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Submitted by Moray Watson, Mar 8, 2017 13:53

On the heels of the passing of Ontario Motion M37 (Feb 23, 2017) which reaffirmed the governments support for the mandate of the Anti-Racism Directorate, said Directorate released its 3 year plan on March 7th.

The 3yr plan does indeed have an extensive section of definitions including one for 'islamophobia': Includes racism, stereotypes, prejudice, fear or acts of hostility directed towards individual Muslims or followers of Islam in general. In addition to individual acts of intolerance and racial profiling, Islamophobia can lead to viewing and treating Muslims as a greater security threat on an institutional, systemic and societal level.

This definition has been adopted verbatim from section 3.3 (pg 16) of the Sep 2015 Ontario Human Rights Commission's 'Policy on preventing discrimination based on creed'.

That policy is the starting point for the Ontario governments methodical and purposeful attempts to recharacterize islam into a "race" rather than a "creed". As best I can tell, the purpose for the recharacterization is that islam's ideology is open to attack on the basis that islam is a political construct (totalitarianism), and that it is unclear whether political movements can be considered "creeds".

The Anti-Racism Directorate (brought into existence by Kathleen Wynne via its Feb 2016 mandate)is a disgusting vehicle, which in tandem with the OHRC and its Tribunals, is working towards the fracturing of our society into groups of victims on which the government can bestow its mercies.

The 3 year plan of the Anti-Racism Directorate is a nefarious piece of work, which notes the following: 'The Ministry of Education is funding resources, including training for teachers on Islamophobia to help teachers discuss geopolitical events, negative media narratives, and general stereotypes with their students. This project will be led by the National Council of Canadian Muslims, and include 20 half-day workshops for teachers, including presentations, webinars and print materials.'

In other words, the National Council of Canadian Muslims (nee CAIR-Can), a muslim political advocacy organization is going to be informing our teachers on what should be said about islam in our classrooms, and paid by the Department of Education to do so!! WHO will be available to provide oversight on this revolting relationship, when anyone who dares to rebuke the ideology and actions of islam is labelled an 'islamophobe'.

For good measure, and to complete the circle, On Feb 16, 2017 the Ministry of Education issued a memorandum to Directors of Education titled, 'Resources for Teachers - Anti Racism and Islamophobia', which brings the relationship between the Ministry, the Anti-Racism Directorate and the OHRC. However NO mention of the role of the National Council of Canadian Muslims is made in that memorandum.

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