfare' States: Treating the U.S. As 'Room Service'Pete Hoekstra2024/03/14
A Tribute to Justice Frankfurter, His Legacy Still Speaks to UsLawrence Kadish2024/03/13
When the Moon Turns Red: China's Plan to Annex SpaceGordon G. Chang2024/03/13
Palestinian Authority Forms United Front With Hamas To Fight IsraelDaniel Greenfield2024/03/13
Palestinians: 'Revitalized' Means Unity with Hamas TerroristsBassam Tawil2024/03/12
Fani Willis Is Probably Guilty of Perjury: Who Will Prosecute the Prosecutors?Alan M. Dershowitz2024/03/11
Words of Wisdom from the Edge of a VolcanoLawrence Kadish2024/03/11
International Law or Antisemitism?Bat Ye'or2024/03/10
Europe: Fear of the Elephant and Its MahoutAmir Taheri2024/03/10
Iranian Regime's Sham 'Elections': Perpetuating the DeceptionMajid Rafizadeh2024/03/09
'Ramadan - Month of Jihad' : Ramadan Will Not Stop Hamas From Killing JewsBassam Tawil2024/03/08
How to Get the Hostages Released: The Cure for Biden's Disastrous Qatar PolicyRobert Williams2024/03/07
US Government, Past and Present: The New 'Sixth Columnists'Lawrence Kadish2024/03/06
Why the US is Losing the War to the HouthisDaniel Greenfield2024/03/06
The Illusion of a Palestinian 'Demilitarized' StateBassam Tawil2024/03/05
Iran's Oil Funds GenocideLawrence Kadish2024/03/05
"Incorporating Sharia Law into European Legal Systems" vs A State in India Bans ShariaUzay Bulut2024/03/04
Bankrupt Iran: Close Their Oil Cash CowLawrence Kadish2024/03/04
Escalation Towards an Independent Terrorist StateNils A. Haug2024/03/03
Iran: Twin Elections and Ayatollahs' Solo PerformanceAmir Taheri2024/03/03
Biden Administration Not Stopping Iran, Russia, China, the HouthisMajid Rafizadeh2024/03/02
Palestinians' Musical Chairs: Replacing One Mohammed with Another MohammedKhaled Abu Toameh2024/03/01
Is Trump's Mega-Fine Unconstitutional?Alan M. Dershowitz2024/02/29
Pakistani Imam Preaches Jew-Hate in Belgian ParliamentDrieu Godefridi2024/02/28
There Can Be No Ceasefire in Gaza with Hamas in PowerCon Coughlin2024/02/27
Palestinians Need New Leaders, Not New GovernmentsKhaled Abu Toameh2024/02/26
Michigan Muslims Take Biden Hostage to Save HamasDaniel Greenfield2024/02/26
'Killed Civilians, Raped Girls and Looted Homes': The Persecution of Christians, January 2024Raymond Ibrahim2024/02/25
Ukraine: Putin's Mixed MessagesAmir Taheri2024/02/25
Tribute to Samuel Clemens, Pen Name Mark TwainLawrence Kadish2024/02/25
The EU's Complicity in Financing the Iranian RegimeMajid Rafizadeh2024/02/24
Palestinian Leaders Have Brought a Nakba to Their PeopleKhaled Abu Toameh2024/02/23
How the US Abandoned Israel under BidenRobert Williams2024/02/22
France's Skyrocketing ThreatGuy Millière2024/02/21
The Report of the Jews' Death 'Has Been Grossly Exaggerated'Lawrence Kadish2024/02/21
More Than 365 million Christians Face GenocideUzay Bulut2024/02/20
Hamas: Palestinian Civilians Are Also TerroristsKhaled Abu Toameh2024/02/19
And the Winner Is — Hamas!Alan M. Dershowitz2024/02/18
Western Farmers: Fork in the RoadAmir Taheri2024/02/18
Want to Stop Iran's Regime? Hit the IRGC AssetsMajid Rafizadeh2024/02/17
A Hundred Days after Gaza's October 7 (Part 4 of 4)Gwythian Prins2024/02/16
The South Africa-Hamas-Iran AxisRobert Williams2024/02/15
Judicial Reform Controversy Emboldened Israel's EnemiesKhaled Abu Toameh2024/02/14
China's Infiltrators: 'They Are Coming Here to Kill Us'Gordon G. Chang2024/02/13
Boeing's Lost Bolts Reveals an Even Larger Leadership Crisis for AmericaLawrence Kadish2024/02/12
'Why Doesn't Hamas Go to Hell and Hide There?': Other Voices from GazaBassam Tawil2024/02/12
The Red Cross Still Hates the JewsRobert Williams2024/02/11
The Middle East: Un-ask Your QuestionAmir Taheri2024/02/11
The Dangerous Global Order with a Nuclear Armed IranMajid Rafizadeh2024/02/10
A Quick Look at the 21st Century So FarDrieu Godefridi2024/02/09
Why Don't We Want a War with Iran?Alan M. Dershowitz2024/02/08
The Genocide of 'The Sunday People': 365,000,000 Christians Persecuted WorldwideRaymond Ibrahim2024/02/07
Biden Opened the Floodgates of HellGordon G. Chang2024/02/06
3 U.S. Soldiers Died Because Biden Won't Stand Up to IranDaniel Greenfield2024/02/06
Biden's 'Two-State Solution' To Reward Palestinian Terrorism, Destroy IsraelBassam Tawil2024/02/05
Be Guided by the Angel on Your ShoulderLawrence Kadish2024/02/05
Israel's Long War for the WestPete Hoekstra2024/02/04
Israel's War on Hamas is the Least Deadly War in the RegionDaniel Greenfield2024/02/04
Iran: Risky Elections AheadAmir Taheri2024/02/04
Iranian Regime's Proxies: Target the Head of the SnakeMajid Rafizadeh2024/02/03
Biden Must Abandon Plans to Withdraw US forces from Syria and IraqCon Coughlin2024/02/02
Palestinian Terrorists, Hospitals, and Plans for Palestinian StateBassam Tawil2024/02/01
China Trapping Biden on Artificial IntelligenceGordon G. Chang2024/01/31
A Hundred Days after Gaza's October 7 (Part 3 of 4)Gwythian Prins2024/01/30
Time to End UNRWA's Jihad against IsraelBassam Tawil2024/01/29
Civilian Deaths in Gaza: Relatively LowAlan M. Dershowitz2024/01/28
The Domestic Terrorists of Tomorrow are Blocking Traffic TodayDaniel Greenfield2024/01/28
Iran-Pakistan: The Beautiful Vase Has Been ChippedAmir Taheri2024/01/28
The Biden Administration and the Iranian Regime's Nuclear WeaponsMajid Rafizadeh2024/01/27
A Hundred Days after Gaza's October 7 (Part 2 of 4)Gwythian Prins2024/01/26
"": Israel's Arab Citizens Feel LuckyBassam Tawil2024/01/25
A Hundred Days after Gaza's October 7 (Part 1 of 4)Gwythian Prins2024/01/24
Wanted: Palestinian Leaders Who Will Condemn TerrorismBassam Tawil2024/01/23
Biden Threatens Netanyahu's Drive to Destroy HamasCon Coughlin2024/01/22
'We Have to Kill Those Who Preach Christianity': The Persecution of Christians, December 2023 (Christmas Edition)Raymond Ibrahim2024/01/21
Iran: Talk Big but Wave a Small StickAmir Taheri2024/01/21
10,000 a Day and Counting: Government's Plan to Increase Voter Base?Lawrence Kadish2024/01/21
On Confronting the Iranian RegimeMajid Rafizadeh2024/01/20
Pakistan: Young Christian Unjustly Sentenced to DeathUzay Bulut2024/01/19
Biden Administration's 'Pathway' to a Palestinian Terror StateBassam Tawil2024/01/18
Islam Overtaking Europe?Drieu Godefridi2024/01/17
How to End the Suffering of the PalestiniansBassam Tawil2024/01/16
How Power Corrupts a Compromised NationLawrence Kadish2024/01/15
How Equity Grade Inflation Hurts Jews, Asians and Other Disfavored MinoritiesAlan M. Dershowitz2024/01/15
Directing America's FutureLawrence Kadish2024/01/15
Taiwan Voters Just Cut China's Xi Jinping Down to SizeGordon G. Chang2024/01/14
One War and Two VisionsAmir Taheri2024/01/14
Iran's Growing Ballistic Missile ThreatMajid Rafizadeh2024/01/13
The International Court Of "Injustice" Begins Its Blood Libel Trial Against IsraelAlan M. Dershowitz2024/01/12
Is Qatar, Which Built Hamas's Empire of Terrorism, An Honest Broker?Bassam Tawil2024/01/11
When Lawyers Defending Their Clients Become the AccusedElizabeth Eastman2024/01/10
Biden Promised Gaza Aid Wouldn't Go To Hamas. He Lied.Daniel Greenfield2024/01/10
Lebanon Hosts Terrorists, Points Massive Arsenal at Israel, Then Complains When Israel Defends ItselfBassam Tawil2024/01/09
The Supreme Court's Historic Challenge: Saving American DemocracyLawrence Kadish2024/01/08
How Biden Can Immediately End Iranian-backed Attacks in the Red SeaCon Coughlin2024/01/08
'A Gory Christmas': Christians Slaughtered in the Nigerian GenocideRaymond Ibrahim2024/01/07
Gaza War: It isn't Over Until it is OverAmir Taheri2024/01/07
2024: The Year Iran Will Go Nuclear If Western Powers Do Not ActMajid Rafizadeh2024/01/06
Groups That Support HamasJohn Wilson2024/01/05
Why The Palestinian Authority Is No Better than HamasBassam Tawil2024/01/04
US Lack of Resolve Incentivizing China on TaiwanLawrence A. Franklin2024/01/03
Why Christian Leaders Ignore Attacks on Their CommunityBassam Tawil2024/01/02
Hamas in LondonRobert Williams2024/01/01
'Dark Money Nightmare': How Qatar Bought the Ivy LeagueRobert Williams2023/12/31
2024: Where Does the Pendulum Swing?Amir Taheri2023/12/31
The Iranian Regime's Killing MachineMajid Rafizadeh2023/12/30
Pakistan Deporting Afghans Who Seek Asylum from TalibanUzay Bulut2023/12/29
Who Supports Hamas?Alan M. Dershowitz2023/12/28
Reverse Trump Ballot Ban; Let Freedom Bells Ring!Lawrence Kadish2023/12/27
China's Increased Bullying of Philippines to Test US ResolveLawrence A. Franklin2023/12/27
How UNRWA Grooms TerroristsBassam Tawil2023/12/26
Biden Must Not "Go Wobbly" on IsraelCon Coughlin2023/12/26
World's Most Dangerous Combination: China and RussiaGordon G. Chang2023/12/25
Very Merriest Christmas and Happiest Winter Holidays!2023/12/25
'If We Like, We Will Kill You, Too': The Persecution of Christians, November 2023Raymond Ibrahim2023/12/24
This Was Mine: Disputes as Old as HistoryAmir Taheri2023/12/24
Three Things the Biden Administration Must Do Now to Stop Iran's MullahsMajid Rafizadeh2023/12/23
Does Biden Want Israel to Lose the War?Robert Williams2023/12/22
Holiday Reflections: 'The Cause of America Is the Cause of All Mankind'Lawrence Kadish2023/12/21
The Biden Administration, Palestinians and Inconvenient TruthsBassam Tawil2023/12/21
The Biden Admin is Pushing for an Israel-Hezbollah DealDaniel Greenfield2023/12/21
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