Has Mr. Alsaied got access to a different Koran?

Reader comment on: Are the Hard Leftists Aligned with Radical Islamists?

Submitted by Tommy Atkins, Mar 17, 2017 11:17

I totally agree with the author of this article when he says that the left has allied itself to the Islamic jihad agenda. But I cannot understand why a man learned in the Islamic ideology should say that Islam is a religion of peace and has been "hi-jacked"or commandeered by "radicals" who espouse a "radical" version of Islam.Where is he finding evidence that Islam is a religion of peace? He isn't finding it in the Koran or ahadith or the sira. Islam has peaceful verses in these writings but they are, in the main, abrogated by later violent and aggressive verses. Islam does not try to conceal the fact that it is not a peaceful ideology, it is quite blatant about it and convinced that the violence, hate and killing is in the service of Allah. It is nonsense to suggest that there are violent "versions" of Islam or "radical" versions of Islam or "peaceful" versions of Islam or "moderate" versions of Islam. Islam does not allow "versions" ; it is what it is and what it is is found in the Islamic texts.

No one is allowed, not even a little bit, to rewrite the Islamic texts, no one is allowed their "personal" Islam. Every judgement or attitude has to be made in accord with the Koran and the ahadith. Allah and Muhammad already decided what is Islamic,centuries ago. It cannot change what we've got we've got for ever. To suggest that their are accepted different versions of Islam is not helping because it is not true.The other sects of Islam that differ from the Sunni majority tend to regard each other as apostates.The Shia regard the Sunni as apostates and vice versa. The Shia follow the Koran and ahadith, albeit some ahadith differ. Any Muslim who questions, alters or ignores the word of Allah and the words and deeds of Muhammad is an apostate or a hypocrite or both. The penalty under the shariah is death. In my opinion Mr Alsaied must be aware of this.

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