This week marks the 5th anniversary of the formation of The International Committee to Save the Archeological Sites of Pasargad. The Institute is to be saluted for its outstanding tireless work to safeguard the irreplaceable historical heritage of Iran against the machinations of the Islamists presently ruling the country whose aim is to wipe out any and all pre-Islamic Iranian heritage and artifacts.

The mullahs’ regime, either driven by greed or incompetence has devastated the natural bounties of the land of Iran which was dotted with green meadows and majestic forests and lakes, once home to the gazelle, fallow deer, Onyx, Snow Leopard, Panther, Asian cheetah, Baluchistan Black Bear, Caspian Tiger, boar, Persian lion. In a mere thirty years of its misrule, the clerical regime has succeeded in squandering the country’s natural resources, fouling its rivers, contaminating its air and leaving little trace of the great land revered by our great Zoroastrian ancestors.

The current clerical regime has demonstrated on numerous occasions its wanton contempt by actions such as flooding the plain which houses Cyrus’s tomb, destroying the archeological sites of Pasargad and Persepolis, and harassing and intimidating those who would gather at the tomb of the enlightened king to commemorate the International Day of Cyrus the Great.

Driven by both the Islamic zeal as well as profit motive, the clerical regime poses an existential threat to the precious sites and relics of ancient Iran. It is against this terrible force that the Institute has served as the rallying point for many concerned citizens and organizations to protect Iran’s archaeological sites and its treasures.

My heart aches for this once great land that has all but vanished under the cast of Islamic selfishness and murderous cultism. I cannot help but hurt so deeply....who will hear the echoes of the Persian gazelle, the Ibex and the tiger above the ranting praises of Hassan and Hussein?

A special expression of gratitude is due to our compatriots in Iran who are serving as the on-site guardians of our heritage under severe hardship and retributions of the mullahs. It is propitious on this occasion to extend a particular expression of deep appreciation to a relentless champion of our heritage, Kourosh Zaim who is presently languishing in the prison of the Islamic Republic and suffered considerable abuse and torture.

Your Committee, "The International Committee to Save the Archeological Sites of Pasargad" must be further thanked for enabling individuals to coalesce and form an effective force against those in power with means to achieve their dastardly aims.

It is with a sense of hope and optimism that we join you to stem the present wave of destruction, and to reestablish once again the Iranians’ ancient way of life: A way of life based on enlightened appreciation of humanity’s diversity with full recognition of everyone and every peoples’ rights to liberty, justice and equality.

We do not celebrate our past as an easy escape from the challenges of the present and those that lie ahead. Our aim is to duly recognize what our ancestors had achieved and use their examples as inspiration. We, the diverse people of Iran are descendants of an optimistic, enlightened, and positive people. We are descendents of Cyrus the Great and the long line of determined upright people. We meet any challenge and pay any price to defeat tyranny and we will not rest until Iran is completely free of the plague of Islamofascism.

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