One of the most politically toxic issues of our time is called Islam in the West, and Khomeinist Political Islam by the people of Iran.

What was supposed to be another Abrahamic religion has become an apparatus for global blackmail; and it is being emboldened by power grabbers sitting atop the World of Islam's Ivory Tower, and fanned by the Western ideologues and the uninformed mainstream media.

There have always been those who have made a good living out of chaos and mayhem; but the antidote to these people should be support for the sane victims, not the insane aggressors.

While the silent majority of the American Muslims are going to work every day, paying their taxes, sending their children to school and saving for their college, they still have to worry about what the Islamists are going to come up with next, to yet again upset their lives -- and worse, how the Islamists will be appeased by some politicians and the mainstream media.

Organizations such as the Council of American Islamic Relations [CAIR], or Islamic Society of North America [ISNA], who represent the Islamists, are created not by the American Muslims but by the foreign petrodollars -- with the mission to use some of the more vulnerable young American Muslims as a tool for intimidation, to shift the American culture from within, through double talk and guilt, by presenting themselves as victimized Muslim Americans.

Islamist cultures have shamefully failed their citizens. There is an epidemic of poverty, illiteracy and ignorance in almost every Muslim country, even among the petro-rich such as Iran, which according to the IMF report, had 0% economic growth in 2010. Sadly, itt seems that the same people who failed us in the old country are following us to the new country here in America.

American Islamist organizations are anti-freedom, anti-democratic and anti-America. They have no respect for human rights and dignity. They are by no means accepted by any of the diverse American Muslim communities; these simply want to be allowed to live their lives. Yet these Islamist organizations have succeeded in becoming a political Mecca for the American ideologues and the mainstream media.

The Breivik massacre in Norway was an example of how the mainstream media is ready to attack the alleged perpetrator who is a Christian -- but a Muslim terrorist gets a pass; according to the white European American mainstream Media and politicians, Muslims are not to be held on the same standards of civic behavior as everyone else: Blacks, Native Americans, Hispanics, and others, Muslims could have a lower intelligence or a different culture and so should be treated under different standards of ethics, accountability, law, social rules and etiquette. Muslims, it seems, should be kept under their protection, like children. According to people such as Senator John Kerry, we American Muslims are incapable and devoid of the same capabilities and knowledge that White European Americans have.

These are the people we call "cultural imperialists." Black politicians are allowed to get away with crimes that no white American politician would ever be allowed to get away with. Cultural imperialism is when the Bell Curve is the applied standard, and in which ethnic norms are held higher for one group only, and everyone else is assumed to be under a lower, less-worthy yardstick and is treated as such. Cultural imperialism is not only discrimination, but in its even-if-well-intended condescension, worse than discrimination.

Perhaps the ideologues in politics and in the international media should decide whether they want to respect us, or continue to treat us like children or the insane -- the same way Sharia law does.

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