Writings by Valentina Colombo

Title Date
Urgent: Please Help! Raif Badawi To "Be Lashed Severely" Tomorrow2015/01/08
Eroticized Violence, Savage Justice in Saudi Arabia2014/07/07
Austria: Muslim Brotherhood's New European Headquarters2014/06/04
The Muslim Brotherhood's "Peaceful Conquest"2014/05/28
The Muslim Brotherhood and Terrorist Organizations2014/05/06
Egyptian Elections: "The Worst Time Ever"2012/01/05
Secular Syria's Opportunistic Use of Islam2011/12/02
Whitewashing the Muslim Brotherhood2011/11/30
Radical Islam Has Settled into Ireland2011/10/11
The Muslim Brotherhood and the Egyptian Elections2011/08/10
Honor Killings in Europe2011/02/08
Ali al-Mugri's The Handsome Jew2011/02/01
Muslim Brotherhood Press Releases After the Massacre of Copts in Egypt2011/01/24
How Multiculturalism Destroys Human Rights2010/05/12
Deceits, Mistakes and Victims of Multiculturalism2010/04/23
Islam and Women: From Inside the Arab World….2010/04/02
Europe: Behind the Burqa Debate2010/03/12
Nobel Prize for Peace or Appeasement?2009/11/13
Human Rights vs. Sharia: Violence Against Women2009/10/05
Islam and Honor Killings2009/09/28
Is This Who Should Head UNESCO?2009/09/04
Counter-Jihad by Court: A Historical Victory2009/07/06
Jihad By Court: "Moderate" Jordan Threatens Poet Eslam Samhan With Death2009/06/29
Book Burning, UNESCO and Arab Moderates2009/06/11
Jihad by Court2009/05/15
Newsweek and Radical Islam2009/03/13
Tareq vs. Tariq2009/03/06
Interfaith Dialogue: Some Hints2009/02/23

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