Understanding that they have the Obama Administration just where they want them, the Mullahs of Iran have moved their marker farther up, from their nuclear program to hostage negotiation for the release of not only Roxana Saberi but the other two hostages whom no one is mentioning


It is obvious that the Islamic regime needs the nuclear bomb and the hate-America-rhetoric as a guarantee for the survival of their regime. The day that the Islamic regime of Iran negotiate their nuclear bomb away and America is no longer their enemy, will be the beginning of the end of the Islamic regime.  Therefore they are adamantly holding on to their nuclear bomb, as well as keeping the death to America slogan alive no matter who is in the White House and how they are approached.


When asked, Ahmadinejad said that he could not interfere in the judiciary process, which was untrue.  The Judiciary is under his control and, as the member of the revolutionary guard, Basij, the head of the Judiciary, Ayatollah Hashemi-Shahroudi, is also under his command. All he had to do was order Saberi’s release and it would have been done - but he was under strict orders from the supreme leader, Khamenei not to act.


The mentality of the Iranian clergy can not be easy to understand for Americans. Iran’s Shia clerics can not be dealt with according to international regulations and American standards. They have proven, time and again, that they can brazenly ignore anything that is not suitable to their interest. This is why the American media never questioned Ayatollah Khomeini, and why the CIA misjudged him in 1979 as a harmless old holy man who would be a friend to the West. The State Department thought him a Gandhi-like personality who would spread good will and peace, and President Carter consequently lost Iran from the short list of the U.S. friends and allies. 


In the well-publicized direct meeting between Iranian and American mid level diplomats in March, Secretary of State, Hilary Clinton submitted a letter to the representative of the regime in Iran, requesting, as a good will gesture, the release of three American hostages held by the Islamic regime; two are Americans of Iranian heritage and one is a retired FBI agent who went missing two years ago in the winter resort of Kish, an island in the Persian Gulf that is under the control of the Revolutionary Guards Corp.


Roxana Saberi was under temporary arrest and her parents were on their way to Iran to do what is customary, negotiate the ransom and take her home to America. The Judiciary clerics had made no attempt to charge, try or sentence her until they received Mrs. Clinton’s request for her release.


The U.S. administration’s request for her release gave the Islamic regime an opportunity to play their usual delay game by formally charging her for espionage and sentence her to 8 years. With this action they formally made Roxana a hostage for intimidation and negotiations.


According to the website Iran Press news, quoting from the government sanctioned site of Ham-Mihan inside Iran, one of the Administration’s advisors on Iran, Valie Nasr, has been secretly sent to Tehran to negotiate the release of Roxana and the other two hostages.  No doubt that negotiations involved many secret concessions by the U.S, but the Iranian regime will take credit for their good will gesture by releasing Roxana.  However the main and the most important issue, their nuclear program, will remain untouched and off the table for negotiations. 


Senator John Kerry, chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee, made a desperate plea to the Islamic regime through the French press agency, on May 6th, that the United States will not seek the policy of regime change.  He repeated this statement three times, making sure that the message has been conveyed.


Mrs. Clinton needs to take a course or two in the culture and history of the Iranian Shia Clerics to learn how to deal with them if she wants to save face in this game of negotiations, and stop their nuclear bomb program. 


The Iranian regime has all the incentives and the reasons not to negotiate with the U.S. So they need to create road blocks by taking Roxana Saberi or the other two hostages, as spies.  Just how many of these road blocks will this administration jump over before they learn what they should by now know?


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