Writings by Thomas Landen

Title Date
Dutch Hope: Minority Government Backed by Wilders2010/07/28
Dutch Establishment Rejects Election Results2010/07/07
Heeere’s Muhammed!2010/01/04
Turkish Vote May Decide German Elections2009/09/25
Who is Crazy in Holland Today?2009/09/14
Eurabian Safari2009/08/27
Germany: Better to be a Muslim than a Baptist2009/08/17
Germany: Stasi Skeletons in the Closet2009/08/05
Belgium Opens the Floodgates2009/07/27
Those Who Criticize Islam in Europe...2009/07/16
The Flying Dutchman and the Press2009/06/25
Playing Parliament in Brussels2009/06/09
The Dutch Stockholm Syndrome2009/06/01
France: Rise in Violence2009/05/21
Shrinking Germany2009/05/08
The Purpose of NATO2009/04/14
Meet the Most Courageous Man in Britain: a Pakistani2009/04/01
Sharia Banking Conquers Europe2009/03/24
The Politics of Demonization2009/03/17
Dutch MP Geert Wilders Denied Entry to UK2009/02/10
Hate Crimes and Equality Before the Law2009/01/28

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