Persecution of Christians in the Muslim world

Reader comment on: Muslim Persecution of Christians: January, 2013

Submitted by Balakrishnan, Mar 27, 2013 06:37

It is very very true that non-Muslims cannot live and cannot be allowed to live peacefully in the Muslim countries. In India, Muslims are around only 10% and enjoying all minority rights and concessions, yet keeping balms and killing innocent Hindus every now and then; and it is a routine affair. If Muslims are a majority in a country, then they will not allow non-Muslims live peacefully. In a Muslim country there is no voting rights for non-Muslims, and they would not be allowed to practice their own religion. If Muslims are a minority in a non-Muslim country, then they will demand to divide their region as a country from the main country.

Muslims are not secular minded: they will not change to modernity, respect other religions, and will not mingle with non-Muslims. I request the powerful Western countries to bring strong actions like "sanctions," "denial of aid," etc. These alone will force them to become a civilised community.

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