Writings by Nibras Kazimi

Title Date
The Effective Ambassador in Baghdad2009/09/30
Iraq: Rumors Swirl2009/08/06
Iraq: Once Again, Who Is The Enemy?2009/07/31
Iraq: Who Is In Charge?2009/07/24
Iraq: Alliances Galore2009/07/17
Plastic Flowers and Victory Parades2009/07/02
A Library Grows in Baghdad2009/06/25
Iraq's Bureaucracy2009/06/18
Acknowledging the Words of the Enemy2009/06/04
Iraq: A Landscape of Mass Graves2009/05/21
Iraq: Maliki Stuck?2009/05/14
Dodging 'Democracy' in Iraq2009/05/08
Iraq: Trouble for Maliki2009/04/24
Who is Pushing for an Arab-Kurd Escalation in Iraq?2009/04/16
How To Do A "Surge"2009/04/02
Remembering the Americans2009/03/27
The Jihadists Respond2009/03/19
Bluff and Blackmail2009/03/12
Iraq Withdrawal: Wishful Thinking2009/03/05
The Strangest of Bedfellows2009/02/26
In With the New2009/02/19
Iraq's Provincial Election Results: Going by the Numbers2009/02/12
Is This Victory, Yet?2009/02/05
Iraq: Will Maliki Complete His Term in Office?2009/01/29
Iraq's Provincial Elections (III of III)2009/01/22
Iraq's Provincial Elections (II of III)2009/01/15
Iraq’s Provincial Elections (I of III)2009/01/08
Shoes and Meat Hooks2008/12/18
Oil Crisis: What Price Loyalty?2008/12/11
Iraq: The Trailblazer Candidate2008/12/04
Iraq: Withdrawing The Bureaucrats And The Media2008/11/20
How Does One Plan For Irrationality?2008/11/13
The Middle East Will Come to Hate Obama2008/11/06
Next Step: Which Definition of Iraqi Patriotism?2008/10/30

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