Writings by Alan M. Dershowitz  (View Biography)

Title Date
Palestinianism Began with Nazism And Today Is Based on Antisemitism, Sexism, Homophobia and Denial of Human Rights. So Why Is the Left So in Love with It?2024/06/09
Israel Is Helping Palestinians More Than Those Who Condemn Israel2024/06/05
Why Trials Like Trump's Must Be Televised2024/05/15
US Campuses: Incubating Terrorism2024/04/26
The 'Better' Civilians of Gaza2024/04/18
The Dangerous US Rush to Save the Terrorist Group Hamas2024/04/09
Fani Willis Must Still Be Disqualified2024/03/19
Fani Willis Is Probably Guilty of Perjury: Who Will Prosecute the Prosecutors?2024/03/11
Is Trump's Mega-Fine Unconstitutional?2024/02/29
And the Winner Is — Hamas!2024/02/18
Why Don't We Want a War with Iran?2024/02/08
Civilian Deaths in Gaza: Relatively Low2024/01/28
How Equity Grade Inflation Hurts Jews, Asians and Other Disfavored Minorities2024/01/15
The International Court Of "Injustice" Begins Its Blood Libel Trial Against Israel2024/01/12
Who Supports Hamas?2023/12/28
Woke Cowardice: Wrong University Presidents at the Wrong Time2023/12/13
Today's Nazis Are Hamas2023/11/07
Blood Libel against Jews: Back with a Vengeance2023/10/25
The Choices of War: Hamas Using Kidnapped Israelis as Human Shields, What Should Israel Do?2023/10/16
Publish the Names of Students and Professors Who Support Hamas Lynching and Rapes2023/10/11
Alan Dershowitz and Elon Musk on Free Speech and Anti-Semitism2023/10/06
Equal Injustice: Menendez Indictment Does Not Prove Equal Justice2023/09/27
Justice Requires Fair Procedures2023/08/23
Garland Illegally Appointed Weiss as Special Counsel2023/08/16
Can Trump Get an "Impartial Jury" in DC? What the Law Requires2023/08/07
Israel's President Delivers a Message of Hope2023/07/24
Supreme Court Moves Us Closer to A Colorblind Society2023/06/30
Why Donald Trump Cannot Get a Top-Tier Lawyer2023/06/15
Could "Journalists" Sink Any Lower: Beware of Alex Novell2023/05/29
Harvard's 'Council on Academic Freedom'2023/05/02
Stanford Law Disruptions Were Orchestrated by the National Lawyers Guild2023/03/23
Should the Names of Stanford Student Disrupters Be Published?2023/03/13
Is Prayer in School Constitutional?2023/03/08
Has the Supreme Court Given Up on Finding the Leaker?2023/02/22
The Important Line between Civil and Criminal Is Being Breached2023/01/24
Is There a Legal Remedy for George Santos' Lies?2023/01/13
Democracy in Israel2022/12/22
Democracy at Work: Supporting Israel Regardless of its Government2022/12/09
Was San Francisco Election Official Not Rehired Because He Wasn't 'Diverse' Enough?2022/11/28
Weird Sentencings: Is Elizabeth Holmes's 11-Year Sentence Excessive?2022/11/24
A Big Difference between Israel and the Palestinians2022/11/13
Why is the Left so Afraid of Twitter?2022/11/04
Berkeley Clubs Ban Zionist Speakers2022/10/11
Is This the End of Executive Privilege? Or Only for Trump?2022/09/14
Should Biden Call MAGA Supporters Semi-Fascist?2022/09/02
"Get Trump!" Damn the Constitution2022/08/24
Double Standard by Civil Libertarians against Trump Endangers the Rule of Law2022/08/16
Is the Jewish Democratic Council Really Jewish - or Just Democrats?2022/08/03
Why is the Flawed Palestinian Cause So Prominent on the Hard Left?2022/07/10
Is Dobbs the First Case to Take Rights Away from Americans?2022/07/01
The Indictment of Navarro is Unconstitutional2022/06/07
Should Protesters Be Allowed to Shout in Front of Justices' Homes?2022/05/16
Harvard President Should Use His First Amendment Right to Condemn The Harvard Crimson's Antisemitism2022/05/09
Has The Metropolitan Opera Violated Anti-Discrimination Laws by Firing a Russian Singer?2022/05/05
The Hypocrisy in Condemning Musk's Purchase of Twitter2022/05/02
Business vs. Government?2022/04/02
The Nobel Committee Should Give Zelensky the Peace Price Now2022/03/09
Can the President Constitutionally Restrict His Nomination to a Black Woman?2022/01/28
The Importance of Upholding the Constitution, the Right to Counsel and the Presumption of Innocence2022/01/25
Dramatic Testimony from the Maxwell Case Will Shock You!2021/12/31
Should the Late Bishop Tutu Get a Statue?2021/12/28
Can an Ex-President Claim Privilege for Communications While He Was President?2021/12/15
Face it – Scotus Has Long Been Partisan When Deciding Political Cases2021/12/10
Temple Emanu-El Silences a Pro-Israel and Amplifies an Anti-Israel Voice2021/12/07
Anti-Semitism at the University of Chicago2021/11/10
The Democrats' Self-inflicted Wound2021/11/05
Garland Memo on Parent Protests May Chill Free Speech2021/10/12
New York Times Pits "Principle" against Powerful "Rabbis" in Iron Dome Vote2021/09/28
Mainstream Democrats Introduce Bill Endangering Israel2021/09/26
The Squalid "Squad" Is Trying to Destroy Bipartisan Support for Israel2021/09/23
Gov. Cuomo Is Entitled to Due Process2021/08/09
Recent Petitions Singling Out Israel for Condemnation Are Anti-Semitic2021/07/02
Supreme Court Cheerleads for First Amendment2021/06/28
Israel's New Government Is Among the Most Diverse in the History of Democracies2021/06/17
How Social Media Validates Anti-Semitism by Censoring Everything but Anti-Semitism2021/05/27
How To Assure Repetition of Hamas Rocket Attacks2021/05/14
A Long and Sordid History of Crowds Threatening Violence in the Event of a Jury Acquittal2021/04/25
Supreme Court Might Reverse Chauvin Convictions because of Maxine Waters2021/04/21
Four Police-Related Deaths and the Importance of Context2021/04/19
Yale Fires Psychiatrist for Diagnosing Unseen Patients2021/03/31
Should New York Times v. Sullivan Be Overruled because of The New York Times?2021/03/24
Should Anything Be Off-Limits to Debate and Discuss?2021/03/20
The New McCarthyism Comes to Harvard Law School2021/03/05
The Person or the Constitution?2021/02/15
Is Palestine a State?2021/02/09
Can the Senate Try Private Citizen Trump after He Leaves Office?2021/01/11
Trump's Only Road to Victory2020/11/18
Shame on the Girl Scouts: Thin Skin instead of Thin Mints2020/10/31
The Future of Arab Normalization with Israel2020/10/28
The Public's Right to Know about the President's Health vs. the President's Right to Medical Confidentiality2020/10/06
Questioning Supreme Court Nominees about Religion: A Delicate Task2020/09/24
Why I am Suing CNN2020/09/18
Emergencies Make Awful Law: Why are Casinos Treated More Favorably than Churches During a Pandemic?2020/09/13
The Biblical Command to Pursue Justice Is as Relevant Today as It Ever Was2020/08/27
Israel-UAE Deal is a Win-Win for Peace2020/08/16
Is the New York Attorney General Selectively Investigating The NRA?2020/08/11
A Few Thoughts on Law and Justice2020/07/23
Beinart's Final Solution: End Israel as Nation-State of the Jewish People2020/07/16
Will All District Attorneys Now Be Empowered to Investigate All Future Presidents?2020/07/15
Farrakhan's Threats for Advocating Vaccinations2020/07/08
Misusing the Bible against Vaccination2020/05/22
Judge Sullivan: A Prosecutor in Robes2020/05/14
Flynn Was Innocent All Along: He Was Pressured to Plead Guilty2020/05/08
When Judges Rule: A Comparison between the US and Israel2020/05/05
The Prisoner Dilemma in the Age of Coronavirus2020/03/17
The Danger of Democrats' Distorting Legal Arguments Against Impeachment2020/03/11
Demonizing Defense Lawyers: The True Road to Tyranny2020/02/12
Trump Had Right to Withhold Ukraine Funds: GAO is Wrong2020/01/17
Yale Psychiatrist Issues Diagnosis of "Psychotic" for Defending Constitutional Rights2020/01/11
Democrats Debate Whether Trump Has Been Impeached2019/12/24
How Should the Senate Deal with an Unconstitutional Impeachment by the House?2019/12/11
Impeaching Trump for Obstructing Congress Would Harm Checks and Balances2019/12/07
Trump and Netanyahu: Both Being Investigated for Made-Up Crimes2019/11/27
The 92nd Street Y Engages in McCarthyite Censorship and Lies About It2019/11/15
A Jewish Democratic Congressman Called Me a Nazi Collaborator2019/11/13
Weaponizing Impeachment against Political Opponents2019/11/04
Connecticut: Where Ridicule is a Crime2019/11/02
Impeachers Searching for New Crimes2019/10/24
The Dangerous Stalinism of the "Woke" Hard-Left2019/08/31
After Epstein's Death, Time for Full Justice2019/08/19
Open Letter to The New Yorker Exposes False Allegations2019/07/27
Is This the End of Office of Special Counsel?2019/07/25
J'accuse — The New Yorker Is Trying to Silence Me2019/07/18
Acosta's Resignation May Result in More Losses for Prosecutors2019/07/14
The Palestinians Miss Yet Another Opportunity2019/06/05
Netanyahu Should Talk to European Nationalists2019/05/31
It is Not Surprising to See an Increase in Jew-hatred in Western Europe2019/05/28
Why is The New York Times Trying to Abort the Trump Peace Plan?2019/05/24
War Crime!: Placing a Note in the Western Wall2019/05/14
Ilhan Omar's Ignorance and Bigotry on Gaza Rockets2019/05/08
What if the New York Times Cartoon had depicted a Muslim, a Lesbian, an African American or a Mexican as a Dog?2019/04/29
The Mueller Waiting Game2019/04/04
An Open Letter to the Pulitzer Prize Committee: Don't Reward Fake News2019/04/03
Trump Is Right about the Golan Heights2019/03/30
Jews Must Never Be Afraid to Use Their Well-Earned Power2019/03/27
Double Standard for Historical Revisionism2019/02/06
Why Was Stone Arrested Instead of Being Asked to Surrender?2019/01/29
Time to Tell the Truth about the Palestinian Issue2019/01/24
Termites, Bigots and GOATs: Rationalizing Complicity with Anti-Semitism2019/01/21
Is Rashida Tlaib Guilty of Bigotry?2019/01/09
The New York Times Incentivizes Hamas Violence2019/01/04
Misinformation on Twitter2018/12/21
Provoking New Crimes Rather than Uncovering Past Crimes: Mueller's Modus Operandi2018/11/30
ACLU's Opposition to Kavanaugh Sounds Its Death Knell2018/10/06
New Eichmann Film Puts the Lie to Hannah Arendt's "Banality of Evil"2018/09/18
Why Did the Clintons Share the Stage with Farrakhan?2018/09/10
Should It Be Illegal for Prosecutors to "Flip" Witnesses?2018/08/29
Is "The Truth" the Truth When It Comes to Prosecutors?2018/08/20
Chomsky Calls Russian Interference a Joke - Blames Guess Who?2018/08/03
Who Leaked the Trump Tape?2018/07/26
The SCOTUS Confirmation Process Has Gotten Out of Hand2018/07/13
Replacing Justice Kennedy: What kind of Conservative Will President Trump Pick?2018/06/29
The Final Nail in the ACLU's Coffin2018/06/14
Why Does the Media Keep Encouraging Hamas Violence?2018/05/17
NBC's Demonization of Bolton and Gatestone2018/05/10
Should Robert Mueller Be Investigated for Violating Civil Liberties?2018/04/24
A New Law Is Needed to Protect Lawyer-Client Communications2018/04/14
"Firewalls" and "Taint Teams" Do Not Protect Fourth and Sixth Amendment Rights2018/04/11
What Is a "Refugee"? The Jews from Morocco versus the Palestinians from Israel2018/03/10
Rod Rosenstein Should Not Be Fired, but Should He Be Recused?2018/02/07
Don't Diagnose President Trump – Respond to Him2018/01/12
A Bipartisan "Arc of Justice": Trump Commutes Rubashkin's Unjust Sentence2018/01/01
Debating BDS with Cornel West2017/12/29
The Trump's Camp Strategy with Regard to Mueller2017/12/20
The Conflict over Jerusalem Is ALL Obama's Fault2017/12/19
Violence Should Not Determine Policy2017/12/08
Why Trump Is Right in Recognizing Jerusalem as Israel's Capital2017/12/07
Why Did Flynn Lie and Why Did Mueller Charge Him with Lying?2017/12/05
How Ten Dem (Dumb) Members of Congress Encourage the Use of Child Terrorists2017/11/23
The Daily Californian Refuses to Publish My Response to an Anti-Semitic Op-Ed2017/11/07
Yes, That Cartoon of Me Was Anti-Semitic2017/11/01
An Anti-Semitic Caricature of Me Generates No Criticism from Berkeley Hard Left2017/10/26
Why Are So Many Claiming That Iran Is Complying with the Deal, When Evidence Shows They Aren't?2017/10/19
President Trump Did the Right Thing by Walking Away from UNESCO — for Now2017/10/15
Trump's 'Calm before the Storm' is a Message to North Korea and Iran2017/10/08
The Case for Kurdish Independence2017/10/02
Plame Knew What She Was Tweeting2017/09/22
Does the President Have the Right to Expect Loyalty from His Attorney General?2017/09/20
The President Has a Special Obligation to Condemn Nazis and KKK2017/08/23
The Latest Anti-Trump Weapon: Accusing Their Critics of "Racism"2017/08/08
So Now American Zionists Want to Boycott Israel2017/07/14
Comey's Leaked Memos: Who Will Guard the Guardians?2017/07/11
"Corrupt Motive" as the Criterion for Prosecuting a President2017/06/20
Oliver Stone's Response to Being Laughed at for Defending Putin: Blame the Jews2017/06/14
Why Won't Abbas Accept "Two States for Two Peoples"?2017/06/12
Bernie Sanders: Knave or Fool?2017/06/10
History, Precedent and Comey Statement Show that Trump Did Not Obstruct Justice2017/06/08
A New Tolerance for Anti-Semitism2017/06/06
The British Election: Will Voters Opt for Intolerance and Xenophobia?2017/06/03
Terrorism Persists Because It Works2017/05/23
Who Will Stand up for Civil Liberties?2017/05/19
President Trump Did Not Obstruct Justice2017/05/11
The Most Important Decision of the Trump Administration2017/05/11
What North Korea Should Teach Us about Iran2017/04/18
Spicer's Mistake and the Democrat's Over-Reaction2017/04/12
The Bigotry of "Intersectionality"2017/03/29
The Origin of "Fake News" in Holocaust Denial2017/03/23
A Supporter of Israel Must Have a "Bias" on Trump Travel Ban: The Newest Bigotry!2017/03/17
The Right to Choose Includes the Right to Choose Life2017/03/16
Why Must Women Choose between Feminism and Zionism, but Not Other "Isms"?2017/03/15
Cuba: 60 Years Later2017/03/10
Ellison Was Defeated by His Own Actions Not by Any Smear2017/02/27
Israel Does Not Cause Anti-Semitism2017/02/21
Trump: Palestinians Must Earn a Two State Solution2017/02/17
Trump Welcomes Netanyahu2017/02/13
Is Sally Yates A Hero or a Villain?2017/02/01
Obama's Mideast Legacy Is One of Tragic Failure2017/01/15
Does the Anti-Nepotism Statute Preclude Trump from Appointing Kushner?2017/01/10
Britain and Australia more supportive of Israel than Obama and Kerry2016/12/31
Kerry's Speech Will Make Peace Harder2016/12/29
Trump was Right to Try to Stop Obama from Tying his Hands on Israel2016/12/23
Keith Ellison - The Wrong Man at the Wrong Time2016/11/30
How to Assess the Bannon Appointment2016/11/17
The Day After the Election2016/11/08
Obama: Don't Destroy the Peace Process by Turning it Over to the U.N.2016/11/01
This Election is Unpredictable2016/09/14
Are Jews who refuse to renounce Israel being excluded from "progressive" groups?2016/08/24
Who Do Bigots Blame for Police Shootings in America? Israel, of Course!2016/07/13
A Visit to the Old and New Hells of Europe Provides a Reminder of Israel's Importance2016/05/17
The Mixed Legacy of Nuremberg2016/05/04
The Holocaust: Many Villains, Few Heroes2016/05/02
Obama's Double Standard Toward Netanyahu2016/04/25
Bernie Sanders Must Clarify Where He Stands on Israel2016/04/13
Lawyers Acknowledge Mistake In Filing Sexual Misconduct Charges Against Professor Dershowitz2016/04/09
Selective Outrage on Campus2015/11/12
Debating Against BDS - and Winning2015/11/03
A rigged vote, no real debate2015/09/11
The President Should Stop Questioning the Motivations of Opponents of the Iran Deal2015/08/17
Netanyahu Emulates Churchill in Trying to Influence US Policy to Protect His People2015/08/12
The President Gets Personal about the Iran Deal2015/08/05
US Gave Away Better Options on Iran2015/07/21
Does this Deal Prevent Iran from Developing a Nuclear Weapon?2015/07/14
Universities Should Be Unsafe For Political Correctness2015/05/28
Was the South Carolina Shooting a Reflection of Racism, Police Subculture or Both?2015/04/13
Dangers to Democracy in the Prosecution of Senator Menendez2015/04/10
Guess Who's Not Speaking at the J Street Conference?2015/03/20
The Role of the Palestinian Authority in Israel's Election Results2015/03/18
President is not Commander in Chief of Foreign Policy2015/03/17
Supporters of Deal Are Strengthening Iran's Negotiating Position2015/03/10
The White House Must Respond to Netanyahu's Important New Proposal2015/03/04
Confronting European Anti-Semitism2015/01/30
The Case Against the International Criminal Court Investigating Israel2015/01/23
Brandeis University: Both Pro-Israel and Pro Free Speech2015/01/12
Guilty Until Proven Innocent?2015/01/07
A Brandeis Student Refuses to Show Sympathy for Assassinated Policemen -- and Her Critic Is Attacked2014/12/28
Hard Leftists are as Guilty of Censorship as North Korea's Dictator2014/12/27
Harvard's President Stops an anti-Israel Boycott2014/12/19
Will the newly elected Congress push Obama into being tougher on Iran's nuclear weapons program?2014/11/14
How Amnesty International Suppresses Free Speech2014/11/10
Metropolitan Opera Stifles Free Exchange of Ideas about a Propaganda Opera2014/10/21
The Right to Protest the Metropolitan Opera Decision to Put on "The Death of Klinghoffer"2014/09/24
United States Attack in Syria Parallels Israel's in Gaza2014/09/23
National Lawyers Guild seeks to indict Obama for helping Israel build Iron Dome2014/09/16
Terror Tunnels: The Case for Israel's Just War Against Hamas - Chapter 12014/09/13
Pistorius Judge was Wrong2014/09/12
Terror Tunnels: The Case for Israel's Just War Against Hamas2014/09/12
ISIS is to America as Hamas is to Israel2014/08/20
Was Israel Justified in Going after Hamas Terrorist Tunnels?2014/08/19
Supporting Hamas is Anti-Semitic2014/08/14
Hamas' Phony Statistics on Civilian Deaths2014/08/07
The empty spaces in Gaza2014/08/05
What should Israel do? What would the United States do?2014/08/01
Why did Hamas accept the cease fire?2014/08/01
Qatar, and other American "allies", are among the villains in Gaza2014/07/31
UN probe of Israel will only encourage Hamas war crimes2014/07/24
How selective body counts incite more violence2014/07/23
Has Hamas ended the prospects for a two state solution?2014/07/22
Ten reasons why the BDS movement is immoral and hinders peace2014/02/12
Diplomacy is best but...2013/11/26
Nuclear Peace With Iran In Our Time2013/11/13
Assad Is Adopting Hamas "Dead Baby" Strategy2013/09/06
As Israelis Mourn, Jordanians Glorify2013/04/15
Cardozo Law School's Honoring of Jimmy Carter Provides an Educational Moment2013/04/09
Assessing President Obama's Trip2013/03/22
Of course Hamas killed the baby2013/03/13
Pink Anti-Semitism Is No Different from Brown Anti-Semitism2013/02/26
Will a Notorious Anti-Semite Become The Pope?2013/02/19
Did Brooklyn College's Political Science Department Violate the First Amendment?2013/02/12
The high cost of defending Israel2013/02/08
Does Brooklyn College pass the "shoe on the other foot" test?2013/02/03
Open Letter to Glenn Greenwald Regarding Brooklyn College2013/02/02
Brooklyn College Political Science Department Denies Equal Free Speech and Academic Freedom to Pro-Israel Students and Faculty2013/01/30
Israeli Elections and Palestinian Negotiations2013/01/24
President's Nomination of Hagel May Encourage Iran's Nuclear Ambitions2013/01/07
Legal implication of the United Nations Resolution on Palestine2012/12/01
Hamas' Tactic: Require Israel to Cause Civilian Casualties2012/11/19
Following the elections, Mideast peace negotiations should resume2012/11/03
Honoring an anti-Semite?2012/10/09
Are Radical Imams Going to Redefine Freedom of Speech?2012/09/19
Terrorism and Palestinian Statehood2012/09/11
J'Accuse: Shame on Germany for Circumcision Ban2012/09/06
President Obama Can Stop Iran2012/08/29
J Street Makes an Attack on Iran More Likely2012/08/16
How Liberal Democrats who Support Israel Might Think about the Election2012/08/05
No "Buyer's Remorse" For Voting For Obama2012/07/29
National Jewish Democratic Council Doesn't Speak for Me on Adelson2012/07/08
A Settlement Freeze Can Advance Israeli-Palestinian Peace2012/07/05
Iran Declares War against the Jewish People2012/06/28
Alice Walker's Bigotry2012/06/20
J Street Undercuts Obama Policy on Iran2012/06/14
Prosecutor Angela Corey Rants and Whines About My Criticism of Her2012/06/06
Edwards' Jury Couldn't Decide and For Good Reason2012/06/01
New Forensic Evidence is Consistent with George Zimmerman's Self Defense Claim2012/05/18
Suppressing Ugly Truth for Beautiful Art2012/05/01
The "Rorschach" Facts in the Killing of Trayvon Martin2012/04/11
Gunter Grass Shouldn't Be Barred From Israel2012/04/09
The Case Against the Left and Right One-State Solution2012/03/22
Why deterrence won't work against Iran2012/03/20
President Obama Turns a Corner on Iran2012/03/02
Should Harvard Sponsor a One-Sided Conference Seeking the End of Israel?2012/02/27
Media Matters Hurts Obama2012/02/27
Friends Seminary Plays Bait and Switch on Anti-Semitism2012/02/26
Who are America's Reliable Allies?2012/02/15
A Victory Over Bigotry at Friends2012/02/02
A Challenge to the Friends Seminary2012/01/18
Why Anti-Semitism Is Moving Toward the Mainstream2012/01/03
Is Paterno Getting a Bum Rap?2011/11/20
Why are John Mearsheimer and Richard Falk Endorsing a Blatantly Anti-Semitic Book?2011/11/06
Conviction of the "Irvine Ten" is Constitutionally Sound2011/09/30
The United Nations Should Not Recognize an Apartheid, Judenrein, Islamic Palestine2011/09/21
UN Vote on Palestine Will Set Back Peace2011/09/13
Should Israel Welcome Glenn Beck's Support?2011/08/22
Justice Demands that Pollard's Sentence Be Commuted To Time Served2011/08/18
Is Terrorism Against Israel Really More Justified Than Terrorism Against Norway?2011/07/28
Should You Trust Jim Cramer?2011/07/18
Ships and Planes of Fools Pick Wrong Target2011/07/11
Yale's Distressing Decision To Shut Down Its "Initiative for the Interdisciplinary Study of Anti-Semitism"2011/06/14
President Obama has right goals on Israeli-Palestinian peace, but wrong strategy2011/06/02
Obama Explains - And Makes It Worse2011/05/25
President Obama's Mistake2011/05/19
Civil Libertarians and Academics Who Support Censors2011/05/13
Bin Laden's Defender: Noam Chomsky2011/05/11
The Photographs Should Be Released2011/05/05
Targeted Killing Vindicated2011/05/02
Wiki Leaks and The Goldstone Report2011/04/19
An American Academic Supports the Targeting of Innocent Israeli Civilians2011/04/11
South African Charge of Israeli Apartheid Rings Hollow2011/04/05
Norway's "Boycott" of Pro-Israel Speakers2011/03/31
Israel Now Has The Right To Attack Iran's Nuclear Reactors2011/03/17
Why Are So Many Public Figures Ranting Against "The Jews"?2011/03/06
Have the Wiki Leaks Been Harmful or Helpful to Democracies Such as the United States and Israel?2011/03/04
ACLU Leaders Are Supporting Censorship of Israeli Speakers2011/02/25
Obama Was Right to Veto The Security Council Resolution2011/02/22
The Turmoil in Egypt May Present an Opportunity For Peace2011/02/10
Lessons From Egypt: The United States Can Count On Israel, But Can Israel Count on the United States?2011/02/05
How the Hard Left, By Focusing Only on Israel, Encouraged Arab Despotism2011/02/02
The Egyptian Revolution May Produce a Lebanon-Type Islamic Regime2011/01/31
Imagery on the Right and Left: Why Did the Rabbis Pick on the Right?2011/01/28
J Street Attacked Sarah Palin But Not Fellow Leftists and Democrats Who Abuse the Language of Jewish Suffering2011/01/21
Goldstone Needs to Recant In Light of the New Evidence2011/01/11
Can A Judiciary That Convicted Israel's Former President Be Trusted to Investigate Alleged War Crimes?2011/01/07
Bishop Tutu Is No Saint When it Comes To Jews2010/12/20
Finally, A Hamas Leader Admits That Israel Killed Mostly Combatants In Gaza2010/12/17
The Palestinian Leadership is Responsible for the Continuing Israeli Occupation of the West Bank2010/12/10
Wikileaks Contradicts Obama Administration on Iran2010/12/06
How Counterpunch Distorts the Truth2010/11/29
What the White House Has to Do to Keep the Peace Talks Going2010/09/13
How Goldstone Is Making Peace More Difficult2010/09/01
Three Myths About The Peace Process2010/09/01
Why Peace between Israel and the Palestinians Will Be So Difficult to Achieve2010/08/18
J Street's McCarthyism2010/07/20
Singling Out Israel For "International Investigation"2010/06/03
Israel's Actions Were Entirely Lawful Though Probably Unwise2010/06/01
Legitimating Bigotry: The Legacy of Richard Goldstone2010/05/07
Tikkun Magazine Is Trying To Silence Me2010/05/04
It is Goldstone Who Is Politicizing Grandson's Bar Mitzvah2010/04/28
J Street Can No Longer Claim to be Pro-Israel2010/04/21
The Obama Administration's Conflicting Messages on Iran2010/04/19
Thou Shalt Not Stereotype 2010/04/09
Catholic Church Accused of Covering Up Pedophilia: Blame the Jews2010/04/05
The Conflict Between the US and Israel Must End Now!2010/04/01
Let’s Have a Real Apartheid Education Week2010/03/04
An Intelligence Agency Misused Passports: OMG!2010/03/02
If Israel killed Mahmoud al-Mabhouh, Did It Have the Right To?2010/02/18
Rights of the speaker versus "rights" of disruptors2010/02/16
An Anti-Israel Extremist Seeks Revenge Through Goldstone Report2010/02/12
How Some Israeli and American Jewish Media Incite Violence2010/02/09
Arguments "Ad Hominem" and "By Ethnic Identity" in Defense of Goldstone Report2010/02/03
Israel's Military Investigation: Is It Enough?2010/02/01
The Case Against the Goldstone Report: A Study in Evidentiary Bias2010/01/29
The Case Against The Goldstone Report2010/01/27
Goldstone Criticizes UN Council on Human Rights2009/10/23
Goldstone Backs Away from Report: The Two Faces of an International Poseur2009/10/13
The Hypocrisy of "Universal Jurisdiction"2009/10/06
Dishonest Intelligence2009/09/30
Ad Hominem Attack on Israel2009/09/24
Goldstone Report is a Barrier to Peace2009/09/22
UN Investigation of Israel Discredits Itself and Undercuts Human Rights2009/09/16
Filmmakers and Writers Seek to Censor Israeli Film2009/09/04
Can A State Be Built On A Pack of Lies?2009/09/01
Sweden's Refusal to Condemn Organ Libel is Bogus2009/08/25
Will Hamas's New "Culture War" Acknowledge Its Historic Ties to Nazism?2009/07/25
The Vatican's Continuing Jewish Problem2009/05/05
Confronting Evil at Durban II2009/04/28
Defeating Freeman: A Patriotic Duty2009/03/12
Hampshire Administration Does the Right Thing2009/03/02
Hampshire Divests from Israel, So Contributors Should Divest from Hampshire2009/02/13
The Moral Blindness of Some "Religious Leaders"2009/02/03
Israel, Gaza and International Law2009/01/26
The Phoney War Crimes Accusation Against Israel2009/01/26
Will a Cease Fire Work?2009/01/20
Hamas' Dead Baby Strategy2009/01/16
The Hamas War Crime Strategy2009/01/08
Israel's Actions Are Lawful and Commendable2009/01/03
Israel Bans a UN Rapporteur Who Compares the Jewish State to Nazi Germany2008/12/18
Why I Support Israel and Obama2008/10/27

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