"Diversity At Its Best" Ha Ha!

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Submitted by Jeff Page, Feb 13, 2017 07:42

There really are some outstanding comedians in this world of ours! Those with the goal of establishing a great diverse society within their own countries are a seriously deluded bunch. In reality, many don't know what they actually want from "diversity". I suppose it sounds to them like a good idea, something we should all embrace. But for all to work, all have to embrace this new "diversity", but as we witness daily, this diversity is, and will, remain a dream, never to be realised!

Unfortunately, there are a great many "intellectuals" and politicians, who just refuse to acknowledge that they may as well bang their heads with great force against the nearest brick wall! What they are experiencing now is a state whereby the very laws intended to protect their citizens are being turned against them and it's the politicians with their PC approach that have tied themselves up in knots. Of course, to admit this would be to admit failure so that is never going to happen.

We shall continue getting the message that "diversity" makes for a stronger society. What we don't hear is the admissions that, this applies to all but Muslims! Diversity doesn't exist as far as Muslims are concerned, all that matters is Islam above all and anything! There is a chance that the Western politicians will catch on to this but in some cases, it may take some time. Trump, Le Pen, Wilders, Orban and a couple more leaders have seen the dangers that the others are not intelligent enough to recognise. Only time will tell!

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