In a world where terrorist attacks happen all too often, where civilians are taken hostage by criminals, and where indifference seems to rule, we need to create an International Alliance Against Terrorism. These people must be opposed by a united front on every continent, so that we can push back the terrifying feeling of helplessness at each new onslaught.

We can not remain isolated, well-meaning but ultimately inefficient. Working together means overcoming differences with people whose aims we share, even if we find them in many ways different from us. Unless we put our self-interest last, and our cause first, the only winners will be our enemies.

The international terrorist networks have not disappeared. They are well-organized, well-funded, and well-known. Against them, no-one has called for unity: the camp of peace is riven by doubts and divisions; the brief solidarity of seven years ago has been breached time and again; only the terrorists - whom we are not even allowed to call that! - have profited. Their lines of funding span the globe; their influence on susceptible minds is relayed by countless media, political organizations, "spiritual" guides and assorted economic networks. Meanwhile we are still divided on the very meaning of the word "terrorism."

What, then, are we shilly-shallying about? State terrorism, nationalist terrorism, ideological terrorism, religious terrorism are all equally to be condemned. Intellectual or physical terrorism, terrorism against women, terrorism through the exploitation of children, terrorism against free speech or free thought, all must be banned from the Earth, because they are an insult to the human condition.

Miracles are not of this world. Hard work is. There are organizations battling cancer or AIDS. Perhaps one is still missing to fight attempts against that most basic of human rights: being able to live in peace in a multicultural world. It is time to stop squabbling among ourselves, to put a damper on our egos, and to work hand in hand to build a better world for our children. Starting our initiative should light up a beacon of hope, should impress by its commitment and solidarity. Every anti-terrorist association, foundation, movement - cultural, artistic, social, legal - should feel able to join us under the umbrella of our new "International Alliance." No one today can plead ignorance any longer.

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