"The great Western humanistic delusion".

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Submitted by Hanna, Feb 13, 2017 06:55

Sorry but, PEOPLE ARE NOT ALL THE SAME --- they have never been the same and DO NOT have the same values --- if they have any values. That is the big delusion!!! Since when is SHARIA LAW --- cutting people's heads off, the same as anything in Western Civilization --- with or without it's values? The massive welcoming of millions of uneducated barbarians into Western Countries was one of the biggest mistakes people in the West ever made and they are they are paying, and will continue to pay a bitter and horrendous price for it. Sharia law IS BARBAISM --- most Muslims are very proud of this "accomplishment". Since when are all cultures Equally Valid? One culture sends it's children to school, while the other culture teaches it's children to cut people's heads off. What kind of culture has a motto that says "YOU LOVE LIFE: WE LOVE DEATH"? They (most Muslims) don't even deny it --- at least they are honest. What many barbarians do not get, or refuse to get is that one has to work hard, for what one has --- not steal it. A person can give the barbarians all the luxuries in the world, they will still cut people's heads off --- that is what they do best. Thank you Philip Carl Salzman and Gatestone.

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