Writings by Fiamma Nirenstein  (View Biography)

Title Date
U.S. Foils Al-Qaeda, but Blows Own Cover Again2013/08/14
Pakistan: Giving Away Babies on Television2013/08/09
Egypt: Neither Side Will Step Down2013/08/05
A Taliban "Apology"2013/07/30
EU's Full-Blown Boycott Kills Chance for Peace2013/07/26
Want Israeli-Palestinian Peace?2013/07/25
A Pacifist? He Hated Israel2011/04/21
The Revolt of Desperate People Will Not Change North Africa2011/01/14
The Real Reasons for the Massacres of Christians and Jews in the Middle East2011/01/10
Erasing Reality: The Invention of "Peace" in the Middle East2011/01/07
Here it comes, Durban 32010/11/30
Germany: Exploding Anti-Semitism2010/11/29
Iranian Revolutionary Guards Must Be Included in EU List of Terrorist Organizations2010/05/17
A Petition Against JCall -- Below2010/05/07
Human Rights at the U.N.2010/03/22
"Palestinism": The Real UN Disease2009/09/22
Anti-Semitism in Sweden2009/09/11
Terrorists Become Ministers as the West Looks On2009/08/28
The Settlements: Reducing Israel Bit By Bit2009/07/17
Obama in Good Intentions Land2009/06/29
The Jewish State2009/06/01
Durban II: With Pride and Sorrow2009/04/29

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