Many European Leaders Have Capitulated To Islam.

Reader comment on: When "Peace" Means Capitulation to Islam

Submitted by Jeff Page, Jan 8, 2017 08:05

There are a few European countries that will never give in to Islam, Hungary, Poland, and hopefully Holland among them. The rest, and I include Britain, has virtually cowered in the face of terrorist threats and allowed the Muslims in their countries to dictate the terms. The stupidest thing ever was to stand back and watch as the ghettos grew and became separated from mainstream society. They then stood and watched as groups from these closed communities went out on the streets and preached hatred for the country in which they now live, or in some cases were born. The cries for Sharia, for women to cover up, for pubs to be closed, separate schooling for boys and girls, demands for halal meat to be served in school or workplaces, etc, etc. We could do without all these demands! What possesses governments who allow a fanatical cult masquerading as a religion to dictate terms to the rest of society? It's just plain and simply, cowardice! The Un and allied organisations have already done their bit to capitulate, according to them, history has to be changed to suit the Islamic views. What complete rubbish have they come up with?
People all over Europe need to begin opposing what their so called leaders are doing, and stop them in their tracks, before the damage becomes beyond all repair.
Merkel and other leaders need to stop promoting Islam as a religion of peace as it is far from being so. There must be action taken in neighbourhoods deemed "no go areas", and all force used to regain control and force out any Islamic terrorist supporters once and for all. But it has to be soon before areas get too large to control. The worst thing ever would be for European leaders to give further ground to Muslims. Stop the capitulation now!

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