Writings by Itamar Marcus

Title Date
Will Mahmoud Abbas Pay Salaries to the Arsonists?2016/12/04
Palestinian Authority Antisemitism: Overview of 20152016/01/14
Palestinians: Abbas Honors Terror Leader2013/07/03
Fatah's Top Religious Authority Calls for Genocide of Jews2012/01/16
"We [Palestinian Authority] and Hamas Agree: Israel Has No Right to Exist."2011/12/19
Muslim Brotherhood Ideology in Egypt2011/12/05
Official Palestinian Authority Daily Cartoon: All of Israel is "Palestine" and there can be no compromise2011/08/26
Palestinian Authority Paying Salaries to Terrorists with U.S. Money2011/07/28
UN Workers "Adamantly Opposed" to Holocaust Education2011/04/28
Spanish Government Sponsors PA TV ad calling for Boycott of All Israeli Products2011/01/12
PA Continues to Promote the Denial of Israel's Existence: All of Israel is "Palestine"2010/06/30
Palestinian Song: Victory Over Israel and U.S.2010/02/11
PA Daily: Clinton is a Corrupt Liar2009/11/11
PA Still Teaches Kids that All of Israel is "Occupied"2009/10/22
Fatah and Hamas Refuse to Teach Holocaust to Palestinian Kids2009/09/18
Fatah: Israeli Cities are "Palestine"2009/08/06
Arab Responsibility for Palestinian Refugees2009/07/27
Fatah Official: "The Goal Is Palestine"2009/07/20
Senior Palestinian Official Repeats Incendiary Libels2009/07/17
Suicide Bomber's Children Shown Re-Enactment of Mother's Death on Hamas TV Kids' Show2009/07/13
Hamas Converts 46 Ambulances to Military Vehicles, Using Humanitarian Aid2009/06/22
The Genocide Mechanism2009/04/28
Palestinian Girl Blames Hamas After Death of Sister in Gaza2009/01/02
Hamas Explains use of Civilians as Human Shields2008/12/29

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