Writings by Tuvia Tenenbom

Title Date
Arabic for "Secular": First Pray, Then Demonstrate2011/11/01
Listen to Julian Speaking About His Fellow Jews2011/04/01
J Street: The Bash-Me Bunch or Beat Them and They Will Thank you, Thank Them and They Will Beat You2011/03/09
Egypt: Secularism? What Secularism?2011/02/09
Egypt's Two Sets of Books2011/02/07
Tunisia: Al-Jazeera's Islamist Revolution2011/01/28
"Poland Is Not More Anti-Semitic Than Other European Countries"2010/12/07
A Jew Goes To Bayreuth2010/06/18
Journalists From The West Always Collaborate With Me2010/03/29
Tunisia: "If You Close Your Computer, I'll Talk to You"2010/01/20
We are Property: The Jordanian Government Gets Paid for Every Palestinian Living Here2010/01/07
Rotten Jewish Fish in Doha 2010/01/05

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