The Government may capitulate. I shall not.

Reader comment on: When "Peace" Means Capitulation to Islam

Submitted by Thomas Pratt, Jan 10, 2017 14:24

Those of us that were born after 1945 lived in an age of freedom.

Within 20 years the Hippie liberal generation that grew up with too much handed to them, became sanctimonious in their idealism. They seemed to think our parents got it wrong, by taking us to church. By trying to teach us that sex before marriage or recreational use of drugs was wrong.

In Canada, we had a traitor, by the name of Pierre Trudeau that gambled that these unthinking young people would be just the people he needed to get himself elected.

He promised us Socialized medicine; more welfare for single mothers; the lowering of the drinking age to 18. He knew he was creating a learned dependence by people that were either to lazy or too selfish to go out & work.

Subjects like history were slowly withdrawn from the educational system. The attitude of many was why do you need to study it anyway?

Monuments to our Canadian fallen seemed to disappear from public parks for a period of about 20 years and the veterans were only recognized & honored during 50th & 60th Anniversaries.

Slowly, but surely the teaching of Critical thinking was being withdrawn from the school curriculum. By the 1980's Ideas of political correctness were brainwashing our children through the educational system & media.

Free drugs & syringes were being provided by the health care system further encouraging people to take drugs.

The notion of children being raised by the village instead of the parent became popular among Socialists. Few people questioned it. Much easier for the parent just to go about their own selfish lives and not take an active interest in their children.

Divorces became easier and the traditional family unit redefined, making it easier the the Globalists to create division & kaos in our society.

My Generation is at fault. My Generation, the baby boomers. It is time we take ownership of this. Throw out our self serving Politicians and start working to re educate our children & grandchildren so they take a second look at our parents and say yes, we must preserve decency and democracy.

Time to stop wallowing in self pity. Time to take action. Time to embrace the church & morality. Time to say a resound NO to our anything goes society.

Time to defend our families against these Islamic Terrorists by closing our borders. If they attack us. Time to fight back with clubs if necessary.

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