Writings by Alan M. Dershowitz  (View Biography)

Title Date
Today's Nazis Are Hamas2023/11/07
Blood Libel against Jews: Back with a Vengeance2023/10/25
The Choices of War: Hamas Using Kidnapped Israelis as Human Shields, What Should Israel Do?2023/10/16
Publish the Names of Students and Professors Who Support Hamas Lynching and Rapes2023/10/11
Alan Dershowitz and Elon Musk on Free Speech and Anti-Semitism2023/10/06
Equal Injustice: Menendez Indictment Does Not Prove Equal Justice2023/09/27
Justice Requires Fair Procedures2023/08/23
Garland Illegally Appointed Weiss as Special Counsel2023/08/16
Can Trump Get an "Impartial Jury" in DC? What the Law Requires2023/08/07
Israel's President Delivers a Message of Hope2023/07/24
Supreme Court Moves Us Closer to A Colorblind Society2023/06/30
Why Donald Trump Cannot Get a Top-Tier Lawyer2023/06/15
Could "Journalists" Sink Any Lower: Beware of Alex Novell2023/05/29
Harvard's 'Council on Academic Freedom'2023/05/02
Stanford Law Disruptions Were Orchestrated by the National Lawyers Guild2023/03/23
Should the Names of Stanford Student Disrupters Be Published?2023/03/13
Is Prayer in School Constitutional?2023/03/08
Has the Supreme Court Given Up on Finding the Leaker?2023/02/22
The Important Line between Civil and Criminal Is Being Breached2023/01/24
Is There a Legal Remedy for George Santos' Lies?2023/01/13
Democracy in Israel2022/12/22
Democracy at Work: Supporting Israel Regardless of its Government2022/12/09
Was San Francisco Election Official Not Rehired Because He Wasn't 'Diverse' Enough?2022/11/28
Weird Sentencings: Is Elizabeth Holmes's 11-Year Sentence Excessive?2022/11/24
A Big Difference between Israel and the Palestinians2022/11/13
Why is the Left so Afraid of Twitter?2022/11/04
Berkeley Clubs Ban Zionist Speakers2022/10/11
Is This the End of Executive Privilege? Or Only for Trump?2022/09/14
Should Biden Call MAGA Supporters Semi-Fascist?2022/09/02
"Get Trump!" Damn the Constitution2022/08/24
Double Standard by Civil Libertarians against Trump Endangers the Rule of Law2022/08/16
Is the Jewish Democratic Council Really Jewish - or Just Democrats?2022/08/03
Why is the Flawed Palestinian Cause So Prominent on the Hard Left?2022/07/10
Is Dobbs the First Case to Take Rights Away from Americans?2022/07/01
The Indictment of Navarro is Unconstitutional2022/06/07
Should Protesters Be Allowed to Shout in Front of Justices' Homes?2022/05/16
Harvard President Should Use His First Amendment Right to Condemn The Harvard Crimson's Antisemitism2022/05/09
Has The Metropolitan Opera Violated Anti-Discrimination Laws by Firing a Russian Singer?2022/05/05
The Hypocrisy in Condemning Musk's Purchase of Twitter2022/05/02
Business vs. Government?2022/04/02
The Nobel Committee Should Give Zelensky the Peace Price Now2022/03/09
Can the President Constitutionally Restrict His Nomination to a Black Woman?2022/01/28
The Importance of Upholding the Constitution, the Right to Counsel and the Presumption of Innocence2022/01/25
Dramatic Testimony from the Maxwell Case Will Shock You!2021/12/31
Should the Late Bishop Tutu Get a Statue?2021/12/28
Can an Ex-President Claim Privilege for Communications While He Was President?2021/12/15
Face it – Scotus Has Long Been Partisan When Deciding Political Cases2021/12/10
Temple Emanu-El Silences a Pro-Israel and Amplifies an Anti-Israel Voice2021/12/07
Anti-Semitism at the University of Chicago2021/11/10
The Democrats' Self-inflicted Wound2021/11/05
Garland Memo on Parent Protests May Chill Free Speech2021/10/12
New York Times Pits "Principle" against Powerful "Rabbis" in Iron Dome Vote2021/09/28
Mainstream Democrats Introduce Bill Endangering Israel2021/09/26
The Squalid "Squad" Is Trying to Destroy Bipartisan Support for Israel2021/09/23
Gov. Cuomo Is Entitled to Due Process2021/08/09
Recent Petitions Singling Out Israel for Condemnation Are Anti-Semitic2021/07/02
Supreme Court Cheerleads for First Amendment2021/06/28
Israel's New Government Is Among the Most Diverse in the History of Democracies2021/06/17
How Social Media Validates Anti-Semitism by Censoring Everything but Anti-Semitism2021/05/27
How To Assure Repetition of Hamas Rocket Attacks2021/05/14
A Long and Sordid History of Crowds Threatening Violence in the Event of a Jury Acquittal2021/04/25
Supreme Court Might Reverse Chauvin Convictions because of Maxine Waters2021/04/21
Four Police-Related Deaths and the Importance of Context2021/04/19
Yale Fires Psychiatrist for Diagnosing Unseen Patients2021/03/31
Should New York Times v. Sullivan Be Overruled because of The New York Times?2021/03/24
Should Anything Be Off-Limits to Debate and Discuss?2021/03/20
The New McCarthyism Comes to Harvard Law School2021/03/05
The Person or the Constitution?2021/02/15
Is Palestine a State?2021/02/09
Can the Senate Try Private Citizen Trump after He Leaves Office?2021/01/11
Trump's Only Road to Victory2020/11/18
Shame on the Girl Scouts: Thin Skin instead of Thin Mints2020/10/31
The Future of Arab Normalization with Israel2020/10/28
The Public's Right to Know about the President's Health vs. the President's Right to Medical Confidentiality2020/10/06
Questioning Supreme Court Nominees about Religion: A Delicate Task2020/09/24
Why I am Suing CNN2020/09/18
Emergencies Make Awful Law: Why are Casinos Treated More Favorably than Churches During a Pandemic?2020/09/13
The Biblical Command to Pursue Justice Is as Relevant Today as It Ever Was2020/08/27
Israel-UAE Deal is a Win-Win for Peace2020/08/16
Is the New York Attorney General Selectively Investigating The NRA?2020/08/11
A Few Thoughts on Law and Justice2020/07/23
Beinart's Final Solution: End Israel as Nation-State of the Jewish People2020/07/16
Will All District Attorneys Now Be Empowered to Investigate All Future Presidents?2020/07/15
Farrakhan's Threats for Advocating Vaccinations2020/07/08
Misusing the Bible against Vaccination2020/05/22
Judge Sullivan: A Prosecutor in Robes2020/05/14
Flynn Was Innocent All Along: He Was Pressured to Plead Guilty2020/05/08
When Judges Rule: A Comparison between the US and Israel2020/05/05
The Prisoner Dilemma in the Age of Coronavirus2020/03/17
The Danger of Democrats' Distorting Legal Arguments Against Impeachment2020/03/11
Demonizing Defense Lawyers: The True Road to Tyranny2020/02/12
Trump Had Right to Withhold Ukraine Funds: GAO is Wrong2020/01/17
Yale Psychiatrist Issues Diagnosis of "Psychotic" for Defending Constitutional Rights2020/01/11
Democrats Debate Whether Trump Has Been Impeached2019/12/24
How Should the Senate Deal with an Unconstitutional Impeachment by the House?2019/12/11
Impeaching Trump for Obstructing Congress Would Harm Checks and Balances2019/12/07
Trump and Netanyahu: Both Being Investigated for Made-Up Crimes2019/11/27
The 92nd Street Y Engages in McCarthyite Censorship and Lies About It2019/11/15
A Jewish Democratic Congressman Called Me a Nazi Collaborator2019/11/13
Weaponizing Impeachment against Political Opponents2019/11/04
Connecticut: Where Ridicule is a Crime2019/11/02
Impeachers Searching for New Crimes2019/10/24
The Dangerous Stalinism of the "Woke" Hard-Left2019/08/31
After Epstein's Death, Time for Full Justice2019/08/19
Open Letter to The New Yorker Exposes False Allegations2019/07/27
Is This the End of Office of Special Counsel?2019/07/25
J'accuse — The New Yorker Is Trying to Silence Me2019/07/18
Acosta's Resignation May Result in More Losses for Prosecutors2019/07/14
The Palestinians Miss Yet Another Opportunity2019/06/05
Netanyahu Should Talk to European Nationalists2019/05/31
It is Not Surprising to See an Increase in Jew-hatred in Western Europe2019/05/28
Why is The New York Times Trying to Abort the Trump Peace Plan?2019/05/24
War Crime!: Placing a Note in the Western Wall2019/05/14
Ilhan Omar's Ignorance and Bigotry on Gaza Rockets2019/05/08
What if the New York Times Cartoon had depicted a Muslim, a Lesbian, an African American or a Mexican as a Dog?2019/04/29
The Mueller Waiting Game2019/04/04
An Open Letter to the Pulitzer Prize Committee: Don't Reward Fake News2019/04/03
Trump Is Right about the Golan Heights2019/03/30
Jews Must Never Be Afraid to Use Their Well-Earned Power2019/03/27
Double Standard for Historical Revisionism2019/02/06
Why Was Stone Arrested Instead of Being Asked to Surrender?2019/01/29
Time to Tell the Truth about the Palestinian Issue2019/01/24
Termites, Bigots and GOATs: Rationalizing Complicity with Anti-Semitism2019/01/21
Is Rashida Tlaib Guilty of Bigotry?2019/01/09
The New York Times Incentivizes Hamas Violence2019/01/04
Misinformation on Twitter2018/12/21
Provoking New Crimes Rather than Uncovering Past Crimes: Mueller's Modus Operandi2018/11/30
ACLU's Opposition to Kavanaugh Sounds Its Death Knell2018/10/06
New Eichmann Film Puts the Lie to Hannah Arendt's "Banality of Evil"2018/09/18
Why Did the Clintons Share the Stage with Farrakhan?2018/09/10
Should It Be Illegal for Prosecutors to "Flip" Witnesses?2018/08/29
Is "The Truth" the Truth When It Comes to Prosecutors?2018/08/20
Chomsky Calls Russian Interference a Joke - Blames Guess Who?2018/08/03
Who Leaked the Trump Tape?2018/07/26
The SCOTUS Confirmation Process Has Gotten Out of Hand2018/07/13
Replacing Justice Kennedy: What kind of Conservative Will President Trump Pick?2018/06/29
The Final Nail in the ACLU's Coffin2018/06/14
Why Does the Media Keep Encouraging Hamas Violence?2018/05/17
NBC's Demonization of Bolton and Gatestone2018/05/10
Should Robert Mueller Be Investigated for Violating Civil Liberties?2018/04/24
A New Law Is Needed to Protect Lawyer-Client Communications2018/04/14
"Firewalls" and "Taint Teams" Do Not Protect Fourth and Sixth Amendment Rights2018/04/11
What Is a "Refugee"? The Jews from Morocco versus the Palestinians from Israel2018/03/10
Rod Rosenstein Should Not Be Fired, but Should He Be Recused?2018/02/07
Don't Diagnose President Trump – Respond to Him2018/01/12
A Bipartisan "Arc of Justice": Trump Commutes Rubashkin's Unjust Sentence2018/01/01
Debating BDS with Cornel West2017/12/29
The Trump's Camp Strategy with Regard to Mueller2017/12/20
The Conflict over Jerusalem Is ALL Obama's Fault2017/12/19
Violence Should Not Determine Policy2017/12/08
Why Trump Is Right in Recognizing Jerusalem as Israel's Capital2017/12/07
Why Did Flynn Lie and Why Did Mueller Charge Him with Lying?2017/12/05
How Ten Dem (Dumb) Members of Congress Encourage the Use of Child Terrorists2017/11/23
The Daily Californian Refuses to Publish My Response to an Anti-Semitic Op-Ed2017/11/07
Yes, That Cartoon of Me Was Anti-Semitic2017/11/01
An Anti-Semitic Caricature of Me Generates No Criticism from Berkeley Hard Left2017/10/26
Why Are So Many Claiming That Iran Is Complying with the Deal, When Evidence Shows They Aren't?2017/10/19
President Trump Did the Right Thing by Walking Away from UNESCO — for Now2017/10/15
Trump's 'Calm before the Storm' is a Message to North Korea and Iran2017/10/08
The Case for Kurdish Independence2017/10/02
Plame Knew What She Was Tweeting2017/09/22
Does the President Have the Right to Expect Loyalty from His Attorney General?2017/09/20
The President Has a Special Obligation to Condemn Nazis and KKK2017/08/23
The Latest Anti-Trump Weapon: Accusing Their Critics of "Racism"2017/08/08
So Now American Zionists Want to Boycott Israel2017/07/14
Comey's Leaked Memos: Who Will Guard the Guardians?2017/07/11
"Corrupt Motive" as the Criterion for Prosecuting a President2017/06/20
Oliver Stone's Response to Being Laughed at for Defending Putin: Blame the Jews2017/06/14
Why Won't Abbas Accept "Two States for Two Peoples"?2017/06/12
Bernie Sanders: Knave or Fool?2017/06/10
History, Precedent and Comey Statement Show that Trump Did Not Obstruct Justice2017/06/08
A New Tolerance for Anti-Semitism2017/06/06
The British Election: Will Voters Opt for Intolerance and Xenophobia?2017/06/03
Terrorism Persists Because It Works2017/05/23
Who Will Stand up for Civil Liberties?2017/05/19
President Trump Did Not Obstruct Justice2017/05/11
The Most Important Decision of the Trump Administration2017/05/11
What North Korea Should Teach Us about Iran2017/04/18
Spicer's Mistake and the Democrat's Over-Reaction2017/04/12
The Bigotry of "Intersectionality"2017/03/29
The Origin of "Fake News" in Holocaust Denial2017/03/23
A Supporter of Israel Must Have a "Bias" on Trump Travel Ban: The Newest Bigotry!2017/03/17
The Right to Choose Includes the Right to Choose Life2017/03/16
Why Must Women Choose between Feminism and Zionism, but Not Other "Isms"?2017/03/15
Cuba: 60 Years Later2017/03/10
Ellison Was Defeated by His Own Actions Not by Any Smear2017/02/27
Israel Does Not Cause Anti-Semitism2017/02/21
Trump: Palestinians Must Earn a Two State Solution2017/02/17
Trump Welcomes Netanyahu2017/02/13
Is Sally Yates A Hero or a Villain?2017/02/01
Obama's Mideast Legacy Is One of Tragic Failure2017/01/15
Does the Anti-Nepotism Statute Preclude Trump from Appointing Kushner?2017/01/10
Britain and Australia more supportive of Israel than Obama and Kerry2016/12/31
Kerry's Speech Will Make Peace Harder2016/12/29
Trump was Right to Try to Stop Obama from Tying his Hands on Israel2016/12/23
Keith Ellison - The Wrong Man at the Wrong Time2016/11/30
How to Assess the Bannon Appointment2016/11/17
The Day After the Election2016/11/08
Obama: Don't Destroy the Peace Process by Turning it Over to the U.N.2016/11/01
This Election is Unpredictable2016/09/14
Are Jews who refuse to renounce Israel being excluded from "progressive" groups?2016/08/24
Who Do Bigots Blame for Police Shootings in America? Israel, of Course!2016/07/13
A Visit to the Old and New Hells of Europe Provides a Reminder of Israel's Importance2016/05/17
The Mixed Legacy of Nuremberg2016/05/04
The Holocaust: Many Villains, Few Heroes2016/05/02
Obama's Double Standard Toward Netanyahu2016/04/25
Bernie Sanders Must Clarify Where He Stands on Israel2016/04/13
Lawyers Acknowledge Mistake In Filing Sexual Misconduct Charges Against Professor Dershowitz2016/04/09
Selective Outrage on Campus2015/11/12
Debating Against BDS - and Winning2015/11/03
A rigged vote, no real debate2015/09/11
The President Should Stop Questioning the Motivations of Opponents of the Iran Deal2015/08/17
Netanyahu Emulates Churchill in Trying to Influence US Policy to Protect His People2015/08/12
The President Gets Personal about the Iran Deal2015/08/05
US Gave Away Better Options on Iran2015/07/21
Does this Deal Prevent Iran from Developing a Nuclear Weapon?2015/07/14
Universities Should Be Unsafe For Political Correctness2015/05/28
Was the South Carolina Shooting a Reflection of Racism, Police Subculture or Both?2015/04/13
Dangers to Democracy in the Prosecution of Senator Menendez2015/04/10
Guess Who's Not Speaking at the J Street Conference?2015/03/20
The Role of the Palestinian Authority in Israel's Election Results2015/03/18
President is not Commander in Chief of Foreign Policy2015/03/17
Supporters of Deal Are Strengthening Iran's Negotiating Position2015/03/10
The White House Must Respond to Netanyahu's Important New Proposal2015/03/04
Confronting European Anti-Semitism2015/01/30
The Case Against the International Criminal Court Investigating Israel2015/01/23
Brandeis University: Both Pro-Israel and Pro Free Speech2015/01/12
Guilty Until Proven Innocent?2015/01/07
A Brandeis Student Refuses to Show Sympathy for Assassinated Policemen -- and Her Critic Is Attacked2014/12/28
Hard Leftists are as Guilty of Censorship as North Korea's Dictator2014/12/27
Harvard's President Stops an anti-Israel Boycott2014/12/19
Will the newly elected Congress push Obama into being tougher on Iran's nuclear weapons program?2014/11/14
How Amnesty International Suppresses Free Speech2014/11/10
Metropolitan Opera Stifles Free Exchange of Ideas about a Propaganda Opera2014/10/21
The Right to Protest the Metropolitan Opera Decision to Put on "The Death of Klinghoffer"2014/09/24
United States Attack in Syria Parallels Israel's in Gaza2014/09/23
National Lawyers Guild seeks to indict Obama for helping Israel build Iron Dome2014/09/16
Terror Tunnels: The Case for Israel's Just War Against Hamas - Chapter 12014/09/13
Pistorius Judge was Wrong2014/09/12
Terror Tunnels: The Case for Israel's Just War Against Hamas2014/09/12
ISIS is to America as Hamas is to Israel2014/08/20
Was Israel Justified in Going after Hamas Terrorist Tunnels?2014/08/19
Supporting Hamas is Anti-Semitic2014/08/14
Hamas' Phony Statistics on Civilian Deaths2014/08/07
The empty spaces in Gaza2014/08/05
What should Israel do? What would the United States do?2014/08/01
Why did Hamas accept the cease fire?2014/08/01
Qatar, and other American "allies", are among the villains in Gaza2014/07/31
UN probe of Israel will only encourage Hamas war crimes2014/07/24
How selective body counts incite more violence2014/07/23
Has Hamas ended the prospects for a two state solution?2014/07/22
Ten reasons why the BDS movement is immoral and hinders peace2014/02/12
Diplomacy is best but...2013/11/26
Nuclear Peace With Iran In Our Time2013/11/13
Assad Is Adopting Hamas "Dead Baby" Strategy2013/09/06
As Israelis Mourn, Jordanians Glorify2013/04/15
Cardozo Law School's Honoring of Jimmy Carter Provides an Educational Moment2013/04/09
Assessing President Obama's Trip2013/03/22
Of course Hamas killed the baby2013/03/13
Pink Anti-Semitism Is No Different from Brown Anti-Semitism2013/02/26
Will a Notorious Anti-Semite Become The Pope?2013/02/19
Did Brooklyn College's Political Science Department Violate the First Amendment?2013/02/12
The high cost of defending Israel2013/02/08
Does Brooklyn College pass the "shoe on the other foot" test?2013/02/03
Open Letter to Glenn Greenwald Regarding Brooklyn College2013/02/02
Brooklyn College Political Science Department Denies Equal Free Speech and Academic Freedom to Pro-Israel Students and Faculty2013/01/30
Israeli Elections and Palestinian Negotiations2013/01/24
President's Nomination of Hagel May Encourage Iran's Nuclear Ambitions2013/01/07
Legal implication of the United Nations Resolution on Palestine2012/12/01
Hamas' Tactic: Require Israel to Cause Civilian Casualties2012/11/19
Following the elections, Mideast peace negotiations should resume2012/11/03
Honoring an anti-Semite?2012/10/09
Are Radical Imams Going to Redefine Freedom of Speech?2012/09/19
Terrorism and Palestinian Statehood2012/09/11
J'Accuse: Shame on Germany for Circumcision Ban2012/09/06
President Obama Can Stop Iran2012/08/29
J Street Makes an Attack on Iran More Likely2012/08/16
How Liberal Democrats who Support Israel Might Think about the Election2012/08/05
No "Buyer's Remorse" For Voting For Obama2012/07/29
National Jewish Democratic Council Doesn't Speak for Me on Adelson2012/07/08
A Settlement Freeze Can Advance Israeli-Palestinian Peace2012/07/05
Iran Declares War against the Jewish People2012/06/28
Alice Walker's Bigotry2012/06/20
J Street Undercuts Obama Policy on Iran2012/06/14
Prosecutor Angela Corey Rants and Whines About My Criticism of Her2012/06/06
Edwards' Jury Couldn't Decide and For Good Reason2012/06/01
New Forensic Evidence is Consistent with George Zimmerman's Self Defense Claim2012/05/18
Suppressing Ugly Truth for Beautiful Art2012/05/01
The "Rorschach" Facts in the Killing of Trayvon Martin2012/04/11
Gunter Grass Shouldn't Be Barred From Israel2012/04/09
The Case Against the Left and Right One-State Solution2012/03/22
Why deterrence won't work against Iran2012/03/20
President Obama Turns a Corner on Iran2012/03/02
Should Harvard Sponsor a One-Sided Conference Seeking the End of Israel?2012/02/27
Media Matters Hurts Obama2012/02/27
Friends Seminary Plays Bait and Switch on Anti-Semitism2012/02/26
Who are America's Reliable Allies?2012/02/15
A Victory Over Bigotry at Friends2012/02/02
A Challenge to the Friends Seminary2012/01/18
Why Anti-Semitism Is Moving Toward the Mainstream2012/01/03
Is Paterno Getting a Bum Rap?2011/11/20
Why are John Mearsheimer and Richard Falk Endorsing a Blatantly Anti-Semitic Book?2011/11/06
Conviction of the "Irvine Ten" is Constitutionally Sound2011/09/30
The United Nations Should Not Recognize an Apartheid, Judenrein, Islamic Palestine2011/09/21
UN Vote on Palestine Will Set Back Peace2011/09/13
Should Israel Welcome Glenn Beck's Support?2011/08/22
Justice Demands that Pollard's Sentence Be Commuted To Time Served2011/08/18
Is Terrorism Against Israel Really More Justified Than Terrorism Against Norway?2011/07/28
Should You Trust Jim Cramer?2011/07/18
Ships and Planes of Fools Pick Wrong Target2011/07/11
Yale's Distressing Decision To Shut Down Its "Initiative for the Interdisciplinary Study of Anti-Semitism"2011/06/14
President Obama has right goals on Israeli-Palestinian peace, but wrong strategy2011/06/02
Obama Explains - And Makes It Worse2011/05/25
President Obama's Mistake2011/05/19
Civil Libertarians and Academics Who Support Censors2011/05/13
Bin Laden's Defender: Noam Chomsky2011/05/11
The Photographs Should Be Released2011/05/05
Targeted Killing Vindicated2011/05/02
Wiki Leaks and The Goldstone Report2011/04/19
An American Academic Supports the Targeting of Innocent Israeli Civilians2011/04/11
South African Charge of Israeli Apartheid Rings Hollow2011/04/05
Norway's "Boycott" of Pro-Israel Speakers2011/03/31
Israel Now Has The Right To Attack Iran's Nuclear Reactors2011/03/17
Why Are So Many Public Figures Ranting Against "The Jews"?2011/03/06
Have the Wiki Leaks Been Harmful or Helpful to Democracies Such as the United States and Israel?2011/03/04
ACLU Leaders Are Supporting Censorship of Israeli Speakers2011/02/25
Obama Was Right to Veto The Security Council Resolution2011/02/22
The Turmoil in Egypt May Present an Opportunity For Peace2011/02/10
Lessons From Egypt: The United States Can Count On Israel, But Can Israel Count on the United States?2011/02/05
How the Hard Left, By Focusing Only on Israel, Encouraged Arab Despotism2011/02/02
The Egyptian Revolution May Produce a Lebanon-Type Islamic Regime2011/01/31
Imagery on the Right and Left: Why Did the Rabbis Pick on the Right?2011/01/28
J Street Attacked Sarah Palin But Not Fellow Leftists and Democrats Who Abuse the Language of Jewish Suffering2011/01/21
Goldstone Needs to Recant In Light of the New Evidence2011/01/11
Can A Judiciary That Convicted Israel's Former President Be Trusted to Investigate Alleged War Crimes?2011/01/07
Bishop Tutu Is No Saint When it Comes To Jews2010/12/20
Finally, A Hamas Leader Admits That Israel Killed Mostly Combatants In Gaza2010/12/17
The Palestinian Leadership is Responsible for the Continuing Israeli Occupation of the West Bank2010/12/10
Wikileaks Contradicts Obama Administration on Iran2010/12/06
How Counterpunch Distorts the Truth2010/11/29
What the White House Has to Do to Keep the Peace Talks Going2010/09/13
How Goldstone Is Making Peace More Difficult2010/09/01
Three Myths About The Peace Process2010/09/01
Why Peace between Israel and the Palestinians Will Be So Difficult to Achieve2010/08/18
J Street's McCarthyism2010/07/20
Singling Out Israel For "International Investigation"2010/06/03
Israel's Actions Were Entirely Lawful Though Probably Unwise2010/06/01
Legitimating Bigotry: The Legacy of Richard Goldstone2010/05/07
Tikkun Magazine Is Trying To Silence Me2010/05/04
It is Goldstone Who Is Politicizing Grandson's Bar Mitzvah2010/04/28
J Street Can No Longer Claim to be Pro-Israel2010/04/21
The Obama Administration's Conflicting Messages on Iran2010/04/19
Thou Shalt Not Stereotype 2010/04/09
Catholic Church Accused of Covering Up Pedophilia: Blame the Jews2010/04/05
The Conflict Between the US and Israel Must End Now!2010/04/01
Let’s Have a Real Apartheid Education Week2010/03/04
An Intelligence Agency Misused Passports: OMG!2010/03/02
If Israel killed Mahmoud al-Mabhouh, Did It Have the Right To?2010/02/18
Rights of the speaker versus "rights" of disruptors2010/02/16
An Anti-Israel Extremist Seeks Revenge Through Goldstone Report2010/02/12
How Some Israeli and American Jewish Media Incite Violence2010/02/09
Arguments "Ad Hominem" and "By Ethnic Identity" in Defense of Goldstone Report2010/02/03
Israel's Military Investigation: Is It Enough?2010/02/01
The Case Against the Goldstone Report: A Study in Evidentiary Bias2010/01/29
The Case Against The Goldstone Report2010/01/27
Goldstone Criticizes UN Council on Human Rights2009/10/23
Goldstone Backs Away from Report: The Two Faces of an International Poseur2009/10/13
The Hypocrisy of "Universal Jurisdiction"2009/10/06
Dishonest Intelligence2009/09/30
Ad Hominem Attack on Israel2009/09/24
Goldstone Report is a Barrier to Peace2009/09/22
UN Investigation of Israel Discredits Itself and Undercuts Human Rights2009/09/16
Filmmakers and Writers Seek to Censor Israeli Film2009/09/04
Can A State Be Built On A Pack of Lies?2009/09/01
Sweden's Refusal to Condemn Organ Libel is Bogus2009/08/25
Will Hamas's New "Culture War" Acknowledge Its Historic Ties to Nazism?2009/07/25
The Vatican's Continuing Jewish Problem2009/05/05
Confronting Evil at Durban II2009/04/28
Defeating Freeman: A Patriotic Duty2009/03/12
Hampshire Administration Does the Right Thing2009/03/02
Hampshire Divests from Israel, So Contributors Should Divest from Hampshire2009/02/13
The Moral Blindness of Some "Religious Leaders"2009/02/03
Israel, Gaza and International Law2009/01/26
The Phoney War Crimes Accusation Against Israel2009/01/26
Will a Cease Fire Work?2009/01/20
Hamas' Dead Baby Strategy2009/01/16
The Hamas War Crime Strategy2009/01/08
Israel's Actions Are Lawful and Commendable2009/01/03
Israel Bans a UN Rapporteur Who Compares the Jewish State to Nazi Germany2008/12/18
Why I Support Israel and Obama2008/10/27

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