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Submitted by jeb, Mar 17, 2017 09:08

The recent flap over the UN's accusation Israel is an apartheid state sheds light on radicals in the USA one a man named Falk who is on the UNHRC and should be replaced. He is a Obama allied activist.

I posted this on a site that addressed the issue.

Wikileaks describes Falk as a self described American Jewish person. He serves on the UNHRC and was a distinguished Professor at Princeton before that. Several people in comments describe him as a Muslim? Why?
I believe he is probably just another Chomsky addict who reduces civilization to regressive liberal socialist terms like Bernie Sanders and has sold himself to that movement. Falk may ignore the religious Inquisition radical Muslims are now fomenting throughout the ME making it dangerous to simply negotiate is indicative of the PA needing a respite from its incompetence in serving its own people, Abbas can not safely visit a refugee camp. And the 200 plus million dollars Obama gave his Islamist buddies and distributed in spite of President Trump's objections will probably be spent by the PA's elites on various personal accounts or as a means to facilitate their escape if Hamas ever tips their donkey cart over.
Falk should know better than others the importance of pluralism in a societies development and yet he discarded basic principles to advocate a dribble of meaningless socialist values that have failed disastrously throughout the world, in the name of "Peace" and like Chomsky seems committed to a deterministic historical view rather than the facts. In their minds if Israel is prospering everyone else should be, without doing anything of importance for their own betterment except make better suicide vests and missiles that will pierce the Dome. A sign of Islamist aggression or caused by "Poverty"?
It is important to clarify because regressive liberal socialists who are pro-Islam like Obama is, need to be understood in their own right and how they have become submissive to Islam.
Did Falk oppose the UNHRCs attempt five years ago or so to impose sharia law globally and statutes deemed protections against Islamophobia in a UN Resolution? A measure that is only Islamic Supremacist.
The fact is our higher education institutions have advocated activist agendas and must share some of the blame for attempting to reset humanity in a state of regression based on slave values, like the "Professor" who defended slavery under Islam at Georgetown. How can people so smart, be so incredibly stupid?

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