Writings by Adam Daifallah  (View Biography)

Title Date
America: Land of the Smuggled2011/10/04
Durban III: The U.N., World's Biggest Human Rights Abuser2011/09/23
Card Check: It's Baaack!2011/09/14
Lush Cosmetics: a Case Study in Hypocrisy2011/08/31
Iran Gets a Pass?2011/08/24
Why Is Amnesty International Attacking Canada?2011/08/17
Durban III: Your Taxpayer Dollars at Work2011/08/10
The Only Option Left for Syria2011/08/03
The Cost of Weakness2011/07/28
Zogby's "Arab Attitudes" Polls2011/07/20
Syrian Thuggery vs. US Lecturing2011/07/13
Why No Activists for Countries Really in Distress?2011/07/06
GOP Candidate Huntsman: Not the Man for the Job2011/06/29
Canadian Human Rights Commission Goes After Free Speech2011/06/22
What Happens When America Outsources Foreign Policy Leadership to the UN2011/06/15
What They Don't Want You To Know About The Turkish Flotilla2011/06/08
Saudi Arabia Gets a Pass2011/05/27
Obama Falls Short2011/05/24
Canada's Impressive World Leadership Record2011/04/29

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