Most studies show that the remaining famines in today’s world are caused by dictatorships and civil wars, not by environmental problems. The number of people living in absolute poverty has steadily declined in recent decades. Even if too many diseases have still not been overcome, the progress in medicine in the last half- century has been extraordinary. Life expectancy increases year after year. The agricultural revolution means we can produce much more on smaller plots. Through technological innovation, we know how to make sand into fertile soil, and polluted or salt water into drinkable water. Oil reserves are abundant, and before they are exhausted, other sources of energy, already known, will be realized. Beyond the occasional errors and harmful actions of their leaders, Western societies have in themselves all the means to be still more developed and more prosperous. Countries stagnant thirty years ago, like India, are now booming and have seen the emergence of a huge middle class. A more efficient use of resources allows us to create ever more wealth while rejecting less dross. Research conducted by genuine and qualified scientists shows that there is no established correlation between the phases of atmospheric warming and human activity. At least, no warming has been observed anywhere in the past decade.

All this has not prevented impostors from betraying science by becoming ideologues and propagandists. These imposters have not shied away from creating phobias, scares and lies out of whole cloth. Now, with the recent disclosure of emails, hacked from the East Anglia University Climate Research Unit, we see that they did not scruple, blatantly, to destroy and falsify data. All this has still not prevented opportunists and other accomplices from further spreading these phobias, scares, and lies created by countless books, articles, films, and television reports.

Politicians seeking more power, perks, and the means to create new dictatorships after the fall of Soviet communism, have funded these forgers, false filmmakers, journalists-for-sale, pseudo-writers, and various crooks, to give birth to a wide movement demanding immediate, costly and destructive action.

The UN, which has repeatedly demonstrated a keen interest in everything that smells of corruption has, of course, seized on the case. Within it, thousands of shadow bureaucrats work relentlessly to turn this nebula into a machine that can establish their Global Government – one which would be an enemy of democracy, individual liberty, and free enterprise.

These attempts have resulted in inept agreements such as the Kyoto Protocol in 1997, which, fortunately, were respected by almost nobody, even those Western European countries that prided themselves on being “virtuous.”

The rejection of the Kyoto Protocol has resulted in the forged government-paid propaganda that we see today on “global warming created by humans,” and “the destructive effects of carbon dioxide.”

All this will result in the Copenhagen meeting that began on December 7. Although we are at the heart of what many commentators have called, deservedly, the “greatest science scandal in modern times,” the meeting will take place.

Too much money has been wasted already by all the governments engaged in it – they cannot give it up. Too many people are involved, financially dependent on the apparatus in place, to tolerate any confession or to display any remorse.

The show will be frightening, without any foundation or legitimacy, but it will proceed.

Billions of dollars and euros will be wasted in addition to the billions that already have been. The forgers will make presentations as if nobody knew they were forgers. The pseudo-writers and false filmmakers will come to show themselves and to promote their adulterated products. Sellout journalists will demonstrate that they are still sellout journalists, and, like puppets, will write or say whatever they will be asked to write or say . Politicians who for years have been lying, manipulating and manoeuvring will continue to lie, manipulate and manoeuvre. And the shadow bureaucrats within the UN will continue to pull the strings.

Representatives of the European Union will ask for “bold results” and will do everything they can to ensure the advancement of a once-intelligent continent towards a collective subservience.

They have almost completed the construction of a neo-Soviet system, and they do not intend to stop now: None of the major continental European media has mentioned the “Climategate” scandal, and it is likely that none will, or only briefly and contemptuously. It is also likely that the accusations of “revisionism” and “denial” against anyone who would question the official truth will become stronger and harsher.

Representatives of poor but emerging countries, such as India and China, will find ways to reject any binding commitment, and will limit themselves to purely verbal declarations.

Representatives of dictators who destroy their own economies will pass the begging-bowl to obtain huge financial transfers from European and American taxpayers. These transfers will comfort their dictatorships and help them pursue their work of destroying own their economies..

President Barack Obama will deliver the high-sounding and empty declarations his teleprompter likes so much. He will strive to propel the “environmental” projects that could allow him to go forward in his enterprise of creating a central government which will decide what individuals can and cannot have in the United States, and when, if and how they can or cannot have it.

Limited by institutions that ensure that the United States remains a free country, and by the fact that, unlike Continental Europe, America has still some news media worthy of the name, Obama will not be able to propose enough to satisfy the anti-American hatred and frenzy of all the participants.

They will speak of “progress,” but they will add that the conference has not produced the results they expected. For them, conferences always produce “progress” but never lead to the results they expect -- a grievance that allows them to justify organizing still more conferences.

The travelling show will not be over : It reconvenes next year in Mexico. Some ideologues and propagandists will resign. Some have resigned already. But all the others will continue more remorselessly than ever. Preposterous films and reports will still be made. Inept policy decisions will be taken. Shadow UN bureaucrats will press ahead. Unscrupulous businessmen will seek short-term profit opportunities, as they already do.

But those who defend truth, freedom, and science, must not quit the fight. They have good reasons to know that the struggle against totalitarianism is never over and that when one totalitarianism collapses, another rises. As Soviet totalitarianism was dying two decades ago, Islamic totalitarianism was already gaining ground. Environmental totalitarianism was born, too. And just as Soviet totalitarianism was not stopped by the unveiling of its criminal nature and its use of deception, eco-totalitarianism will not be stopped by the unveiling of the criminal practices of its militants. Much more will be required to disable such lucrative trafficking.

In Copenhagen, we shall see the Green Totalitarians of Environmentalism in action.

Elsewhere on the planet, and even in the streets of Copenhagen, other totalitarians, also green, because green is the color of Islam, will continue to spread out and to advance their pawns.

The battles have just begun.

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