Adam Daifallah

Adam Daifallah is a Partner at HATLEY Strategy Advisors, a public affairs firm in Montreal, Canada. Before joining HATLEY, he practiced law at the Montreal office of Ogilvy Renault LLP. Previous to his legal career, he sat on the editorial board of Canada's National Post and was Washington correspondent of The New York Sun. He is co-author of two books on Canadian politics. In addition to his responsibilities at HATLEY, Daifallah is an instructor at McGill University's Department of North American Studies, a fellow of the Montreal Economic Institute and a contributor to the National Post.

Adam is a law graduate from Université Laval, has a BA (honours) in history and political studies from Queen's University and was a Sauvé
Scholar at McGill University. He is a member of the Quebec Bar.

Writings by Adam Daifallah  (View Biography)

Title Date
America: Land of the Smuggled2011/10/04
Durban III: The U.N., World's Biggest Human Rights Abuser2011/09/23
Card Check: It's Baaack!2011/09/14
Lush Cosmetics: a Case Study in Hypocrisy2011/08/31
Iran Gets a Pass?2011/08/24
Why Is Amnesty International Attacking Canada?2011/08/17
Durban III: Your Taxpayer Dollars at Work2011/08/10
The Only Option Left for Syria2011/08/03
The Cost of Weakness2011/07/28
Zogby's "Arab Attitudes" Polls2011/07/20
Syrian Thuggery vs. US Lecturing2011/07/13
Why No Activists for Countries Really in Distress?2011/07/06
GOP Candidate Huntsman: Not the Man for the Job2011/06/29
Canadian Human Rights Commission Goes After Free Speech2011/06/22
What Happens When America Outsources Foreign Policy Leadership to the UN2011/06/15
What They Don't Want You To Know About The Turkish Flotilla2011/06/08
Saudi Arabia Gets a Pass2011/05/27
Obama Falls Short2011/05/24
Canada's Impressive World Leadership Record2011/04/29

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