The damage is, in fact, calculable - after all, the NSA is keeping records, right?

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Submitted by H Luce, Jul 8, 2013 06:03

And if Snowden wasn't in it alone and had help, then there's a network of moles in the US national security apparatus, and so the first priority is to go after the network. By the way, he isn't guilty of treason - of giving aid and comfort to the enemy in time of declared war. The last I heard, the US is not at war with China, a nation which holds the status of "Most Favored Trading Partner" or some such nonsense. And if he had help, then the other moles - those which haven't yet been brought to light - are probably funneling more info to China and who knows who else. In the end analysis, he will have done a great service in showing how insecure the "National Security State" in fact is - and how lawlessness and disregard of basic Constitutional rights tend to destroy, not enhance, national security. The more people who have access to secrets, the less likely those secrets are to stay secret. There needs to be a hard reappraisal of what exactly is being done first to compromise national security - then to enhance it. One route might be to examine what sort of methods have been effective in stopping threats to national security from Islamists - and it turns out that conventional law enforcement methods, using search warrants issued with probable cause to believe a crime has been committed or is in imminent danger of being committed, has detected all of the terror threats in the years since 2001, while the blanket surveillance of US citizens' communications has detected none. Perhaps the NSA can use its analytic algorithms to clean up its own house - then it should be abolished.

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