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Submitted by Geraldine, Jan 10, 2017 11:34

I share your concern, Arlene. Finding like-minded people on Gatestone has been comforting for me. There is no easy answer to your question I will admit.
I am committed to speaking up whenever I see things to do with the "religion of peace" in my immediate environment that make my blood boil. A few years back when I was living in a larger city in southwestern Ontario I complained bitterly to the cashier at a large grocery store about the presence of a woman in a tent with slits for eyes who was accompanied by a man with a wandering gaze. Right after that I cut short my shop and went elsewhere. Turns out I was not the only one who complained that day.
I now live in a smaller, rural city situated east of Toronto. I expected much less exposure... Regrettably, I had another run-in this past June when my daughter's grade 3 end-of-year class outing to get ice cream was cancelled because as my daughter's teacher said "so and so in the other class (read: Syrian refugee) is fasting and might feel left out." I spent the better part of my Canada Day long weekend chewing over the contents of the complaint letter which I submitted to the school's principal the following Monday. The principal called me back the very next day to say that the ice cream trip was not sanctioned by the principal.... Nevertheless, I said "that teacher should never ever have given the excuse she gave!!"
Now, whenever I walk into the school, I feel a little odd, not at all like before the letter. Yet, at the same time, I needed that school (a Catholic one, no less) to know that while I understand if some teachers choose to be spokespeople for the few Muslim children in their care, I, too, have made a choice with regard to Islam for my girls and me and that is that under no circumstances will we kowtow to any restrictions many Muslims place upon themselves in public settings. At the time the excuse was given by the teacher, my daughter was made to kowtow to Islamic restrictions. That was inexcusable.

To the staff at Gatesone, please know how much I appreciate all the hard work and dedication that goes into publishing these articles.

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