Writings by Aymenn Jawad Al-Tamimi  (View Biography)

Title Date
Defining Jihadism2024/04/11
Syria on the Verge of Collapse?2023/09/15
Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi's Message as Caliph2014/07/02
Assessing the Maldives2012/07/02
The Effect of Kim Jong-Il's Death on North Korea2011/12/29
The Iraqi Government: Iranian Satrap or American Puppet?2011/07/07
Ratko Mladić and Myths of the Bosnian War2011/06/01
Iraq: Will Sadr's Mahdi Army Return?2011/04/25
Should Washington Embrace the MEK?2011/04/19
Is the English Defense League a Genuine Anti-Islamist Force?2011/04/11
Rethinking North Korea2011/03/07
The Aftermath of the Iraq War Revisited2011/02/28
Rethinking the Wikileaks Cables2010/12/22
Poverty and Defeating Militant Islam2010/12/06
How Iraq Is Torpedoeing Its Economy2010/12/01
Iraq's Oil Industry2010/10/11
Juan Cole's Distortions2010/10/04
Focus on Yemen, Not Israel-Palestine2010/09/03
What to do about Somalia?2010/07/27
Iraq's Future2010/07/16
Assessing Afghanistan2010/07/09

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