Sarkozy can hardly be accused of being against Arabs and Muslims. He praised Islam and its contributions to human civilization profusely when he won the election. However, he realized, under heavy pressure from his people, that hiding women as if they are criminals is not only wrong, but could also lead to social, political and economic discordance in a democratic France. The resentment of Arab and Muslim cultures and religion has been rising steadily since long before 9/11, and has intensified since.

The question that needs to be answered is: why would Muslims in Europe insist on maintaining traditions that most of them fled their homelands to avoid?

Arabs and Muslims came to Europe to escape religious, social and political oppression. They have more freedoms and individual liberties in Europe and America, or in most parts of the world for that matter, than they could ever have in their countries of origin. The anti-Arab and Muslim cultural and religious sentiment in Europe and America is a process that could culminate in Samuel Huntington’s prediction: Clash of Civilization. Nothing in the Arab or Muslim world is being done to counteract Huntington’s prophesy.

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