David P. Goldman
Asia Times Online

David P. Goldman writes the "Spengler" column for Asia Times Online, and contributes frequently to The Tablet, First Things, and other publications. He was global head of debt research for Bank of America (2002-2005), global head of credit strategy for Credit Suisse (1998-2002), and also held senior positions at Bear Stearns and Cantor Fitzgerald. Goldman was a senior editor at First Things 2009-2011, and a Forbes magazine columnist from 1994-2001. His book How Civilizations Die (and why Islam is Dying, Too) appeared in September 2011.

Writings by David P. Goldman  (View Biography)

Title Date
A Parable for Germany2016/01/18
"SILEX": Iran's Undetectable Nuclear Enrichment Technology?2012/05/31
Short Supply, Not Middle East Tensions, Push up Oil Prices2012/04/06
The United Nations: The Devil's Jury2011/11/24

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