Christine Williams

Christine Williams is Public Affairs and Media Consultant to the International Christian Embassy in Jerusalem Canada. She is also a member of the Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Center Task Force Against Anti-semitism and a Federally appointed Director with the Canadian Race Relations Foundation. She has conducted over 1700 live television interviews as a talk show host and television producer on CTS TV in Burlington, capturing 6 international awards. A past political and crime news reporter and news room editor, Christine has also served as a regular national columnist with Metro News (Co-owned with the Toronto Star) where she also provided news analysis on political and diversity issues. Her writings have appeared in many publications including: the Middle East Quarterly, FrontPage Magazine, U.S.A. Today Online, Wall Street online and the Gatestone Institute in New York where she is on the Board of Governors. She is also currently working on a book project exploring Muslim Reform and is on the Board of Advisors for the Canadian moderate Muslim organization Muslims Facing Tomorrow.

Writings by Christine Williams  (View Biography)

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