Fiamma Nirenstein

Fiamma Nirenstein, journalist and author, former Vice-President of the Committee on Foreign Affairs of the Italian Chamber of Deputies, and member of the Italian delegation at the Council of Europe.

Writings by Fiamma Nirenstein  (View Biography)

Title Date
U.S. Foils Al-Qaeda, but Blows Own Cover Again2013/08/14
Pakistan: Giving Away Babies on Television2013/08/09
Egypt: Neither Side Will Step Down2013/08/05
A Taliban "Apology"2013/07/30
EU's Full-Blown Boycott Kills Chance for Peace2013/07/26
Want Israeli-Palestinian Peace?2013/07/25
A Pacifist? He Hated Israel2011/04/21
The Revolt of Desperate People Will Not Change North Africa2011/01/14
The Real Reasons for the Massacres of Christians and Jews in the Middle East2011/01/10
Erasing Reality: The Invention of "Peace" in the Middle East2011/01/07
Here it comes, Durban 32010/11/30
Germany: Exploding Anti-Semitism2010/11/29
Iranian Revolutionary Guards Must Be Included in EU List of Terrorist Organizations2010/05/17
A Petition Against JCall -- Below2010/05/07
Human Rights at the U.N.2010/03/22
"Palestinism": The Real UN Disease2009/09/22
Anti-Semitism in Sweden2009/09/11
Terrorists Become Ministers as the West Looks On2009/08/28
The Settlements: Reducing Israel Bit By Bit2009/07/17
Obama in Good Intentions Land2009/06/29
The Jewish State2009/06/01
Durban II: With Pride and Sorrow2009/04/29

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