Nabil al-Haidari

Nabil al-Haidari was born in Baghdad in 1961; studied Arabic literature & religious studies at Baghdad University, proceeding to post-graduate studies at Birkbeck College, London University. He has taught Theology & Arabic at a variety of institutions, participated in interfaith dialogue, and is a writer, researcher and lecturer on issues relating to human rights, women's rights, democracy and civil rights as well as: Islam & Modernity; Quranic Hermeneutics; the contest of takfir and tafkir; the Quranic text and interpretations of commentators; Orientalism and Islam; the authenticity of Traditions; sects and religions in Iraq; the History of Iraqi Jews; Islam, Christianity and Judaism: similarities, interactions and comparisons; the culture of fabricated tradition, and the collation and birth of the Quranic text. He has lectured on these topics at conferences in more than 40 countries; and seeks to establish peace, and harmony between different faiths through a process of dialogue and discussion.

Writings by Nabil al-Haidari  (View Biography)

Title Date
U.S. Should Not Send Iraqi Jewish Archives to be Destroyed in Iraq2013/12/18
The Redacted Iraqi Jews2012/12/27

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