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Europe Without Jews?

by Guy Millière  •  February 28, 2015 at 5:00 am

Even if many Muslims came to Europe seeking economic opportunity, they are often defined as victims of racism and oppression. So, the thinking goes, if you are a victim of racism and oppression, how can you be racist yourself?

The Palestinians repeat almost daily that they would like to kill the Israelis, while the Israelis say they would like peace. What follows are usually bitter, politically-motivated denunciations of Israel by Europe, masquerading as human rights.

Despite the increasingly savage state of the world and an openly genocidal Iran -- soon to be nuclear, if it is not already -- Israeli leaders remain the ones Europeans love to accuse, hate and demonize.

The terrorist attacks are denounced by journalists and political leaders, but their denunciations always sound sanctimonious and thin, condemning the "anti-Semitism" they themselves have been encouraging.

In Europe today, slandering Israel is widely conveyed by European Muslims, and if a political leader or journalist does not agree with what they say, he must be a racist.

There are now 44 million Muslims in Europe.

World leaders link arms at the Paris anti-terror rally on January 11, 2014. Guy Millière writes that had it been only Jews that were been killed, there probably would have been no rally at all. (Image source: RT video screenshot)

In Europe, evoking the memory of Auschwitz has become difficult; tomorrow, it may be impossible.

The ceremony marking the seventieth anniversary of the liberation of the Auschwitz death camp was held on January 27 -- and will likely be the last commemoration of its kind. The Nazis wanted a Europe without Jews. They killed six million, but in their ultimate goal, they failed.

Three hundred survivors were invited; all were more than eighty years old. Although filmed testimonies will remain, there may be no more direct witnesses.

While European political leaders speak of Auschwitz with the solemn formula of "never again," it increasingly seems meaningless. Surveys show that in most European countries, including Germany, a growing number of people want to turn the page, and say they want forget about the Holocaust in a way they do not say they want to forget about, for instance, the Crucifixion.

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Austria Passes Reforms to 1912 Islam Law

by Soeren Kern  •  February 27, 2015 at 5:00 am

The new law, which the Austrian government says could serve as a model for the rest of Europe, seeks to reduce outside meddling by prohibiting foreign funding for mosques, imams and Muslim organizations in Austria. It also stresses that Austrian law must take precedence over Islamic Sharia law for Muslims living in the country.

The Turkish government has expressed outrage at the financing ban, which it says amounts to "Islamophobia."

"Countries cannot have their own version of Islam. Islam is universal and its sources are clear. ... [E]fforts taken by state leaders to create a version of Islam that is particular to their own countries are futile." — Mehmet Görmez, Head of Turkey's Religious Affairs Directorate.

The massive demographic and religious shift underway in Austria, traditionally a Roman Catholic country, appears irreversible. In Vienna, Muslim students already outnumber Catholic students at middle and secondary schools and are on the verge of overtaking Catholics in elementary schools.

At the same, time Austria has emerged as a major base for radical Islam.

Mehmet Görmez (left), head of the Turkish government's Religious Affairs Directorate, denounced Austria's new law and said that Austria should instead "make an effort to remove anti-Islamic sentiments and Islamophobia." Johann Rädler (right), speaking for the Austrian People's Party, said the law "guarantees Muslims more rights, and on the other hand it serves to counteract undesirable developments."

The Austrian parliament has approved controversial reforms to the country's century-old Islam Law (Islamgesetz), governing the status of Muslims in the country.

The new law, which was passed on February 25, is aimed at integrating Muslims and fighting Islamic radicalism by promoting an "Islam with an Austrian character."

Among other changes, the new law seeks to reduce outside meddling by prohibiting foreign funding for mosques, imams and Muslim organizations in Austria. It also stresses that Austrian law must take precedence over Islamic Sharia law for Muslims living in the country.

The Austrian government says the new law is a milestone and could serve as a model for the rest of Europe. But Muslim groups say it is discriminatory and have vowed to challenge it in court.

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Arabs: Why is Obama Siding with Supporters of Terrorism?

by Khaled Abu Toameh  •  February 26, 2015 at 5:00 am

Many Arabs and Muslims see the meeting between Obama and Qatar's al-Thani as a gift to Qatar for its continued support of Islamic radical groups across the Middle East, including Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Lebanon and the Gaza Strip.

On the eve of Obama's meeting, Egyptian sources revealed that Qatar was providing weapons and ammunition to members of the Islamic State in Libya. The sources said that 35 Qatari aircraft were involved in transferring munitions.

Arab political analysts are also concerned about Obama's ongoing attempts to appease Iran, which continues to expand its presence in Arab countries such as Yemen, Iraq and Lebanon -- as well as in Syria, where it is deeply involved in backing Hezbollah and operating along the border with Israel. A Reuters report revealed that Iran also has hundreds of advisors in Iraq.

Qatar is also one of the biggest funders of Hamas, whose leader, Khaled Mashaal, is based in Qatar's capital, Doha. During the past few years, Qatar has provided Hamas with hundreds of millions of dollars -- money used to purchase and develop weapons to attack Israel.

By the time Obama leaves the White House, Iran will most likely be in control of more Arab countries, and Qatari-backed terror groups will be much stronger.

U.S. President Barack Obama shares some laughs with Qatar's Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani at the White House, February 24, 2015. (Image source: C-SPAN video screenshot)

The Egyptians are furious with U.S. President Barack Obama for meeting in the White House this week with the emir of Qatar, Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani. They say that the Obama Administration has once again turned its back on moderate Arabs and Muslims by endorsing those who support and fund Islamic terror groups.

The meeting between Obama and the emir of Qatar came shortly after Egypt accused the emirate of supporting terrorism.

Obama was quoted as saying that "Qatar is a strong partner in our coalition to degrade and ultimately defeat ISIL. We are both committed to making sure that ISIL [ISIS/Islamic State] is defeated, to making sure that in Iraq there is an opportunity for all people to live together in peace."

Obama's decision to host the emir of Qatar and his ensuing statements in praise of the emirate's role in "combating" the Islamic State have drawn sharp criticism from the Egyptians and other Arabs and Muslims.

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Turkey's Illusions Hit Realities

by Burak Bekdil  •  February 26, 2015 at 4:00 am

Apparently, the Turkish government does not want to confront ISIS.

Instead of taking modest pride in managing to have averted a crisis, the Turkish leadership portrayed the historic tomb's relocation as if Turkish special forces had abducted Syrian President Bashar Assad, rather than rescuing their own besieged soldiers and the roaming tomb of a pre-Ottoman Turkish commander.

Turkish soldiers prepare the new site for the relocation of Suleyman Shah's tomb in Syria, Feb. 21, 2015. (Image source: CNN video screenshot)

Turkey's dramatic miscalculation over Syria is pushing it into weird acts. The latest was the forced relocation of a pre-Ottoman Turkish commander's tomb from its spot in Syria to another spot in Syria, this time a stone's throw away from the Turkish border. Relocating the tomb seems to have been prompted by the fear of an attack from radical Islamists -- who, ironically, Turkey wanted discreetly to support.

Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu, who in 2001 authored the 600-page book, "Strategic Depth," hoped at the start of the Arab Spring, when he served as Foreign Minister, that a belt of (Sunni) Muslim Brotherhood-ruled regimes would proliferate in Syria, Egypt, Tunisia, Lebanon and Libya, and be subservient to an emerging Turkish empire. To start with Syria, therefore, the Nusayri strongman of the country, President Bashar al-Assad, had to go.

In August 2012, Davutoglu predicted that Assad's days in power were numbered "to a few weeks."

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EU, Qatar and Turkey
Who Could Be Whipping Up Terrorists?

by Bassam Tawil  •  February 25, 2015 at 5:00 am

Al-Jazeera -- in Arabic -- encourages terrorist attacks in Egypt and the Sinai Peninsula by the Muslim Brotherhood, and preaches the destruction of Israel, non-stop.

Recently Al-Jazeera has been broadcasting a "documentary" series glorifying Hamas and the Izz al-Din al-Qassam Brigades, its military-terrorist wing. The entire series is devoted to idealizing Islamist terrorism and encouraging mass-casualty terrorist attacks against Jews, in the name of radical Islamist ideology.

One of the stars is the Palestinian arch-terrorist, Abd al-Karim al-Hanini, who was released from prison in Israel and found safe haven in Qatar.

No one has even tried to prevent Qatar's participation in a global anti-terrorism forum.

Turkish President (then Prime Minister) Recep Tayyip Erdogan, right, meeting with Hamas leaders Khaled Mashaal (center) and Ismail Haniyeh on June 18, 2013, in Ankara, Turkey. (Image source: Turkey Prime Minister's Press Office)

The EU and the U.S. have recently been holding meetings in Brussels and Ankara with Turkey and Qatar, two of the major funders of terror groups, to form an "anti-terrorism task force" -- while the very Islamists they support have been spiritedly spreading out. Turkey and Qatar have even agreed to help fight ISIS, apparently on the condition that the Turkish-trained forces also try to unseat Syria's President, Bashar al-Assad.

Turkey, under the leadership of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated AKP Party, has been a supporter of terrorists, such as Hamas and ISIS.

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"Bravest Director": Finn Norgaard

by Douglas Murray  •  February 25, 2015 at 4:00 am

Bravery is Finn Norgaard. He was the 55-year-old film director shot dead in Copenhagen earlier this month by Omar Abdelhamid Hussein.

People inside the café now credit Norgaard with helping to save their lives. If he had not struggled with the gunman and bought precious extra seconds for the police and others, it is likely that the number of fatalities at the free-speech event would have been far higher.

A substantial proportion of the few people on the front line of the struggle for freedom of speech in Europe were crammed into that small room.

In an industry that likes to pat itself on the back for its supposed bravery, Norgaard lived a life, and died a death, of true bravery. Is it too much to hope that at some point his industry recognizes the real heroes of our time?

Finn Norgaard (left) was murdered this month by terrorist Omar Abdelhamid Hussein, as he tried to stop Hussein from shooting up a room filled with free-speech activists in Copenhagen, Denmark. At right, Swedish artist Lars Vilks, who is on an al-Qaeda death-list, was one of the attendees at the meeting that Hussein came to attack

We've just had Oscar night in the US. But sadly, there was no nomination for "Bravest Director." Here is a nomination.

Ordinarily of course, you would not dare to have a nomination for "bravest director." The role would be coveted by, and only awarded to, people who made films that made utterly predictable points for whatever the spirit of the age happened to be. A tale of one woman's battle against disease, set against the backdrop of the anti-slavery movement. The tale of one man's fight against class prejudice and unequal pay, set against the background of the sinking of the Titanic, and so on.

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Empowering Women, Palestinian-Style

by Khaled Abu Toameh  •  February 24, 2015 at 5:00 am

While a woman in Gaza is barred from smoking in a café, or walking in public unaccompanied by a male relative, she is permitted to join a military training camp. In the next war, Hamas and its allies will not be able to claim that these are civilians killed by Israel.

It is also worth noting that Hamas and the other armed groups always find the money to buy weapons and ammunition and run military training camps.

Hamas wants the international community to fund the reconstruction of the Gaza Strip under the pretext that it does not have the resources to participate in the effort. But when it comes to arming and training women and teenagers, Hamas and other Palestinian groups always seem to find enough money.

Yet this does not stop Mahmoud Abbas and the Palestinian Authority from pursuing their effort to convince the world to support a Palestinian state where women and teenagers are being trained to become the next "martyrs" in the fight to destroy Israel.

A woman at Gaza's Nasser Eddin Brigades camp trains on a rocket-propelled-grenade launcher.

It is not easy to be a woman living under the Hamas regime in the Gaza Strip.

Women face many restrictions, including not being able to go to the beach alone or even smoke in a public place. In addition, it is forbidden for a woman to be seen in public with a man who is not her husband, father or brother.

Women are also forced to adhere to a strict Islamic dress code in public, which includes a cloak and a veil covering their hair (hijab), especially at university and college campuses and work offices.

However, these severe restrictions do not apply to women who are prepared to become "martyrs" in the fight against Israel. So while a woman is barred from smoking in a café or restaurant, or walking in public unaccompanied by a male relative, she is permitted to join a military training camp in preparation for war against Israel.

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Turkey's Culture of Horror

by Burak Bekdil  •  February 24, 2015 at 3:00 am

The problem is about the conservative culture in which the Turks take much pride. Child brides and buying brides (mostly in return for gold or cattle), are fine. Killing your daughter because she was raped is from a tradition to protect family honor. Killing your daughter because she fell in love with a boy is also normal. Covering up such horrible crimes is fine, too. But a boy putting on an earring would be unacceptable.

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan was angry because feminists had objected to his remark that, "in Islam, women are entrusted to men."

Murders of women in Turkey, between 2002 and 2009, have risen by 1,400%. — BBC report, 2013.

Turkey's former President Abdullah Gul and his wife Hayrunnisa, pictured standing front and center at an August 2014 reception, married when she was 15 years old and he was 30.

Ozgecan Aslan, a 20-year-old female student living in the southern Turkish city of Mersin, went missing on February 11. The next day, gendarmerie forces stopped a suspicious minibus and discovered bloodstains and a hat in the vehicle. The day after that, Aslan's burned body was discovered in a nearby riverbed. Her friends were able to identify her only from the remains of her clothes.

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Hero of the Middle East: Abdel Fattah el-Sisi

by Bassam Tawil  •  February 23, 2015 at 5:00 am

The courageous, historic speech yesterday by the Grand Imam of al-Azhar University, the seat of Sunni Islam, calling for the reform of Islam, was the result of the even more courageous, historic speech delivered a few weeks ago by Egypt's devoutly Muslim President, Abdel Fattah El-Sisi.

The Muslim Brotherhood, the current American administration's great friend, is the tree whose fruit is the Islamist terrorism embodied by the ISIS, Al-Qaeda, Hamas, Palestinian Islamic Jihad, Al-Nusra Front, Boko Haram and others.

Apparently some of the Sunni Arab States have not yet realized that their own national security, and ability to withstand Iran, depend on how strong Egypt is.

It is possible, in fact, that U.S. policy is to weaken the Sunni world seeking to unite under el-Sisi's flag of modernity. With European complicity, the U.S. Administration is trying to defraud the Arabs and turn the Israel-Palestine conflict into a center of Middle Eastern chaos, in order to hide the nuclear deal they are concocting with Iran.

The treachery of the U.S. Administration is the reason why Egypt's faith in the United States, which is supposed to defend the Arabs against a nuclear Iran, has effectively evaporated.

And now the greatest American insanity of all time: America and Turkey are arming and training Islamist terrorist operatives in Turkey, on the ground that they are "moderates" opposed to Bashar Assad's regime in Syria. They either ignore or are unaware that there is no such thing as a moderate Islamist terrorist. The other name of the "moderates" opposing Assad is ISIS.

The Muslim Brotherhood, in effect, runs Turkey. According to recent rumors, Turkey is also planning to build a nuclear reactor, "for research and peaceful purposes."

Egypt's President, Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, delivered a historic speech to top Islamic scholars and clergy at Al-Azhar University in Cairo, December 28, 2014. (Image source: MEMRI)

Sheikh Dr. Ahmed al-Tayyeb, the Grand Imam of Cairo's Al-Azhar University, the seat of Sunni Islam, yesterday delivered a courageous, historic speech in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, urging reform in religious education to curb extremism in Islam. Al-Tayyeb's address was the result of an even more courageous and historic speech, delivered a few weeks ago by Egypt's devoutly Muslim President, Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, at Al-Azhar University.

El-Sisi's monumental statement, truly worthy of a Nobel Prize, is having a seismic result. Al-Sisi directed his remarks, about the ills of Islam to Islamic clerics in Egypt and around the world. It was enormously brave of him. He did not single out radical Islam, but he did call on all Muslims to examine themselves, carry out a religious revolution and renew their faith.

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British Lawmakers Blind to Iranian Ambition

by Samuel Westrop  •  February 23, 2015 at 4:00 am

While British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond was paying homage to Iran's passive foreign policies, Iranian-backed Houthi rebels were, in fact, busy overthrowing Yemen's government.

Ali Shirazi, a representative of Iran's Supreme Leader, said in January that: "The Houthi group is a similar copy to Lebanon's Hezbollah, and this group will come into action against enemies of Islam... The Islamic republic directly supports the Houthis in Yemen, Hezbollah in Lebanon, and the popular forces in Syria and Iraq."

British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond, when told by a Labour MP that, "Iran has never committed an act of aggression against another country," responded: "I am happy to agree with that as a matter of historical fact." Pictured above, Iran's proxy Hezbollah (left) controls a large part of Lebanon's territory, while the Shi'ite Houthi militia (right), supported by Iran, recently overthrew the government of Yemen and seized power. (Image source: YouTube video screenshots)

A peaceful Middle East and a nuclear-free Iran, some British politicians claim, is only achievable if the "moderates" in Tehran can be won over.

British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond, in The Times, declared:

"New sanctions legislation, which some in America are calling for, would undermine Iranian confidence in the negotiations and irreparably damage the chances of a deal. Hardliners in Tehran, who oppose any deal in principle, would be strengthened."

Similarly, Conservative MP John Baron has stated: "We should not forget, by the way, on Afghanistan and 9/11, that at least partly because of the West's robust rebuttal of Iran's overtures, the moderate President Khatami was removed and the hardliners again assumed the ascendency."

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Islam and Norway's Leaking Fish Tank

by Bjorn Jansen  •  February 22, 2015 at 5:00 am

Islamists such as Arfan Bhatti, Mullah Krekar and Ubaydullah Hussain have openly said they want Sharia law introduced in Norway, and placed above Norwegian law.

With such requests for divisiveness at it core, it is hard to see how Islam can not be in constant conflict with its surroundings.

There simply has been no real debate about the ripple effects created from this cultural collision-course between Humanism and Islamism.

It is probably high time to take a long, critical look at the contents of the Qur'an and see what values and spiritual seeds it can plant in people's minds. Europeans are just starting to face a reality with which Israelis have lived for years.

Here, those who seem "out of line" risk being publicly and privately destroyed by self-appointed "anti-racists," who do their best to sabotage anyone with the audacity to voice an opinion different from theirs.

Either way, this reaction shows that the openness for discussing sensitive issues is not much better in Norway than in Pakistan.

Politicians need to be especially wary of those they choose as advisors. It is so easy to be an extremist in moderates' clothing.

Arfan Bhatti, a well-known violent Islamist ex-convict in Norway, wants to introduce sharia law in the country. (Image source: YouTube video screenshot)

Life is stirring in the fish tank. It is a controlled space, where one cannot see out and is dependent on nourishment from above.

Or undernourishment. It comes from the press, with its censorship; from politicians, with their refusal to acknowledge how the increased presence of Islam is directly connected to the rise in anti-Semitism in Europe, and from the country's "we-know-better" intellectual elite, who pass along "correct" truths. The term "prefabricated fodder" comes to mind. Norway is not the sole purveyor of it in Europe, unfortunately.

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Islamic Terrorism, Sharia Patrols and "De-Radicalization"
A Month of Islam in Europe: January 2015

by Soeren Kern  •  February 21, 2015 at 5:00 am

"O Europeans, the Islamic State did not initiate a war against you, as your governments and media try to make you believe. It is you who started the transgression against us, and this you deserve blame and you will pay a great price.... We will conquer your Rome, break your crosses, and enslave your women, by the permission of Allah." — From a jihadist video threatening Italy.

"We Muslims in no way need your help to drag us down into a sad, Western culture where youth suffer from a capitalist existential void which causes widespread depression, addiction, self-injury, and even an alarmingly high rate of suicide. It is clearly the Danish people who need help to find the correct meaning of life, and here we would like to help." — Junes Kock, Danish convert to Islam and spokesman for Hizb ut-Tahrir, Scandinavia.

"There seems to be something going on in Scandinavian countries, and I think it's been the reluctance to actually identify and confront hate preachers." — Haras Rafiq, managing director, Quilliam Foundation.

"So far we have been lucky [to avoid a major terrorist attack in Germany]. Unfortunately, this may not always be the case." — German Interior Minister Thomas de Maizière.

The Swedish welfare agency Socialstyrelsen estimated that 38,000 girls and women in Sweden have been subjected to female genital mutilation, and that another 19,000 are "at risk" of having the procedure performed on them.

Belgian police vehicles crowd a street in Verviers, where an anti-terror raid resulted in a shoot-out that left two jihadists dead, January 15, 2014. (Image source: RT video screenshot)

In Austria, the government threatened to close the Vienna-based King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz International Centre for Interreligious and Intercultural Dialogue (KAICIID), due to its refusal to condemn the flogging of Raif Badawi, a Saudi human rights activist and blogger who has been sentenced to 1,000 lashes and 10 years in prison for "insulting Islam."

Saudi Arabia responded to the threat by issuing a counter-threat to move the permanent headquarters of the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) out of Austria.

Austrian Chancellor Werner Faymann said: "If this center says it stands for interreligious dialogue, then it must do so. But if it wants to remain only an economic center with a religious fig leaf, then Austria should no longer be a part of it. In any event, Austria will not allow itself to be threatened or blackmailed."

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Terror Strikes Copenhagen
"It Is the Danes' Fault"

by Lars Hedegaard  •  February 20, 2015 at 5:00 am

The first question the Danish Prime Minister got from one of the journalists, was, "How do you think this is going to affect the Muslims in Denmark? None of the journalists asked, "What are you going to do to protect us from this Islamist savagery?"

Imam Hajj Saeed of the Al-Faruq Mosque in Copenhagen, the day before the terror attack, rejected any thought of interfaith dialogue, and noted that the Prophet Muhammad waged war against his Jewish neighbors rather than engage in dialogue.

The day after the shootings, the political spokesperson of the main liberal opposition party went on television and said, "We are dealing with a small group that is abusing the Koran." In other words, once again we are faced with one or more Muslims who have completely misunderstood their own religion. The implication, of course is that Danes have nothing to fear from the fast growing number of Muslims or the spread of Islam.

It would appear, however, that the killer, Omar el-Hussein, had not "abused" anything but simply followed Allah and his prophet.

"It is vital that we as Muslims do not distance ourselves [from el-Hussein's actions] but put things in their right context. It is the Danish politicians and media that ought to distance themselves from the politics that have created the circumstances that lead to hatred, threats and violent attacks and eventually murder, regardless of who the victims may be. We must under no circumstances bow to the pressure or accept the premise that Islam is in the dock." — From a press release issued by Junes Kock, spokesman for Hizb ut-Tahrir, Scandinavia.

In all likelihood, the politicians and the media will continue telling the Danes that they have nothing to fear from Islam.

Danish and French television crews had no problem finding Muslims on the streets of Copenhagen who supported and praised terrorist Omar el-Hussein and his actions, along with many flower bouquets marking a memorial on the street where el-Hussein was killed in a shoot-out with police.

It did not take many hours after last weekend's two fatal terrorist attacks in the Danish capital before the usual phalanx of apologists of Islamism went into action.

Shortly after 3pm on Saturday, when 22-year-old Omar Abdel Hamid el-Hussein had shot and killed one of the guests attending a discussion on free speech at the Krudttønden cultural institute in Copenhagen's Østerbro neighborhood, Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt arrived at the scene to express her sympathy with the families of the victim and the policemen who had been wounded in the firefight with el-Hussein. She also stressed the need for national unity in this time of horror.

The discussion that came under attack was attended by the Swedish artist Lars Vilks -- famous for his drawing of Muhammad as a roundabout dog, and probably the intended target -- and the French ambassador.

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The Real Threat to Europe

by Bassam Tawil  •  February 19, 2015 at 5:00 am

Commentators in Europe voicing opinions on the terrorist attacks at Charlie Hebdo and the kosher supermarket in Paris, reverentially discussed the motivation of the terrorists, but showed distressingly little understanding of the meaning of jihad.

Europe, hedonist and dishonest, is apparently willing to cut a deal with any violent dictator, including the most potentially violent: a nuclear-threshold Iran.

To understand the fate awaiting Europe, it is necessary to listen seriously to what the upper echelons of Islam say to each other about their intentions -- in Arabic. These messages are quite different from those on Western television. What they say to each other is that the mission of Islam is to lead the whole world and eradicate all other religions, as they have been made irrelevant by the Qur'an.

Charlie Hebdo's cover after the attacks illustrates the very weakness exploited by the Islamists. The cover shown Muhammad, with a tear, aligning himself with humanism. To every Muslim on the planet, it shouted France's weakness, its increasing surrender to the Islamist threat, and the growing strength of Islam.

The real threat to Europe does not come from local Muslims who went to fight in the ranks of ISIS. The real threat comes from Muslims already in the enclaves in Europe. Their doctrine appears openly and without reservation, in books and on websites. It is spread in local languages in mosques by the imams in their communities. These communities command immigration; then the forming of enclaves in the host country, then the eventual violent takeover of the host.

There has been collaboration between European governments and terrorist organizations in cynical deals, supposedly to prevent attacks on European soil, writes Bassam Tawil. What will France and Europe receive in return for their stupidity, apart from the perpetually broken promise of "no further attacks"? Pictured above, one of the Kouachi brothers murders a wounded policeman outside the office of Charlie Hebdo in Paris, on 7 January 2014.

The late Libyan leader, Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, predicted that Islam would conquer Europe without even firing a shot. To understand and explain the fate awaiting Europe, it is necessary to listen seriously to what the upper echelons of Islam say to each about their own intentions -- in Arabic. These messages are quite different from those on Western television. What they say to one another is that the mission of Islam is to lead the whole world and eradicate all other religions, as they have been made irrelevant by the Qur'an.

Their doctrine appears openly and without reservation in books and on websites. It is spread in local languages in mosques by the imams in their communities throughout Europe. These communities operate according to an ancient Islamic code: They command immigration; then the forming of enclaves in the host country, then the eventual violent takeover of the host.

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Is This the Way to Run a War?

by Shoshana Bryen  •  February 19, 2015 at 4:00 am

How does a government "get beyond the crisis" without a plan to resolve the crisis?

The Authorization for the Use of Military Force (AUMF) is an odd document, not yet debated Congress. Among other points, it prohibits "enduring offensive ground operations," but without defining them.

President Obama seems to want it both ways -- to oppose American participation in large-scale battles in Iraq, but to have the "flexibility" to order them; to prohibit ground operations but to have American troops in place to carry them out.

The administration thus appears to remain without an articulated strategy to prosecute the war IS launched against us, our allies and a broad range of civilian non-combatants.

The 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry Division conducts a fire coordination exercise with Abrams tanks and Bradley Fighting Vehicles at Fort Carson, Colorado, in September 2014. (Image source: 3rd Brigade Combat Team Facebook Page)

A Jordanian, 21 Egyptians and 4 Americans – sounds like the start of a bad joke, but it is not.

They, along with thousands of others, have been murdered by the Islamic State (IS, ISIS, ISIL, or Daesh) in the Middle East, and by Boko Haram in Nigeria. The victims are Muslim, Christian (Nigerian Christians, Egyptian Copts beheaded in Libya, plus Yazidis, Chaldeans and 45 members of smaller sects in Iraq burned alive), and others (Japanese hostages and some who professed no religion). They are killed in places where governments have lost control of their territory to bands of increasingly well-armed Islamic radical forces.

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