Racist and proud

Reader comment on: How Much of our Culture Are We Surrendering to Islam?
in response to reader comment: I am a Politically Incorrect Racist.

Submitted by Jane, Jul 5, 2016 03:52

You are right, I no longer shy away from being called racist or xenophobe, in fact I proudly say if that's the label you wish to shout fine, and the lefties really cannot seem to cope when you say, fine, call me whatever. They don't know where to go from there.

The problem is as you previously mentioned, the politicians are cowardly and rather than address the problem years ago when it could be easily done, they let things creep because they didn't want it to upset their office. Now each successive government knows they don't want to tackle the problem because it will blow up on their watch. Each year the problem grows.

So easily it could have been dealt with, without bloodshed by 'upsetting' a few, but instead they have been given concession after concession and now there is a major violent backlash should any stand be taken against Islam.

How is it in the UK they can parade with signs such as f the police, sharia for uk, burkas for all, f & kill Nigel Farage, and not be arrested for inciting hate. But any protest against them is shot down as far right, and lorded in the media as real hatred.

I really think it's too late.

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