Writings by Ali Salim  (View Biography)

Title Date
Why the Palestinians Refuse to Recognize Israel as a Jewish State2014/02/03
The Last Christian in the Middle East?2014/01/20
Palestinians: Is Abbas Being Asked to Sign His Death Warrant?2013/12/30
The Hunger for Power vs. Western Exhaustion2013/12/12
Allies, Adversaries and the Right to Self-Defense2013/11/05
Straightening the Dog's Tail2013/10/25
The Islamist Trojan Horse2013/10/16
Iran: Peace-Dripping Nuclear Lamb2013/10/08
Iran and the Nuclear Chicken2013/09/26
Hatred of Jews2013/09/16
Who Should Clean Up the Mess?2013/08/27
"Begin on Saturday, Finish on Sunday"2013/08/21
How Islam Conquers Europe2013/08/07
Individual Rights vs. the Barrel of a Gun2013/07/16
U.S. in the Middle East: Good Intentions, Terrible Results2013/07/11
Islamic Cannibalism2013/06/25
The Religious War in the Middle East2013/06/19
The Return of the Cold War2013/06/06
The Sheiks and WMD2013/05/22
Weapons of Mass Destruction in the Middle East2013/05/13
The Islamic Paradise2013/04/16
Back to Jahiliyya2013/04/10
Jerusalem, Capital of Israel: An Islamic Prophecy2013/01/29

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