Writings by Veli Sirin  (View Biography)

Title Date
Is Turkey's Erdoğan in Decline?2015/03/04
Who Represents German Muslims?2014/12/21
The Kurds in Turkey and the Fight for Kobani2014/10/26
Turkish President Erdoğan's Expansive Ambitions2014/09/09
Erdoğan's Twitter Slip on Ukraine - An Affinity for Putin?2014/03/31
Where is Turkey Going?2014/01/03
Erdogan's Latest "Morals Enforcement"2013/12/03
New Islamist Approach to Turks in Germany2013/10/11
Turkey Protests New Police Aggression2013/09/19
Turkey: Erdogan's Ergenekon "Victory"2013/08/13
Turkey Rises Against Islamist Rule2013/06/05
The Real Erdogan2013/05/13
Turkey Censors Its TV History?2013/02/04
Turkey: Fazil Say, Composer, Charged with Blasphemy for Tweets2012/11/13
Turkey in the Syrian Crisis: What Next?2012/10/26
The Circumcision Debate in Germany, Austria and Switzerland2012/07/30
Syrian Shoot-Down - And Erdogan's "Furious" Response2012/07/03
Erdogan the Aesthete2012/04/24
Turkish Women Victims of "Permitted" Rape2012/01/25
Islamist and Nationalist Radicalism Among German Turks2011/08/02
Radical Islam in Germany: The Convert as Missionary2011/07/11
Germany and Libya: A German Muslim Dissents2011/04/05
Islam Today: Alevis in Turkey - Victims of Islamist Discrimination2009/05/22

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