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Submitted by b.a. freeman, Feb 14, 2017 11:40

i do hope that U are writing under a nom de guerre; otherwise, U are likely to lose your job, or maybe even your life. it is unsafe to write this type of article these days.

OTOH, it needed to be said. i cringed when president obama, during a speech, made reference to "universal values" of freedom and human rights. i would expect that type of statement from an uneducated person who might not be aware that others can and do have different values, but the fact that he is neither stupid nor uneducated brought me to the realization that he is an american traitor. there are people who foolishly think that all "good" people have the same values, but they, for the most part, are not running the State; they can be forgiven their misapprehension. those who are leaders, however, have a responsibility to do all that they can to ensure that they are making the correct decisions by verifying all their information. the fact that mr. obama should have known better, is very smart, and did not acknowledge what anybody with a rudimentary education should know confirms that he is a traitor.

because the State is now riddled with deluded people and traitors, i no longer trust its functionaries to do anything for me. i have not yet been attacked by the State, so i will not disobey the law (yet), and when i do, i will be the one bringing it to the attention of the State; civil disobedience is only honorable when one is willing to face the consequences of breaking the law. however, once the State becomes actively malevolent towards free men, if i still have my freedom, i will be in open rebellion.

i pray that things will not come to that; i would much rather have a lively discussion with leftists about what needs to be done than to have to shoot at them to keep them from killing me. in hopes of advancing the goal of civil public discourse, i will be pointing people to this article. thank U, and well done!

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