Writings by Joe Kaufman  (View Biography)

Title Date
Florida Islamist's "Human Rights" Organization Needs to Be Investigated for Possible Terrorism Ties2017/09/28
High Time for Sofian Zakkout, Pillar of the American-Muslim Community, to Be Investigated for Ties to Hamas2017/07/13
Do Not Be Fooled by These "Moderates" in Florida2017/05/02
Guess Who's Coming to Dinner at CAIR Tampa2012/11/09
CAIR Features Imam with Ties to Hamas2012/10/26
Libya: New Threat in the Middle East2011/11/29
CAIRing for Jihad2011/06/09
The Muslim Brotherhood Comes to America2011/05/27
Calls for Palestinian Uprising from... Miami2011/05/19
The Muslim Brotherhood's U.S. Enablers2011/04/08
Radical Muslim Falsely Labels Israeli Official a War Criminal2011/04/05
Tulsa Mosque Has Extremist Ties2011/03/07

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