War is peace, ignorance is slavery

Reader comment on: The United Nations "Human Rights" Council

Submitted by DevonVenture, Aug 9, 2014 08:13

Another great article from the Gatestone Institute,thanks Denis MacEoin.
The liberals have really messed this up as well. Their reverse midas touch has first destroyed any credibility that we can give to the Human Rights Act by turning it into a blank cheque for pondlife to do as they please and ignoring the victims of crime in it's wake.

They have now succeeded in turning an essentially useful tool into something that is completely obsolete and not fit for purpose.

Most of us, including the liberals would think it's madness to stick a persistent wife beater back in the same house as his victim. Why can countries with a seriously obscene disregard for their own citizens sit on the Human Rights Council? Not only is their judgement wrong no matter how many times they say it. Sitting on the council gives them permission to continue the abuse at home,and they do in huge numbers.

Most of us, excluding most liberals would not dream of sticking a well known paedophile in charge of a childrens home. Why do we have to allow this abuse??
The answer is we don't, it has got to stop! It's time we deal with the drinkers of the nazi cauldron. Stop giving any credibility to these two faced lying people.

Yes we are all people of the same world but this does not mean we share the same values, nor does it mean that war is peace and day is night no matter how many times they say it and no amount of oil dollars mixed with self loathing can change that. Go Hillel Neuer! Long may you continue to shine a light into this murky dark world.

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