Still The Liberals Believe The Lies

Reader comment on: Are the Hard Leftists Aligned with Radical Islamists?

Submitted by Jeff Page, Mar 17, 2017 07:28

The liberals and women's groups aligning themselves with Linda Sarsour need to think seriously about what they are actually fighting for. This woman is a supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood and wants to inflict Sharia on all women. Just what are these women thinking? Or maybe they aren't thinking at all! The fact that Trump won and is President hasn't gone down too well with some of them. The majority of whom in all probability don't possess the ability to think rationally. Do they really want to be ruled by Sharia? Maybe they think deep down that it could never happen. This woman is showing just what she wants to her supporters, the real truth behind her actions are hidden, and the same applies to some media outlets.

Some people do things just for the hell of it, and they drag more gullible people into their actions with lies and deceit. Linda Sarsour is one such person, she has her own backing and her own agenda and she is doing a good job of fooling people into backing her up and in effect turning them against their own people and faith. And most media outlets have hidden the real truth from the public in their efforts to push their own agendas. We are beginning to see just how corrupt many politicians and media reports are. The continual attacks on the Trump administration by those who feel threatened with being exposed for the traitors they are. It terrifies them to think that they'll be damaged when the people learn the truth of what they have been keeping hidden. They realise that Trump's Presidency is a great danger to their plans for the future direction of the US. In all probability, many Middle Eastern countries have interests within the US and have spread money around like confetti in order to take root in US politics and the media.

By gaining control of the media, they are able to dictate the direction the country goes. Anyone with an ounce of intelligence knows that not all Muslims are terrorists. Trump is just ensuring that Muslim terrorists don't have free and unrestricted access to the US. There is nothing wrong with taking precautions by tightening up entry conditions to make sure terrorists don't just breeze into the country without checks being made. Any that oppose this are traitors and need to be confronted as to why they don't agree with a common sense policy. This is nothing to do with "human rights violations", it's a security issue. People should be praising Trump for looking after their safety.

I wonder, is Linda Sarsour a Muslim convert? They are the most militant of all Muslims, they actually believe that they are on a mission to spread the faith to the world at all costs, and will lie and cheat to do it.

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