Philip Carl Salzman

Philip Carl Salzman is Professor of Anthropology at McGill University. In recent years he has also served as Senior Fellow at the University of St. Andrews, Open Society International Scholar at the American University of Central Asia, Erasmus Mundus International Fellow at the University of Catania, and Visiting Professor at the University of Sydney. Extensive ethnographic field research in Baluchistan (Iran), Gujarat and Rajasthan (India), and Sardinia (Italy) provided the foundation for such publications as The Anthropology of Real Life: Events in Human Experience (1999), Black Tents of Baluchistan (2000), Pastoralists: Equality, Hierarchy, and the State (2004), and Culture and Conflict in the Middle East (2008). His latest book publication is Classic Comparative Anthropology: Studies from the Tradition (2012). In public affairs, he was a member of Middle East Strategy at Harvard (2008-2010), a member of the Board of Scholars for Peace in the Middle East (2004-2012), and is currently a member of the Academic Council of the Canadian Institute for Jewish Studies (2008-), a Fellow of the Middle East Forum (2015-), and a member of the Board of Scholars for Peace in the Middle East (2016-).

Writings by Philip Carl Salzman  (View Biography)

Title Date
Socialism: Be Careful What You Wish For2019/03/22
Canada: A "Different" Kind of Antisemitism?2018/05/26
Mass Migration: Uninvited Guests2017/12/31
Multiculturalists Working to Undermine Western Civilization2017/12/16
Why There Is No Peace in the Middle East2017/10/14
The Great Humanistic Delusion2017/02/13
Welcome to the "Social Justice" University2017/02/01
Where Does Black Lives Matter's Anti-Semitism Come From?2016/09/21

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