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Submitted by dm, Feb 20, 2017 05:19

The average western human has not been hit by the intricate ploy of clan, caste etc., Mostly because of money and an elevated way of life, these issues have not shown their real face. In places like India, caste is a big thing. People vote in their caste, not because the people voted in do a good job, but because they feel that they will benefit as a single entity. However, the single entity faction also exists in the voted in party who them goes on to place his, Wife, Sister, Brother and any other members of the family who he feels will benefit and whom he will be owed a favour.

In essence, the people do not get to vote in the best person for the job! The system is then run along the gangster aspect, where if you do not tow the line you will not be in line for a favour, or may be eliminated. The last part is very relevant as the people in Europe seem not to have worked out that Muslims are a cult/clan and that as non believers they do not even get the option to tow the line., its tow the line or be eliminated.

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