Radical Islam beyond redemption.

Reader comment on: Are the Hard Leftists Aligned with Radical Islamists?

Submitted by Elizabeth Lawson, Mar 17, 2017 10:32

Reading and listening to the many faceted anti-Trump complaints by leftists is sobering. How, and why, so many can continually delude themselves, that their analysis and conclusions regarding radical Islam are reasonable, accurate, and fair to all, is mystifying. Everyone in the path of these wretched and monstrous murderers, suffers, most particularly those who share the same faith, but not their murderous intent, nor their humanity freezing ideology. I have Iranian friends who emphatically denounce the theocratic regime that has their friends, families by the throat. Mr. Kerry and his ilk know very well that 'negotiation' with these inhuman specimens is utterly impossible, unless of course, one has a death wish. The stance of the Left in regard to radical Islam is morally bankrupt. Interestingly, much of the Left, and certainly those who are enthusiastic admirers of Linda Sarsour, is morally deficient in many other ways as well. Time and time again their hypocrisy regarding the slaughter of others, Christians, Yazidis, men, women and children butchered for no other reason than they are not " Muslim" escapes their sympathy, support, or outrage. They hire a terrorist murderess ( a Palestinian bomber) who blew up numerous innocent people, to lead a women's march. If that is not morally bankrupt, nothing is. Most sensible people saw the writing on the wall during the Trump election; we knew that Trump's every move would be subjected to a scrutiny previously unheard of in the annals of US governance. The rational, proud American, will be the big loser if these idiotic people hold sway; should that day come, America will slide into the backwater of unimportance and irrelevance to all.

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