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Reader comment on: Will a Notorious Anti-Semite Become The Pope?

Submitted by DaTechGuy, Feb 20, 2013 11:17

The Cardinal is quite correct in saying that the Boston Globe and NYT has a great hatred of the Church, nor is his accusation of the MSM's constant pushing of the scandal without merit, as the MSM contineus to play the scandal card more than a decade since it's been addressed (while ignoring similar scandals in secular administration since). However, the Cardinal is totally wrong in its origin, it's no "Jewish cabal;" it's the same liberalism that the left uses to scapegoat Isreal for all that goes on in the Middle East. It's actually rather ironic: by such ill informed accusations he is simply enabling the same people who target the Church in the same way they target the Jews and Israel. I would hope it's from ignorance and pray that he gets educated on he subject.

By the way, before the objections start pouring in let me state when the Church scandal broke it was certainly legitmate news, as were the suits and the reaction of the Church. It was also the disgrace and cowardace of the various bishops not having the courage to nip this in the bud (that is the real collective Church scandal and sin, the cowardly enabling of sin rather than the rooting out of it versus the actual acts being sins of individuals).

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