Writings by Topic: Threats to Free Speech

Title Author Date
David Horowitz Freedom Center's Censorship Talk Gets CensoredDaniel Greenfield2023/11/14
Alan Dershowitz and Elon Musk on Free Speech and Anti-SemitismAlan M. Dershowitz2023/10/06
The International Day of Persecuting Palestinian JournalistsBassam Tawil2023/10/05
The US Government's New 'Ministry of Truth': The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security AgencyPeter Schweizer2023/07/18
Time to Get Rid of Federal 'Disinformation' BureausPete Hoekstra2023/06/21
'The Official Truth': The End of Free Speech That Will End AmericaJ.B. Shurk2023/05/28
Harvard's 'Council on Academic Freedom'Alan M. Dershowitz2023/05/02
Stanford Law Disruptions Were Orchestrated by the National Lawyers GuildAlan M. Dershowitz2023/03/23
Should the Names of Stanford Student Disrupters Be Published?Alan M. Dershowitz2023/03/13
Destroying American Democracy - An Inside JobPete Hoekstra2023/01/15
How to Solve Big Tech Censorship: Un-Misread a Landmark CaseJohn Kline2022/12/29
The War for Eight Billion MindsJ.B. Shurk2022/12/16
Elon Musk's Twitter Files DumpPeter Schweizer2022/12/13
Liberty Is Worth the FightJ.B. Shurk2022/11/23
Why is the Left so Afraid of Twitter?Alan M. Dershowitz2022/11/04
If You Liked Big Brother, Meet Google's Big MUMDaniel Greenfield2022/10/25
Berkeley Clubs Ban Zionist SpeakersAlan M. Dershowitz2022/10/11
Forget Free Speech: Rushdie's Fatwa Is WinningGiulio Meotti2022/08/21
Biden Administration and Iran Empowering Rushdie's AttackersKhaled Abu Toameh2022/08/18
The Woke Inquisitors Have Come for the Freethinking HereticsJ.B. Shurk2022/07/03
More Islamic Death Threats in Europe: Dutch MP Targeted TwicePete Hoekstra2022/05/11
The Palestinian State Bill: Palestinians Ask That More Arab Repression Not Be AllowedKhaled Abu Toameh2022/05/05
More Freedom of Speech in the WestJosef Zbořil2022/04/28
Turkey: What Happens When You Have No Freedom of SpeechUzay Bulut2022/04/08
Chinese Censorship on American SoilPeter Schweizer2022/02/25
Free Speech in the UK?John Richardson2022/02/12
Garland Memo on Parent Protests May Chill Free SpeechAlan M. Dershowitz2021/10/12
Turkey: How the Sultan's Ivy League School Axed a ProfessorBurak Bekdil2021/08/24
Freedom of Speech: A Vulnerable RightPete Hoekstra2021/08/02
"If You Do Not Have Free Speech You Are Not Free"Giulio Meotti2021/07/18
Supreme Court Cheerleads for First AmendmentAlan M. Dershowitz2021/06/28
How Social Media Validates Anti-Semitism by Censoring Everything but Anti-SemitismAlan M. Dershowitz2021/05/27
America Playing With FireEvelyn Markus2021/05/12
US, EU Help to Suppress Journalists, Political ActivistsKhaled Abu Toameh2021/04/23
The Apogee of Social MediaChris Farrell2021/04/17
China's Threat to Free Speech in EuropeSoeren Kern2021/03/31
The New McCarthyism Comes to Harvard Law SchoolAlan M. Dershowitz2021/03/05
How Democracy Dies: Big Tech Becomes Big BrotherLeni Friedman Valenta with Jiri Valenta2021/03/03
The Religious Transformation of French SchoolsGiulio Meotti2021/01/23
The Double Standards and Hypocrisy of Social Media GiantsMajid Rafizadeh2021/01/13
China: The Conquest of HollywoodJohn Richardson2020/12/19
Palestinian Incitement Against Israeli JournalistsBassam Tawil2020/12/09
Austria's New Hate Speech LawJohn Richardson2020/11/14
Western Lives Matter: Teacher Beheaded in ParisGiulio Meotti2020/10/20
France: Death to Free SpeechGuy Millière2020/10/18
Death to Free Speech in the Netherlands - AgainJohn Richardson2020/10/08
France: More Terrorism, More SilenceGiulio Meotti2020/09/27
Self-censorship in the USJohn Richardson2020/09/16
Confiscating Books in SwedenJohn Richardson2020/09/07
The Murder of an American "Blasphemer" in PakistanRaymond Ibrahim2020/09/06
"We Will Never Give Up": Charlie Hebdo Republishes Mohammed CartoonsGiulio Meotti2020/09/02
Killing Free Speech in AustriaJohn Richardson2020/07/07
How Palestinians Terrorize Their Own PeopleBassam Tawil2020/07/06
The Corporate Thought PoliceJohn Richardson2020/06/30
Palestinians: Pursuing War on Their MediaKhaled Abu Toameh2020/06/15
'Political Correctness' in the UK: Shut Down Discussion Before It Can StartDenis MacEoin2020/06/09
Killing Free Speech in SwitzerlandJohn Richardson2020/06/06
Turkey: Where Criticizing Islam Can Land You in PrisonUzay Bulut2020/06/02
France's Determination to End Free SpeechJohn Richardson2020/05/26
"A Black Day for Palestinian Journalism"Khaled Abu Toameh2020/05/20
Palestinians: Using Coronavirus to Silence CriticsBassam Tawil2020/05/06
Coronavirus: China's Global Intimidation CampaignSoeren Kern2020/04/28
London Police Ask Citizens to Report COVID-19 Hate CrimesJohn Richardson2020/04/21
Germany: Still Too Much Free Speech, Says the European Commission Against Racism and IntoleranceJohn Richardson2020/04/16
Germany: "Hate-Postings Day"John Richardson2020/03/26
Palestinians: Fighting against Coronavirus, for Freedom of SpeechKhaled Abu Toameh2020/03/23
Europe's New Academic FascismGiulio Meotti2020/02/23
France Quietly Reintroducing the Crime of BlasphemyGiulio Meotti2020/02/09
The Netherlands: The Geert Wilders Show Trial ContinuesSoeren Kern2020/02/08
Germany's Selective Fight against Anti-SemitismJohn Richardson2020/01/28
Turkey's 'Truthophobia'Burak Bekdil2020/01/27
Why Laws Against Hate Speech Are DangerousFjordman2020/01/18
Turkey: Still among the World's Worst Jailers of JournalistsUzay Bulut2020/01/14
France, The "Budding Islamic Republic"Giulio Meotti2020/01/10
American Academia: Pandering to Radicals, Curbing Free SpeechNajat AlSaied2019/12/18
Norway's Top Cop Seems Baffled by Free Speech - but Not by the Inviolability of the KoranBruce Bawer2019/12/04
The Self-Censorship Trap: Some Artists Walking Right Into ItJohn Richardson2019/11/28
Are Palestinians Not Entitled to Human Rights?Bassam Tawil2019/11/25
Fourteen Years after Cartoon Crisis, Norway again Knuckles Under to IslamBruce Bawer2019/11/24
The 'Thought Police' Come to NorwayBruce Bawer2019/11/23
Europe: The New Political Weapon of 'Islamophobia'Alain Destexhe2019/11/14
The Court of Justice of the European Union Limits Free SpeechJohn Richardson2019/11/08
Connecticut: Where Ridicule is a CrimeAlan M. Dershowitz2019/11/02
What Are Palestinian Leaders Afraid Of?Khaled Abu Toameh2019/10/31
Israel Blocks Terrorists, Palestinians Block CriticsBassam Tawil2019/10/30
The BBC Thought PoliceAndrew Ash2019/10/30
France: More Death to Free SpeechGuy Millière2019/10/13
UK: New Subversive "Guidance" for JournalistsJohn Richardson2019/10/09
Stalin Had Gulags, Turkey Has CourtsBurak Bekdil2019/10/08
France Welcomes the Saudis, Condemns Critics of IslamGiulio Meotti2019/09/24
UK: The Push to End Free SpeechJohn Richardson2019/09/17
Turkey: Alarming Crackdown on Journalists, Desperate Appeal to UNUzay Bulut2019/09/17
UK: Tony Blair Think-Tank Proposes End to Free SpeechJohn Richardson2019/09/12
The Unsafe Space of the First Day of SchoolAndrew Ash2019/08/26
Killing Free Speech in CanadaJohn Richardson2019/08/14
Killing Free Speech in France, Germany and on the InternetJohn Richardson2019/08/08
How Palestinian Leaders 'Guarantee' Freedom of ExpressionKhaled Abu Toameh2019/07/29
Facebook: More Government CensorshipJohn Richardson2019/07/16
UN Launches All-out War on Free SpeechJohn Richardson2019/07/10
Germany: A Shocking Degree of Self-CensorshipJohn Richardson2019/07/04
China: The Perfect High-Tech Totalitarian StateJohn Richardson2019/06/18
Covering Up Our Culture to 'Avoid Giving Offense'Giulio Meotti2019/06/16
Turkey: Attacks on Journalists Turn More ViolentUzay Bulut2019/06/12
Britain's Back-Door Blasphemy LawSoeren Kern2019/06/08
Palestinians: No Freedom of Expression Under New GovernmentKhaled Abu Toameh2019/05/15
Turkish 'Justice': Life in Prison for Journalists; Leniency for ISIS TerroristUzay Bulut2019/04/29
Free Speech in DenmarkJohn Richardson2019/04/25
Spain: Does the Term 'Islamist' Constitute Hate Speech?Soeren Kern2019/04/19
EU: Telling Europeans What to ThinkJohn Richardson2019/03/15
Palestinians: Arresting, Torturing JournalistsKhaled Abu Toameh2019/03/07
Facebook Still Championing Blasphemy LawsJohn Richardson2019/02/19
Sweden Prosecuting Pensioners, Welcoming ISISJohn Richardson2019/02/16
Religion vs. Free SpeechDenis MacEoin2019/02/15
Palestinians: "Journalism" Hamas StyleKhaled Abu Toameh2019/02/14
EU: Going Full OrwellJohn Richardson2019/02/05
Preparing for Peace - The Palestinian WayKhaled Abu Toameh2019/01/29
Turkey: Imprisoning Dissidents while Bidding for EU MembershipUzay Bulut2019/01/28
Turkey: The Price of DissentUzay Bulut2019/01/23
Turkey's Unjust Justice System: Armenian MP Under AttackUzay Bulut2019/01/21
Europe: More Nifty Censorship from the EUJohn Richardson2019/01/12
European Court of Human Rights Promotes Human WrongsTommaso Virgili2019/01/05
Why the West Must Safeguard Free SpeechJosef Zbořil2018/12/25
Turkey's Fake Outrage over the Murder of KhashoggiUzay Bulut2018/12/17
European Court of Human Rights Blasphemy Laws: Where a Word out of Place Can Cost Your LifeDenis MacEoin2018/12/11
The European Court of Human Rights Submits to IslamJohn Richardson2018/11/23
The EU's Dangerous New Confidence GameDouglas Murray2018/11/20
Why Erdoğan's Charm Offensive Falls FlatBurak Bekdil2018/11/15
China Infiltrates American CampusesGordon G. Chang2018/11/08
European Human Rights Court Backs Sharia Blasphemy LawSoeren Kern2018/10/29
Big Tech Snuffing Free Speech; Google's Poisonous 'Dragonfly'John Richardson2018/10/17
EU: Politicizing the InternetJohn Richardson2018/09/30
Killing Free SpeechJohn Richardson2018/09/21
Journalist Paralyzed, Gravely Ill in Turkish PrisonUzay Bulut2018/09/05
Palestinian Journalists: We Do Not Have a Free MediaKhaled Abu Toameh2018/09/04
Palestinian Authority Silences StudentsBassam Tawil2018/07/25
Turkey: Exposing Crimes of ISIS is TerrorismUzay Bulut2018/07/20
Germany: 'Decapitating' Freedom of the Press?Stefan Frank2018/07/05
Palestinians Beat Female Journalists; World "Sees No Evil"Bassam Tawil2018/07/03
The Closing of the Cultural Mind?Giulio Meotti2018/06/10
UK: A New Drive for Islamic Blasphemy Laws?John Richardson2018/06/02
UK "Justice": "Silencing the Silencing"Bruce Bawer2018/05/31
British Media: Lockstep LiesBruce Bawer2018/05/30
VIDEO - Geert Wilders: "Restore freedom of speech"Geert Wilders2018/05/28
UK: You're Not Allowed to Talk about It. About What? Don't Ask.Bruce Bawer2018/05/28
Swift Injustice: The Case of Tommy RobinsonBruce Bawer2018/05/27
Parliamentary Questions on the Arrest of Tommy RobinsonGeert Wilders, Marie-Fleur Agema and Raymond de Roon2018/05/27
Western Taxpayers Funding Abuse of PalestiniansBassam Tawil2018/05/14
Armenian Genocide: Turkey Cracks DownUzay Bulut2018/05/06
Turkey: Erdoğan's World of Terrorists Includes Everyone but TerroristsBurak Bekdil2018/05/03
Turkey Calls on Europe to Criminalize "Islamophobia"Uzay Bulut2018/04/30
Facebook's Censorship in GermanyStefan Frank2018/04/29
Sweden's War on Free SpeechJohn Richardson2018/04/14
France: Free Speech on Trial - AgainRobbie Travers2018/03/21
France: Toward Total Submission to Islam, Destruction of Free SpeechGuy Millière2018/03/19
EU: More Censorship to "Protect" YouJohn Richardson2018/03/14
Europe: The Rapid Spread of DhimmitudeJohn Richardson2018/02/22
Why Are European Governments So Terrified of 'Fake News'?John Richardson2018/02/11
Europe: Making Totalitarianism Great AgainJohn Richardson2018/01/31
Facebook: Championing Blasphemy LawsJohn Richardson2018/01/15
Don't Diagnose President Trump – Respond to HimAlan M. Dershowitz2018/01/12
Canada: Islamist-Leftist-Government Alliance Silences Free SpeechChristine Douglass-Williams2018/01/08
Sharia for New Year'sBruce Bawer2018/01/07
Sweden's New Government CensorshipJohn Richardson2017/11/29
Stanford University's Duplicitous Morality PoliceRuthie Blum2017/11/22
The Real Victims of "Islamophobia"John Richardson2017/11/14
Facebook, Social Media, Aiding Jihad; Censoring Those Who Counter JihadBenjamin Weingarten2017/10/26
Europe: Journalists Against Free SpeechJohn Richardson2017/10/24
UK's Hateful Hate-Crime HubDouglas Murray2017/10/23
Germany: Full Censorship Now OfficialJohn Richardson2017/10/21
France: Facebook Islamists Hunt in PacksYves Mamou2017/10/13
UK: Extremely Selective Free SpeechJohn Richardson2017/10/12
Plame Knew What She Was TweetingAlan M. Dershowitz2017/09/22
Common Sense on CampusDenis MacEoin2017/09/20
Geert Wilders: "In My Opinion, Islam Is Not a Religion"Telegraaf and Geert Wilders2017/09/16
The Thought Police Strike AgainGiulio Meotti2017/09/15
The Latest Victim of the Campus Hate IndustryBruce Bawer2017/09/08
Palestinians Escalate War on JournalistsBassam Tawil2017/08/12
Europe: The Censored Film They Do Not Want You to SeeStefan Frank2017/08/01
Silicon Valley CensorshipSamuel Westrop2017/07/26
Abbas: Shut Up or I will Arrest You!Khaled Abu Toameh2017/07/17
How Social Media Stifles Free SpeechJeff Trag2017/07/13
France: "Jihad by Court"Yves Mamou2017/07/10
U.S. Trying to Criminalize Free Speech - AgainJohn Richardson2017/06/20
Facebook's Little Ethics ProblemRuthie Blum2017/06/07
Censoring You to 'Protect' YouDouglas Murray2017/05/25
German Companies Boycott Breitbart, Not AyatollahsStefan Frank2017/05/17
Indonesia: Free Speech vs. TreasonJacobus E. Lato2017/05/15
The Death of FactsDouglas Murray2017/05/03
UK: War on Free Speech at the National Union of StudentsDouglas Murray2017/04/19
Why Does the West Keep Colluding with Terrorists?Douglas Murray2017/04/09
Europe's Out-of-Control CensorshipJohn Richardson2017/04/06
On Campus: Minority PrioritiesDouglas Murray2017/04/04
When the Law Opposes the Truth Rather Than Protects ItDouglas Murray2017/03/27
European Parliament Censors Its Own Free SpeechJohn Richardson2017/03/11
The West Submits to Blasphemy LawsJohn Richardson2017/03/03
Sweden: Hate Speech Just for ImamsJohn Richardson2017/02/22
UK: Free Speech for Dictators OnlyRobbie Travers2017/02/16
A Tale of Two Talks: Free Speech in the U.S.Douglas Murray2017/02/14
Thoughts on Making Universities Safe for Free SpeechJeff Trag2017/02/14
Welcome to the "Social Justice" UniversityPhilip Carl Salzman2017/02/01
The Two "Islamophobias"Denis MacEoin2017/01/26
Germany's New 'Ministry of Truth'Stefan Frank2017/01/24
The "Fake News" Censorship IndustryRobbie Travers2017/01/21
Germany's New Propaganda BureauJohn Richardson2017/01/18
Is Tolerance a One-Way Street?Douglas Murray2017/01/16
Education in Sweden: "Then Things Got Interesting"Göran Adamson2016/12/29
What Was Behind the Trial of Geert Wilders?George Igler2016/12/13
Europe: Illegal to Criticize IslamJohn Richardson2016/12/12
The Dutch Death SpiralGiulio Meotti2016/12/11
Critics of Islam on Trial in Europe: Wilders ConvictedGiulio Meotti2016/12/10
Reaction of Geert Wilders to His ConvictionGeert Wilders2016/12/09
The West's Politically Correct DictatorshipGiulio Meotti2016/12/06
Self-Censorship: Free Society vs. Fear SocietyGiulio Meotti2016/12/02
Islamists Won: Charlie Hebdo DisappearsGiulio Meotti2016/11/30
Turkey: Child Rapists to Go Free, Journalists Not?Burak Bekdil2016/11/27
UK: Two Systems of JusticeDouglas Murray2016/11/26
Wilders's Trial: "Unnecessarily Offensive"Robbie Travers2016/11/24
Final Statement of Geert Wilders at his TrialGeert Wilders2016/11/23
Reaction of Geert Wilders to Penal Demand of Public ProsecutorGeert Wilders2016/11/17
Europe: Let's End Free Speech!John Richardson2016/11/17
Turkey's Increasingly Unfree PressRobert Jones2016/11/07
Europe's New Blasphemy CourtsDouglas Murray2016/11/04
The New Anti-Racist RacistsDouglas Murray2016/10/28
No Justice in the NetherlandsJohn Richardson2016/10/24
The Right to MockDouglas Murray2016/10/10
Western Publishers Submit to IslamGiulio Meotti2016/09/11
CRISIS: Internet to Have Global Governance October 1. Call Congress!John Richardson2016/08/29
Greece: The Freedom-of-Speech Canary DiedMaria Polizoidou2016/08/29
Look Who Is Gutting the First Amendment!Johanna Markind2016/08/26
The Right to DissentRobbie Travers2016/08/18
To the UN and UNESCO: Don't Try to Fence Us In!Amir Taheri2016/06/28
The Palestinian Authority's Crackdown on JournalistsKhaled Abu Toameh2016/06/28
How Much of our Culture Are We Surrendering to Islam?Giulio Meotti2016/06/21
The EU is Coming to Close Down Your Free SpeechDouglas Murray2016/06/11
Who Is Threatening Israeli Journalists and Why?Khaled Abu Toameh2016/06/10
VIDEO: The Death of Free Speech in Europe2016/06/10
European Union Declares War on Internet Free SpeechSoeren Kern2016/06/03
Sweden's Holy War on Children's BooksJohn Richardson2016/05/21
How Terrorists and Dictators Silence Arab JournalistsKhaled Abu Toameh2016/05/19
Turkey: Erdogan's Promised "Reforms"Burak Bekdil2016/05/18
The Death of Free Speech: The West Veils ItselfGiulio Meotti2016/04/26
Erdogan: The World's Most Insulted PresidentBurak Bekdil2016/04/20
Turkey: Erdogan's Thin-Skinned GovernmentRobbie Travers2016/04/20
Germany: Humor, Sultan StyleStefan Frank2016/04/19
Turkey's Circus in WashingtonBurak Bekdil2016/04/12
Journalism in Turkey: Newsroom vs. CourtroomBurak Bekdil2016/03/31
Free Speech on Trial in the Netherlands - AgainRobbie Travers2016/03/29
European Union Caving to Turkey's Blackmail?Burak Bekdil2016/03/15
France: Criticize Islam and Live under Police ProtectionGiulio Meotti2016/02/28
Denmark Criminalizes Free Speech - SelectivelyJohn Richardson2016/02/19
Free Speech vs. Islamic Law?Denis MacEoin2016/02/13
Facebook's War on Freedom of SpeechDouglas Murray2016/02/05
Turkey: Death to Free SpeechBurak Bekdil2016/01/27
US Criminalizing Free Speech?John Richardson2016/01/05
Declaration of Geert Wilders before the CourtGeert Wilders2015/11/26
Extremism and CensorshipSamuel Westrop2015/07/01
The "Speech-Denialists"Daniel Mael2015/06/02
Defending Freedom of SpeechGeert Wilders2015/05/21
The Erosion of Free SpeechDenis MacEoin2015/05/03
Top British Universities Flunk Free SpeechPeter Martino2015/04/14
Offense Welcome: In Defense of Free Speech on CampusDaniel Mael2015/03/26
We Are Charlie: Free Speech v. Self-CensorshipDouglas Murray2015/01/08
Censorship, "Mental Illness" Overrun FranceGuy Millière2015/01/01
Hard Leftists are as Guilty of Censorship as North Korea's DictatorAlan M. Dershowitz2014/12/27
Statement of Geert Wilders during His Interrogation by the State PoliceGeert Wilders2014/12/09
Free Speech v. Political CorrectnessAbraham H. Miller2014/11/15
How Amnesty International Suppresses Free SpeechAlan M. Dershowitz2014/11/10
Promoting "British Values" by Curbing Free SpeechSoeren Kern2014/11/06
Free Speech: A Motorway Pile-Up of Moral ConfusionDouglas Murray2014/10/02
Facebook, Google Censor Human Rights ActivistsShabnam Assadollahi2014/08/14
Free Speech Wars: The Blasphemy Fashion PoliceDouglas Murray2014/02/04
OIC Blames Free Speech for "Islamophobia" in WestSoeren Kern2013/12/11
Freedom of Expression? Not for PalestiniansKhaled Abu Toameh2013/02/13
Another Attempt to Murder Free Speech in DenmarkSoeren Kern2013/02/06
Turkey Censors Its TV History?Veli Sirin2013/02/04
Facebook's "Accidental Mistake" and Free Speech in the Arab WorldKhaled Abu Toameh2013/01/18
New Threats to Free SpeechNonie Darwish2012/10/15
Australia Censors Free SpeechSoeren Kern2012/09/20
Finland's War on Free SpeechSoeren Kern2012/06/11
U.S. Leads Effort to Criminalize Free SpeechAnn Snyder2012/05/16
Free Speech Found Guilty by EuropeSoeren Kern2012/04/23
Response to Charges of Hate SpeechLars Hedegaard2012/04/16
Bequeathers of Absolute Truth Crush Free Speech in EuropeGuy Millière2012/03/08
Turkey Violated Free Speech in Defamation Ruling, European Court SaysAK Group2012/02/23
Freedom of Expression, UN Human Rights CouncilGerald M. Steinberg2012/02/16
UK: Islamist Intimidation Shuts Down Free SpeechShiraz Maher2012/02/16
Islam and Free Speech: OIC vs. Universal Declaration of Human RightsMichael Curtis2012/02/08
Freedom of Speech under European ScrutinyAK Group2011/11/17
The Norway Massacre and Europe's War on Free SpeechSoeren Kern2011/07/28
Geert Wilders Acquitted of Defaming MuslimsSoeren Kern2011/06/24
"596 People Put on Trial for Expressing Their Thoughts. How Can Such a Country Be Democratic?"AK Group2011/06/02
Final Remarks of Geert Wilders at His Trial in Amsterdam, June 1st, 2011Geert Wilders2011/06/01
Geert Wilders Anti-Islam Show Trial 'Must Go On'Soeren Kern2011/05/26
Thousands Rally Against Censorship in TurkeyAK Group2011/05/17
Final remarks by Geert Wilders at his trial in Amsterdam, May 2nd, 2011Geert Wilders2011/05/02
ACLU Leaders Are Supporting Censorship of Israeli SpeakersAlan M. Dershowitz2011/02/25
Free Speech on Trial in EuropeSoeren Kern2011/01/27
Venezuela: To Celebrate Free Expression, Chavez Shuts Down MediaAnna Mahjar-Barducci2011/01/26
Geert Wilders Wins a Retrial in Dutch Anti-Islam CaseSoeren Kern2010/10/27
Free Speech on Trial in the NetherlandsSoeren Kern2010/10/07
Wilders On TrialPaul Marshall and Nina Shea2010/02/10
Geert Wilders: No Fair Trial2010/02/04
Stacking the Deck against Geert WildersAaron Eitan Meyer2010/02/04
Geert Wilders Receives Summons: Sledgehammer Blow to Free Speech2009/12/07
Free Speech Under Attack2009/11/12
Germany: Death to Free Speech - Civil Courage vs. Uncomfortable FactsPaul Belien2009/10/20
Filmmakers and Writers Seek to Censor Israeli FilmAlan M. Dershowitz2009/09/04
Europe's War on Free SpeechSoeren Kern2009/03/18
Free Speech Behind Bars?Geert Wilders2009/03/02
Geert Wilders Speech in House of Lords if He Would Not Have Been Banned from the United KingdomGeert Wilders2009/02/13
Dutch MP Geert Wilders Denied Entry to UKThomas Landen2009/02/10
The UN Vote Against Freedom of Speech, Who Voted How2008/12/24
What Free Speech?William Katz2008/11/05

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