Although expected, the US elections came over here in Belgium as a shock.  What happens in the US?

This Obama administration might be going to nowhereland by majority voting just as the Europeans are. Western Europe is being Sovietized in a silent way for the last 30 years.  If this Obama-thing bumps ahead, the future role of the US as the leader of the West is in serious jeopardy.  It will create mass migration of those well educated people who do not want to live in a Soviet-cloud-cuckoo-land.  The Pilgrim Fathers will wake up again in a present-day form, and go out where freedom really is.  I do not believe that Americans in general understand that this is much more than about the USA.  It is also about an ideal of freedom that is also my ideal.  We have now to reassess the whole concept of the Western civilization and how it can survive.  And who are in it, and who are out.  Maybe that a contraction to a specific territory is the way forward, based on an ideology of freedom.  What does the USA mean when it becomes the second Europe?  And what implications are taking into account the many enemies which celebrate this election?  Hope other people start to think about it.  It is not just about recreating the Republican Party and waiting for a next election that will be lost again.

Another remark: what about the Asian Americans?  They do at least as much for the USA as African Americans.  And they work just as hard.  The Asian Americans' positioning has yet to be told and understood, especially as Asia is an upcoming world power.  Why are the Media completely silent about Asian Americans?

These are my first thoughts about a sad election day.

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