The Campaign to Free Political Prisoners in Iran (CFPPI) has initiated a campaign during Nowruz (the Persian New Year), which is on March 22 and is also the first day of spring. This year, CFPPI would like to invite everyone to send a New Year greeting card or letter to political prisoners in Iran, especially those who are deprived of medical attention.

Hundreds of political prisoners have been deprived of being with their families and loved ones during the New Year or any other occasions in Iran. Many of these prisoners have not seen their families for months and even years. They have been tortured and many sentenced to death. Receiving a New Year greeting letter or letter could be a sign of robust support for these prisoners. You can send a massage of hope and solidarity to the political prisoners in Iran.

You can send your letter or card to one or several prisoners during the month of March. The list of names and the addresses of some of the prisoners are included below. You also can leave the sender's address blank if you wish to be anonymous. We would like to encourage you to send as many greetings as possible to the prisoners.

This action is a show of solidarity with political prisoners in Iran. This will also sends a clear message to the Islamic regime: We don't let their heartbeats stop

** This campaign is part of Don't Let Their Heartbeats Stop campaign.


Names and details of some of the prisoners. You can choose names from this list or send your letters to any other political prisoner.


For addresses of some of the prisons in Iran click here.

Sample greeting massages and postcards , created by individuals and other campaigns:

Following are some sample New Year greetings in Persian and English for prisoners. Feel free to use them or write your own. Please add your massage on teh CFPPI blog as well. For more information please contact Shiva Mahbobi:
Phone: +44 (0) 7572356661

With Nowruz greetings to you in the blackest periods of Iranian history, you are holding alive the flame of strength and stability and hopes towards victory. Warm greetings to our beloved imprisoned dears who herald the break of the winter. Congratulations to you as pioneer of spring freedom.

با تبریکات نوروزی به شما که در سياه ترين ادوار تاريخ ايران، با مقاومت و استواری امید به پیروزی را را زنده و شعله ور نگه داشته آید .تبريک به شما عزیزان در بند که که هر روز شکستن زمستان را نويد می دهید

با تبریک به شما طلايه داران بهار آزادی

The thought of you turns my spring, into spring. The beating of your heart renews my season, so keep me alive with the beats of your heart. Nowruz 2014


به ياد تو بهارم بهاى ميشود,با نفسهايت فصلم تازه ميگردد , پس با تپشهاى قلبت زنده ام بدار

نوروز ١٣۹٣

Dear …

Happy spring and happy new year. You are in the hearts and minds of millions of people in Iran and all around the world. We will continue fighting for your freedom and will not let your heartbeats stop.

Lots of love and happy New Year

فرارسيدن بهار و سال جديد را به شما تبريك ميگويم. بدانيد كه شما در قلب ميليونها نفر در ايران و سراسر دنيا هستيد. براى آزدى شما هرگز از پاى نخواهيم نشست و نخواهيم گذاشت قلبتان از تپش باز ايستد.

دوستتان دارم , سال نو را به شما تبريك ميگويم

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